Thursday, 17 March 2011

On being the delivery driver..

A handful of you wanna know why I'm making deliveries to building sites. And to be honest, It's no secret - rather mundane actually, although the site where Diet Coke Man really works may well become a secret, when I find it! Because of an act of fate and a recession, late last year, Mr Dunnit found himself without a business partner and closing down the company that they had built up over 20 years. It was hard, it was horrible. Long dark days for us. Enough said. Newly unemployed and frankly terrified, he decided to work small and work for himself. So we've set to (I say 'we' and for once, I don't mean a royal 'we' - truly I am working with him). Our international headquarters are here at home and his workshop is a large shed on his parents large garden. It's fine, and working. We don't have a van yet, so we use a really nice chap called Steve to make the bigger deliveries - and believe me, there are some...a flight of stairs deconstructed fills a big van! But the odd bits and pieces - one window, one panel or short lengths of skirting, dado, whatever...go in the car with me. I've been to what amounts to a stately home that's being refurbished (with a window for the gardener's building) to a lovely primary school in a rural Wiltshire village with new window boards (cills are on the outside and boards are on the inside...public learning curve!) then to Wilton with a pair of windows for a Sure Start Centre (still looking like an abandoned high street shop) and yesterday I collected the smelliest wood primer coating you ever experienced. Ugh. I have not experienced a single site wolf whistle. I think, when I pull up in my Yaris, they feel sorry for me. At least I haven't had to actually unload anything myself which kinda makes up for it.

The pictures show Mr D working in our conservatory (which he built) a couple of weeks ago. The architect that designed these lovely Oak windows had specified they be treated with an oil based coating that could only be stored and dried above 12 degrees C. Despite the sunshine, it was only 3 degrees in the real shed, so some transportation and fire lighting was needed! He coated, it dried and then he sanded and re-coated. The windows have been delivered and we move on. Except of course I don't. You can, literally, write your name on the windows in the fine wood dust from the sanding down. I know it's nobody's fault and it means eventually that the mortgage payment will be made...but oh the cleaning!! I just hate could slide across the floor on this fine sanding. I've done the surfaces and floor..just have to tackle the windows now. Am a bit scared that I'll finish them and he'll announce the need for a repeat performance. So thanks for asking. It gave me an opportunity to share the housework with you!


Mrs A. said...

Well it does sound as if the work is coming in so thats a good thing. Whats a bit of dust to the more important things in life. I could always lend you Monkey to work as a chippie!! Hugs Mrs A.

Twiglet said...

What a clever man Mr Dunnit is - I bet you make a formidable pair - best of luck to you and I hope your business goes from strength to strength. I just popped back to read yesterday's comments. Wow! I can see I shall have to get Wipso organised with a few more wipe clean desk tidys!! Thanks lots x Jo

oneoff said...

Those are major changes; I'm glad it's all coming together for you both. This might sound really daft, but it gladdens the soul to hear you are working together on the new venture. Wishing you both all the best.


PS - Watch Mrs A's Monkey - when it warms up, he'll be sunbathing on the job!

Scrapcat 1 said...

Hope your new business venture continues to grow, I know what you mean about the fine sandings they get everywhere and are a bugger to clean up. Thanks heavens for the dyson!

Cardarian said...

In the end Mr. Dunnit might be happier working on his own ( oh sorry I mean with you) I know about housework and cleaning windows.....oh dear - I must do mine of the worst jobs!
Lovely conservatory though!

Neet said...

Well I think they are being rather remiss not giving you a wolf whistle - if I was about I'd pinch their bums so they at least shouted when you came on site.
Good luck with the venture - if the conservatory is anything to go by he should be able to get plenty of orders.

Helen said...

You have a talented man there - good luck! Hope you get the dust cleaned up - that's a lot of glass to clean (Yuck!)
Does this mean Mr D won't be making any more of those gorgeous rocking horses we saw a while back?

Annie said...

Hi Julia, How lovely for you both to work together. Long may it work for you and hopefully it will only go from strength to strength :-)
Maybe I should order a new window from you....a good excuse for you to pop up here in your car :-)
A x

Chrysalis said...

Hi Julia - hang on in there girl, you're on the home straight. It looks great already but will be truly wonderful when finished. Love and hugs x

SDCrafts said...

We've had a recent 'downturn of fortune' and I am really wanting to make the money to help but you know my limitations.

