Monday 28 September 2009

Is this cute enough?

While lots of you dallied at Alexander Palace and still more of you did sensible and possibly wholesome family things on Saturday afternoon, I went to a workshop as an introduction to the Copic pens. Ally was the 'teacher'. I know, it all sounds a bit incestuous because she's the other scrap lady, but that's how it is. Her workshop was great. Incredibly well prepared, confident and knowledgeable about her subject with some great hand-outs. And because the shop is on the cutting edge, we even had digi-stamp images to colour. Obviously these were pre-determined, and so dear interweb, brace yourself. I coloured in a Magnolia, or maybe it's a Tilda! I dunno. Bit of a Moomin really, and I was forced to add the mouth. And not do the wings...they will get the chop I'm afraid. Just a quiet rebellion, you know! Great exercise in colouring, huh. Then I did the Dustin fish in a balloon and by the time I got home, I was feeling cocky, so I had a go with a couple of Stampotique images that Carmen sent me. She's terribly depressed poor love; so I tried her in other colours and employed a black felt tip to try to relieve her enormous forehead a little. Trouble is, she remains thin and awkward, even in colour! Really happy with the tips I picked up from Ally, and really enjoying my Copic pens. An afternoon well spent methinks.

Bet you wish I had a knack for knowing how to use light properly when I have a camera in my hand, huh?
I could read the manual, but I probably won't.
The car window was fixed today, thanks to a Toyota dealer in Salisbury. Seriously impressive service; my car was washed and valeted as well - funny how you don't really notice how gunky and horrid it gets until someone else cleans it huh? If I had any sense of pride, I'd be embarrassed!


Susie Sugar said...

Well you picked up the old copics quick you are rather good with them ...but I shocked at how easily you talk of cutting that darling little Tilda's wings off !!! I never had you down as being so cruel Julia !!! lol
I am not sur if I like the skinny goth looking girls or not I think they might grow on me in time but they are a little strange not haveing a face ...what's that all about !!! lol
Glad you got the car window fixed with ease
Love Susie xx

Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stampotique ... Go Mrs Dunnit ... Lovely colouring ... and I knew that deep down ... really really deep down you had a yearning to colour in a Tilda *LOL* Shall I send you some more stamped images :0) The shading on that goldfish is mighty impressive too ... I was going to call you Picasso Dunnit ... then I thought that may insinuate that you had gone out of the lines ... and you clearly stayed very neatly within them.

... and you can borrow all my stamps any day of the week ... as long as I can order all my Copic coloured images from you :0)

Neenie said...

Fab colouring of your images, I like your self-deprecating tone too - totally unjustified, might I add! ;) I'm with Susie re. Tilda's wings - it's sacrilegious to cut her wings off, think of the glitter potential!! My hubby always sniggers when he sees Magnolia images, as he thinks it's absurd to not have a nose and mouth. Excellent colouring of Dustin's goldfish, too! Love the Stampotique images - they remind me of so many of my Goth friends, all wretchedly miserable of course! :)

Paige said...

Well I'm with you Julia "Off with her wings" he...he! some Fab colouring there, you really have got the hang of those pens so quickly. I just can't seem to like thos chubby children (even with a mouth) but you have done a FAB job with her. Loving the skinny goth wish I looked like that!!! maybe a little happier though;)

airing cupboard crafts said...

Hey Julia sounds like you had a fab time at the shop. The results are very impressive.

I don't know about the crop yet sorry. I want to come but MIL has threatened to come down so J is going to give her a call on Wednesday to see if she is or not as I have stamped my feet and said I NEED to know as I want to go and play for the day. I will et you know asap - sorry.

Teresa said...

TOTALLY with you on the Moomins hunny, I just cannot "get" them at all! Maybe I need to do them and OFF with their wings!? Nah, just can't get into something that does not have a face, but the coloring in is fantastic.

Ginny said...

hey gal, these all look fab, even tho you are a bit of a sadist cutting off her

Carmen said...

I LOOOOOVE what you did with Mary :D Love that you gave her a fringe - her gawkiness does remind me a bit of Devon at the mo, she sometimes hunches herself over to disguise how tall she is and she is so disgustingly thin. She got mistaken for my SISTER at Ally Pally Mwaaahaaahaaa! - hey only a 20 year age gap ;) ;)

I'll have to have a play with my Copics soon. Though yopu will be saddened to hear that because I only got 10 they are all varying colours of wee, grey and black as suggested by the seller to get some decent skin/hair tones. I will hopefully get some more colourful colours when I go back in April :P

Fiona said...

Great colouring - but I'd have cut more than her wings off - those moomins, tildas, magnolias - whatever they are - give me the heebeejeebees!!! lol!

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Hi Julia, well i think you have done a superb job with your copics. My favourite is your dustin image, very well coloured and made me giggle as its the sort of thing my kids would try and do... put a goldfish in a balloon hehehe. I love the Tilda's too but i have to say ive never been quite sure why they have wings? I would much rather see them without wings myself.
Love n hugs
Vikki xx
p.s looking forward to WOYWW ;) xx

CoventryAnn said...

Chop 'em off, Moomins... bluuuuuurgh!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Julia,
Thanks for the comment on my blog re: WOYWW Your posts are amusing - make me smile which is good ;) I'm with you on the mouth thing with Tilda - some cute images but don't like the fact they don't have a mouth - Now if it was a guy with no mouth then maybe ....... well perhaps not.
Anne xx