Tuesday 16 December 2014

T for Tuesday, Thanks and Thleeplessness

As the date makes makes a less than stately (more a hurtle) progression towards Christmas day, I like to make seasonal adjustments to our really every day stuff. Thanks to a single shopping experience, this year's festive loo roll, handwash, tea and coffee was sorted in one go.  Since the summer, I have acquired a caffeine free lifestyle and got very used to it.  You know - to the point that you wonder if it really was actually so bad.  Well, in my ignorance and rush to be festive, I picked up regular Christmas coffee. And as I was photographing my stock for this post, I realised.....it's probably responsible for the afternoon headaches, the apparent decades it takes me to get to sleep and the incredible not-quite-nightmares I've been having.  Which is probably having an effect on my blood pressure.  And there I was thinking it's because I'm a busy-multi-tasking-getting-it-all-done-type of woman!

Would you like a (teeny) piece of Christmas cake with your coffee this morning?  You can. At my place, thanks to Barbara Cake. Yep, at the shop, if you and another share a name, we identify you with a nickname that speaks of your personality.  Barbara makes cakes and brings them to us.....you totally get it. You know that I conduct these workshops at Kraft Crazy on a regular basis and that because of other commitments, I have pared down the regularity.  At one point, I was going to stop all together.  At that point, Barbara decided to make me a leaving cake.  And even though I've since decided not to 'completely' leave, I am still in receipt of this handsome Christmas cake.  And I know how fab it tastes because Barbara has been supplying Christmas cake to us throughout our season of Christmas workshops.  You may recognise the decoration as a Woodware image.  How clever.  How thoughtful.  Of course 'thankful' doesn't really cover this sort of generosity, and I'm rubbish at being gracious.  So I cried a bit. Wouldn't you! 

Joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard today, as it's Tuesday.  


Angela Toucan said...

cute cake

Sue said...

That looks too good to eat:)

Hope you have a good day. Sue

Denise Price said...

Oh, bummer about all the negative effects of the coffee. Hope you find an alternative (Decaf? Herbal tea? Juice?) that works better for you.

That cake is absolutely adorable, and I bet it tastes great, too. Happy T Day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm not sure how Denise found you, because your link goes back to MY blog. I put in a correct link, because I can't seem to change the original.

Glad you read the post. Just be aware of the message that some assembly is required.

Now you know why I can NOT for the life of me, give up caffeine. I am an addict and I know it. All the things you mentioned happened to me when I tried to give it up. It may be a nasty habit, but I can think of worse.

That cake is BEAUTIFUL. How thoughtful of Barbara. I can agree that some people are very thoughtful in this world, and YOU are among those who I KNOW are, since I have been on the receiving end of your thoughtfulness more times than I can count.

Thanks for joining T this Tuesday and sharing that yummy coffee and cake.

~*~Patty S said...

I am a cheap date when it comes to caffeine too and a little goes a long way!
That fondant cake looks wonderful...
thoughtful acts of kindness like that would make me cry too...
Happy T Day
sniff sniff

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, I joined the (semi) caffeine free last year too. After decades of claiming ' you might as well have de-chocolated chocolate' as decaff coffee, I had to finally admit it could be why I spend my life bouncing off the walls,and sleeping for about 20 minutes at a time. So now I do go caffeine free about 6 hours before going to sleep. And you are right, its not so bad, as long as you get a good coffee you like. Loving that Christmas cake, can't think how many years ago since I last made one, something always comes along and screws up my well laid plans the last few years. Maybe there is something to this starting early and getting ahead idea as well, lol. xxxxx

froebelsternchen said...

Yes.. all this negative effects makes caffein... I am clean since 5 months now and am a new one..feel so much much better and sleep like a baby! Never will drink it again I swear.

What a fantastic cake... so wonderful that there are so fantastic people on this planet..yes..that is what makes happy - to know there is love and friendship ♥♥♥

Happy T-Day

Divers and Sundry said...

I hate that "real" coffee affects you that way and am so grateful that I seem to be able to drink it to my heart's content with no badness following. I'll drink a couple of cups of yours, thx, just to help you use it up ;)

What a beautiful (and fun!) cake. :) And such a touching story.

Darla said...

Don't you hate it when you pick up the wrong bag of something? I would take the high test stuff of your hands, I admit I like my caffeine.

That cake is a beauty.


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Julia,

What a beautiful cake. Love the reindeer with the two little birds at the top.

I drink decaffinated iced tea at home but when I'm out in the public I drink the regular stuff. I sometimes have the strangest dreams and hadn't associated with caffeine intake. I'll have to pay more attention.


Helen said...

Hmmm perhaps I should switch to decaffinated tea, I know my SIL only drinks that in the evenings.. I don't dream but I don't sleep well... may have to try it... The Christmas coffee though is fab, I must put some on my list.. anyone would think I am feeding an army, not just myself, for the amount of treats I am buying...
LOVE that cake, it looks fabulous!
Happy Tuesday. Boy have I got some goodies to share tomorrow!

Krisha said...

Like Darla, I like my caffeine too! But I applaud you for dumping it and feeling better.

Thanks for the earlier visit, hope I can stay awake long enough to link up for WOYWW somewhere in the top 100........LOL

Cake is so cute, what a great friend to have.

Rita said...

It's always taken me a while to get to sleep since I was a little kid so I don't think coffee has anything to do with it. With me it is brain buzz and not wanting to miss anything--long before coffee entered the picture--hehe! I didn't start drinking coffee till I was seventeen but, just like all my Swedish relatives, I drink it right up till I go to bed. The last thing my folks did was check to see if they unplugged the coffeepot before they went to bed--LOL!

That cake looks too good to destroy...but worth the destruction, to be sure. ;) Happy T-Day! :)

fairy thoughts said...

I think I would be in danger of leaving once a month .... Just to get the cake.
Totally sympathise with the whole caffeine thing .... Has to be done though 😁

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a very yummy looking cake, I hope you enjoy eating it. I have yet to ice mine, so I better get a shift on or 'twill be a tad late for further maturation. It's well sozzled with brandy anyway ;)
I'm so glad I'm not the only person who knows it's law to have hot chocolate in a Christmas mug, hehe. Happy T Day Julia (just in time) :o))

Robyn said...

you can actually eat that! how wonderful.
I can't do coffee at all, except for the aroma.
Thanks for visiting and your kind words!

Dianne said...

that Christmas cake looks delectable, and a very cute decoration too! happy T day! good luck getting back off the caffeine!

Carol said...

LOVE that cake ♥♥♥♥♥ I gave up coffee for a year and missed it too much. Now I restrict myself to max of 2 cups a day and I'm happy. Before I was drinking it all day long and into the evening.

misteejay said...

Super cake Julia.
Now I tend to suffer those symptoms if I don't have caffeine...I admit to being a proper coffee addict and can't do without my regular top-ups throughout the day.
Toni xx