So Hats Off to your lovely Mr D for getting himself out there and using his skills!

If I ever make it big with the ScrapBoxes, I'll know where to come for the custom-made jobs!

Seriously, all the best to you both - and to us both!

Marjo said...

That fine dust is hard to clean up. Once you think youv'e cleaned it all you find

Good luck on your new venture! Hugs Marjo

donnalouiserodgers said...

1. The pif is for the hostess - but I need the addie again - oh and yes I shall asterix and give the hidden thing to a lucky woywwer,
2. I hated seeing the mess BUT when headquarters moved off site I hated not seeing Him
3. Look past the dust - look at those ARMS - dance in the dust and be happy.


HeARTworks said...

I am sure the business will grow and grow- your husband is super industrious! And clever too for having picked YOU! Patsy from

A Hovel to Home said...

Beautiful windows honey .... and I will pay for the Diet Coke man's location when you track him down .... only a matter of time.

Milliesmarvels said...

Thanks for your comment on my card, it did make me chuckle :-) I wish you good luck with your new venture, I know you are going to be very successful as you make such a great team!

Pam said...

Beautiful windows much nicer the pv! When you do find the coke man I can be free for deliveries and of course if your deliveries ever bring you to deepest darkest swindon the kettle is always on! My kitchen is covered in a layer of dust at the mo the tiler has been here since 8 and put up 3 tiles so far (he has managed 2 cups of coffee !!), I'm hoping the speed means he is a perfectionist!!! Hugs Pam x

Pam said...

Of course I did mean nicer than PVC! :-)

Deanne said...

The recession hit everyone so hard didnt it and we're still so not out of it yet
I wish you both all the luck with your new business 'adventure' and by the looks of that window its going good :)


Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. My husband and I are both self-employed, working out of the house, so understand that huge overlap of work invading home you are experiencing. Here's to the worst being behind you!

Dragon said...

Well I think that's marvellous... well done him, and you of course, for such enterprise and skill... I love your conservatory. You can't beat real realwood, and mine is real real wood too... but then all my other windows are wood grain plastic... not keen on the ordinary pvc!! Good for you, and it's only a matter of time for those whistles!!!
Love and light

akilli melek said...

ugh i dont envy you the clean up of all that work dust.
lovely conservatory and good luck with the business

CuddlyBunny said...

I'd be incredibly jealous of the people receiving those gorgeous windows if I wasn't busy being sad that you have to clean all of the sanding dust.

The daughter of an architect/cabinet maker, and a friend of power tools myself, I completely understand the nightmare of cleaning wood project "dust."

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Sometimes it's just meant to be....and it sound like it's working out beautifully too. That's a bug plus too... The mess must be awful but while it's getting cleaned up you can think of the time you spent with hubby putting them in... maybe that will make it easer! Best of luck to both of you on this new stage in your lives!!

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Well done both of you! I'm totally impressed at Mr Dunnit's handiwork and had to smile very broadly at you delivering in your Yaris ( I have an Echo) and while great little cars not exactly a delivery van..but hey it gets it there doesn't it.. good on you! Pray all endeavours are God blessed!
Shaz in Oz.x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Julia, best of luck with the new venture.
I was thinking you could've practised your 'skating' skills before cleaning the floor haha
Anne xx

RosC said...

Oh my word, tough times bring amazing adventures. I worked for myself for nearly twenty years and it was great. I didn't make a lot of money, but enough, and the hours were long but I loved doing the work. Keep on keeping on, Mr D.

What about wearing a pale blue boiler suit for deliveries and put a pale blue trailer behind the Yaris. You'll get looks if not whistles!!!

And leave the dust until it's all done. My philosophy is leave the dust until it's worth removing - takes the same effort to remove one day's dust as two weeks worth ;-) ...unless it's essential to the finishing process. Tough times mean leaving the dusting 'til last.

Go well, Ros.

C said...

What a stunning place Mr. Dunnit has to work in...all that wonderful light and so beautiful. He's an amazing craftsman and you are one amazing delivery person! Didn't realize the recession was over there as well. This new world economy is for the birds.

Scrapcollectr said...

There is a book in this! Jot your notes on each delivery because you could find the humor (or not) in each one. Now just need the title....hmmmm.... Diary of a Mad Delivery Woman? *smile*