Thursday, 10 September 2009

It's too early, but it's seasonally imperative

So today, I spent a goodly hour or so, browsing the considerable (already, my life) Christmas stock at Kraft Crazy, my LSS. I've been threatening to do this since I realised that the Workshop schedule has me listed to conduct an ease-you-into-the-idea-of-making-Christmas-cards workshop this month. I've actually finally put the cards for that together, but future workshops really ought to feature current papers and product, donchafink? And I'm terribly easily distracted when trying to think forward while looking at products - I'd so much rather chat, and the shop is such a good place to do that! Anyway, I've bought some new stamps, a lot of cards (4 cards each per workshop, 12 people on average, so it takes a few!) and a clutch of papers. The papers incidentally are from two opposing styles - some Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses and some from Cosmo Cricket's retro range, for me, the hands down winner so far. But it's only September. Actually, that's kinda my point here. It's September. Set aside the fact that we make the season last 4 months, it's too commercial, blahdy blah. What I mean's too early. The cards I make now will, I hope, be seasonally appropriate, nice and some even stunning - you never know. But believe me, the cards I make in December, when the season itself is upon us and I'm rushed off my feet with erm, something or other, will in my opinion be nicer - better, even -and certainly more festive. Is this just me? Is it the spirit of the season, the mood I'm in, the need to be speedy that leaves no time for artistic agony, or is it just plain emotion that tints everything with a slightly spanglier glittery warm extra skill? I dunno. But it happens every year. Make a mental note to watch this space - I'll have a trail of pictures to show you and in December, you can tell me the answer. If you've even understood that I think I may have been asking a question in here somewhere. Cor, aren't you glad you can't hear me!

Look, the WOYWW thing yesterday was just so much fun - I have never visited so many desks, and really, as Carmen said, the voyeur in me was grinning, big time! Thanks for joining in and inviting us to yours. Come on back y'all!


Unknown said...

I think I agree :0)You kinda need to feel the Christmas spirit in order to create it??? Well I do!
Loving the use of Dontchafink ... let's campaign and get that one in the dictionary!
You could n't give us a sneaky peek at your new Chrissy papers could you?

Carmen Wing said...

Why have I got Pussycat Dolls in my head now because of Lindas comment? Aargh! But I agree and I'd sign that petition ;)

I think we're making christmas cards at the local cardmaking class this sunday. She doesn't generally use pp's though so wont get to 'oooh' and drool. *huff* I know what you mean though but can't say being under pressure releases my inner artist... as you've seen today at my mini meltdown :P

As with the names - I think Mum and Dad were running out of ideas, I was daughter number 5 and then my little sis came along after me to round us up to 6. Mum wanted a boy! Hahahahaha! I got a lucky escape though, she was a huge Elvis fan and everyone called her bump Elvis. Can you imagine? Can you? Nah I'll take Carmen Miranda anyday :D

Angie said...

I can see exactly what you mean and when I do early ones I feel I like my later ones better too but if I get put under too much pressure, like Carmen, I stop functioning.

When I have made all that I need I just send the best to those who will appreciate them ...and the worst to those who would be happy with a card from a bad bumper box

Paige said...

I can see I'm going to be shamed into making my christmas cards this year :( although I tend not to send many (reducing the carbon footprint like") I normally ecard most people and just send real cards to special familya nd friends. I'm already thinking about journal your christmas and how I'm going to do that this year.
and ........ WOW about yesterday just how many crafts joined in on WOYWW? you have started a craze Julia!!!

Annie said...

Hi Julia, as you saw on my blog mine is more of a WIYWW [whats in your workroom wednesday] as mine doesn't always get done on my workdesk but it is lovely to think of so many folk busy in craft spaces and willing to share their worlds. You have really started something :-) I'm wanting to get some fabric advent calendars made before I start card making so maybe they will get me in the mood for the festive season. Have fun. A x

Teresa said...

Sooooooooooo not easy to "do" Christmas when I have had to shift the blinds to nearly closed to be able to see the computer screen!
And yep, the ones made closer to the time and when to mood is really on me are a much finer batch than the ones made when the sun is splitting the trees and I am still wearing a t-shirt!