Friday 5 October 2012

A Winning Post (Housekeeping, really)

Remember the give away of tickets for the Crafts at Christmas and Hobbycrafts show?  Well the end of month deadline for adding your name to the draw has passed. And it passed without incident frankly.  So now we've had an evening of family togetherness, I've at last been able to harness the power of Miss Dunnit as adjudicator and referee and Mr Dunnit as the random selector.  You never knew it was so complicated did ya.
Delighted to say that Misteejay came out of the hat/bowl/vase. See, it was a crystal bowl that I occasionally use for roses.  So it was metaphorically, a hat, but in reality a bowl/vase.  You could always click away...but this sort of logic will haunt you.  So well done to Toni, I know it wasn't an arduous task, but I bet we're all glad that's over!

Currently I'm preparing for our regular Crop tomorrow. By sitting in front of the computer writing a post.  Yep.   It's in advance of the WOYWW Crop.  Some other stuff has arisen from my post about that:  

  • Janet of Fairythoughts has also volunteered to conduct a classette, which is so nice of her it leaves me breathless. Check out her blog post for details.  Janet will teach you and let you actually make something beaded.  I won't spoil the surprise - go look at her's amazing.  
  • A 'dry craft' doesn't mean no ink, honest.  Nor does it mean that you can't make a mess.  Good grief, I can't unpack my tote without making a mess!  It does mean that batik, tye dyeing, hand felting and the like will be a tad inconvenient for those of us planning to use the kitchen for a real craft.  Cooking.
  • Shopkeer Gal will not be able to supply a shop.  But that's OK...if you aren't taking a class and fancy a little visit, I'm more than happy to drive a car full over to her place.  Show you our gorgeous locale and a craft shop...what's not to like!
  • I'm going to be sending directions over the weekend.  Look out for 'em, won't you.
Have a lovely weekend!


Redanne said...

Well done Toni! Love your layout Mrs D, tis gorgeous. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Unknown said...

Okay, what kind of vitamins do you take???? Must be BUSY BEE

CLaire said...

Well done Toni... Enjoy xx

Annie said...

Congrats to Toni. Have a good day tomorrow. I will be visiting little Sam who has broken his leg this afternoon :-(
A x

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations to Toni. And, oh how I wish I could attend the WOYWW get-together!!! Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Hettie said...

Gorgeous layout there Julia. I love that sentiment on the bottom. I have used it myself!
I just been on Janet's blog and put my name down for the beading! Nice to have a keepsake of the day! Only 8 more sleeps!! I just hope it isn't going to hurt driving over but I WILL be there!! My body is doing a good 50 shades of......purple thang at the moment!! No doubt there will be some Peeled Paint and mustard seed in there by next week!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Even though I won't be able to swim across that large pond between our towns, I am glad you cleared that up. I wondered what you meant about "dry" because I kept thinking ink is wet. Sometimes we write what we mean, but it doesn't come out so others can interpret it. Glad you were able to clear it up AND draw a winner, another place I won't be visiting.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope you gals have a wonderful crop!!! It's sounding like so much fun!!

Carmen said...

It all sounds so much fun! The beaded wotsits are gorgeous. I think you should have told Helen 'no ink' just to see the look on her face :D Evil! Looking forward to seeing piccies of the day!

Helen said...

Just for that I am going to bring .... no, not really! actually not at all sure yet but there's - like ages - gulp! to decide... tee hee.

misteejay said...

Love that LO Julia.

Would you please thank Mr D for his wonderful efforts as Random selecting thing-a-ma-jig. Thank you so much for picking me.

Toni xx

Eliza said...

My goodness even offering to drive people, you are one wonderful woman. I wish you happiness with the crop.


kyla said...

Definately coming, thanks for the email. I am veggie so would you like me to pick something up food wise on the way there? Trip to the craft shop sounds like a great idea! Really looking forward to it, now need to sort out excess stash to bring and swap and a tote full of stuff to make!

donnalouiserodgers said...

I cannot describe the relief as I read this post...

I thought you meant no alcohol...

ha ha ]

ha ha
mawha ha ha

(I will be the one with the slightly unfocused eyes)


Neesie said...

Congrats to Toni...I'd have loved to entered but you know how it is...thousands of miles just seems to get in the way now and again!

I remember when I had a giveaway and the random selector didn't work so had to resort to training my dog to be the selector...that cost me a few chickens I can tell you...but we got there in the end!
Have a great weekend and thanks for linking me up to WOYWW last week. :D

Cardarian said...

Hi Julia!

I am counting minutes - SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I want to do all the clasettes but I don't know if I will be able to fit them all in! Will send you an email later!
Lots of hugs,

scrappymo! said...

Julia, I so wish I could go!!!.
Once healed, we are planning a trip back to England as I have not returned in 5 years. I must say you sound so organized and efficient...I picture a small army of people preparing...oh wait...I see two ladies...I hope you are not "working your fingers to the bone" as they say over here.

I hope you will do this again as I would plan a trip[ to be in England at that time!

Best wishes for fabulous creations, good fellowship, new friendships blossoming and some good grub!

I thought that dry crop meant no booze too!!! teeheehee

Unknown said...

Hi Julia

I read this the other day and forgot to leave a comment...

I love this picture of your daughter and her granddad.... just so lovely - and fabulous play on words... you clever lady! Nice shape too - no fussiness, just a great way of depicting something so normal that is a loving memory to have for always...

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

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