Monday, 29 December 2014

Aspirational and Inspirational

At home with the Dunnits at Christmas. Nothing un-traditional or unusual to report, I'm glad to say. 
The tree was surrounded by presents to and from friends and family.  If it's from us, then it was wrapped by me.  And it will have been fairly hastily wrapped because I'm still reeling from how long it takes and how little time I set aside to actually do it all.  I know, you'd think by now that I'd manage to remember...but somehow, Christmas memories are not really made of all the work that goes into it are they?!  
So you get the general picture...everything is done, albeit a little hastily.  From where you stand, you can't see the loose ends. Imagine then gentle reader, the squirming embarrassment I feel at receiving gifts from friends that are wrapped so as to really reflect the treasures within...just look at these.

This was from Mrs Precision, of course. It contained a 'Merry Berry' scented candle in a jar and really...isn't it amazing!  Now bear in mind that Mrs Precision works full time and has a family and a grandchild to run around after.  I know.  I shall so enjoy pulling this out of storage next year.  And no, I won't be using it to 'wrap' something special; I'm not that giving.  Mrs Precision,  Ladies and workshops in beautiful card making at a craft shop I can recommend.  

Now see what arrived from Debbie....posted, swathed in a tissue filled box . 
Gah, I've just noticed that I haven't re-tied the Deer's bow tie....sorry Debbie, I know it'll be the first thing you notice...but believe me, no-one else will until they read this bit! And the box is a joy, hand made and professional.

Turning wrapping into something more than that which I manage.  Taking the thought of the gift right to the outside and displaying the care.  I love it.  Just as ideas for gift giving they really are inspirational aren't they. And to the likes of me, totally aspirational.  


shazsilverwolf said...

That box is truly amazing, I agree. A real beauty. We too got one of Debbies boxed and wrapped hearts, isn't she a true sweetie? Love what she'd done with the box- my first thought was 'I must try harder', lol. Love to you all, Shaz xxx

misteejay said...

Such beautiful packaging Julia.
Toni xx

Helen said...

What beautifully wrapped gifts - puts me to shame, for sure!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Julia. What lovely packaging! I can imagine the box under your tree every year from now on! Inside a nice candle.... Could it be a sign that maybe you should give it a go?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What lovely packaging and gifts you received. Simply shows how much you are loved. These put my gifting efforts to shame, that's for sure.

Sharon Madson said...

Yes, great packaging and gifts! They do think a lot of you, to package them up so nicely! Glad you had a great Christmas!

April said...

Normally I wrap each gift individually and wrap it with ribbon and bows so as to slow down the recipient and make Christmas last as long as possible. This year - I put all the recipients gifts in a big box and wrapped it up with pretty paper. No tag - no bow! Everyone seemed just as happy as they did last Christmas. It must just be me! So I can totally relate.