Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Shameless self promotion here, I'm gonna repeat the 2 Scrap Ladies announcement - look away if you're sick to death of it please! We've a handful of seats left which we'd love to fill - obviously, and I think this micron of interweb space is one way of erm, exposing those empty seats!

A Magnetic Year in a Day
31st October 2009, 10am to whenever!
Ludgershall, Nr Andover, Hampshire

2 Scrap ladies, 2 scrap styles, 2 kits to choose from - 1 fab result!
We'll provide 1 magnetic board, framed in untreated Ash, Pine or Oak (- choose on the day) and a kit to make calendar layouts for each month of the year. Kits will contain all the papers, and embellishments you need, and illustrated instructions for each month's layout. This way, you can come along and work at your own pace without fear of having to finish by tea time. We'll work in a warm and friendly workshop environment with plenty of room. We'll stop for a hot lunch and our 'beverage gal' will be on hand all day to keep us topped up. Quick contests and prizes and Hallowe'en stuff will be added to the mix. It will be fun, and you'll have a perpetual reminder!
The catch? You will have to stain, polish or paint the frame at home, and you have to choose which kit you'd like to work with!
Price - £75 per person
Full details and booking terms are available at www.2scrapladies.blogspot.com - there's a button in the sidebar to take you there.

I've finished the white cards. Wish I'd thought of Ann and her bargain mountain of white stock! The mountain reference was made to help you extend the Heidi thing...yes, I'm getting silly now! The photographs are horrible, but I'll let you laugh over them after the workshop! Onward and upward, I feel some scrapbooking is in order. But first, I have to go to a certain local craft shop. Apparently, a particular punch that I might have expressed a desire for has arrived - and it has my name on it. So it would be very rude not to, huh.


Unknown said...

Hi de .................... Hi

Do you know ... I should be on the big screen ... some days I am soooooooo funny! What do you mean ... you don't think so :0)

Annie said...

Sounds like a fab couple of days fun but alas I can't come :-( Hope you have a great time. A x

Anonymous said...

Shame its to far for me from Cumbria! DOH!! or I would of been there!! in a flash! :0) Hope you have a fun time

Genevieve Rodriguez said...

Lovin' this flower!