Tuesday 29 September 2009

Getting on with it

A portion of a picture today, it's one of the LOs for A Magnetic Year in a Day, so can't over divulge. And that's all I've done so far today in terms of craft. But hang out the trumpets and ring out the flags - I've used the Cricut! See those 2 little biddy leaves? Yep - electronically cut by the chirruping Cricut - Accent Essentials cartridge. You see, I do love it, but I sort of forget that I've got it. So it and I go through great phases of use. Or lack of. With the notable exception of my Cuttlebug, I could apply this 'phase' thing to a lot of the tools I possess. Especially my Bind It All. I'm not big into mini book making, so each time I use it it's like the first - and have to keep reading instructions for anything more than the basic punch and wire! And then there's the punches...they're in a basket, behind a cupboard door. I use them in real phases. I know if they were in a basket on the work surface, I'd probably use them more. Same with my clear stamps. I really, really wanna come up with a way to store this in my line of vision, and the busier I become, the more I realise how silly my current storage is. So I'll come back to that, for sure. And definitely the same with my small but colourful collection of acrylic paints. My arty reality is certainly not as good as the fantasy, so they don't often see the light of an open cupboard door! I worry that my Copics will be a bit of a 'phase' thing too - because generally, all the tools and stuff that I have, I use in workshops or willingly, happily, share at crops and get togethers. But at the price and because I'd probably ultimately, need more than one of each, I'm not sure I'm going to use Copics in my workshops. Which means that there will be real periods of non-use. But maybe that's OK? Maybe the occasional protracted hello is all that's needed to make ownership worthwhile. In each case I certainly don't regret buying them. Well, OK, maybe the Bind It All - that was my last hooray idiot moment - I'm totally over the marketing strategies..but I think to a greater extent this year, we've all wised up to that, huh, as we've made our money really work for us. What have you got that you can't part with but don't use much?


Anonymous said...

my guilty purchase is my cricut! although i recently bought the 'child's year' cartridge and am giving it an airing later methinks!

Teresa said...

Mine was my sizzix machine, I should have known that arthritis and the sizzix would just not go together, but I went ahead and got one, still have it in nearly pristine condition as well, I never needed to find out where to get the replacement cutting mats unlike my bug which I have used and used and used!

LOVE those leaves Julia, not got accent essentials, was it one of the ones that came with the machine?

ally fiddy said...

Mine is my BIA I hardly ever use it, Oh and the Xyron printer thingy.
Dont worry about the copics if you come to all the classes that are buzzing round my head right now, you'll use it plenty.

voodoo vixen said...

OK... now get your BIA into gear and make one of the new see through books for keeping all your clear stamps in.... then you can place the book of clear stamps on your desk and you have done two good things... used the BIA and put your stamps in your face!! :)

Julia Dunnit said...

I am moved to comment on my own blog!! THAT is a good idea Annette, I knew if i whinged for long enough someone would have a brilliant answer!!

Unknown said...

I have the Cricut ... never use it ... I have the silent setter ... never use it ... I have the travel bag for the BIA ... never use it ... I have a whole set of Marvey Le Plumes ... never use em ... I have a whole basket and drawer of punches ... never use em ... I have every colour of premo sculpey clay, all the tools and the molds ... never use them ... I have a whole carousel of deckle edged scissors ... never use em ... I have a sewing machine ... purchased especially for papercraft ... still can't thread it ... etc. etc.,

But at least they are ready and prepared for action ... in case the need ever arises :0)

Neenie said...

Mine is the Quickutz squeeze. I was suckered by the sales pitch on a famous craft channel, telling me it's perfect for those with dexterity problems. Can't use the bleeding thing and had to ditch it for my beloved bug. The suggestion of a see-through book for your stamps sounds great. You'll have to post a piccy!x :)

Ann said...

Julia, you are amazing, there is always something interesting to read on your blog. Your posts are very amusing and/or thought-provoking, such as today's.
I have a whole rainbow of stamp pads - and always use the same few colours
I have a box of punches - and rarely use them
I have a box of wood-mounted stamps - which rarely see the light of day
And crafting CD's and DVD's which sit on my shelf - seldom viewed.
I remember when I first started crafting and had very little choice of tools or papers, and there was always something I wished for. Now I probably over-compensate and have more of everything than I really need 'just in case'!
But I've reached my limit - nothing more will fit into my cupboard - so I will have to eject some items if I want to buy more!

Caryn said...

Ok, ....

Xyron adhesive thingy
punches galore (not my MS punches though - they're speshal)
Sizzix dies - WHY do I still have em?
Loads of stamps
Flower press!!!

I could go on but I won't.

Had to have a giggle at your post though, how many of us have been lured by sales pitches or just the feeling that if everyone else has it, I must need it too - even though I have no idea what it is!! I have to admit, I have been much better this year and have properly used everything I've bought.
Have enjoyed catching up with your blog Jules - hope this little meet up happens next year - sounds like it could be a right larf!

Caryn xxx

Angie said...

As I am half squirrel I cannot get rid of anything ... not that I dont regret buying so many things that seemed a good idea ...at the time. Like Julia says most tools have their time and are rediscovered ...on and off. I like to know they are there ...just incase too.
The only tool I use EVERY time I craft is my cutter. My worst buys ... Quickcutz, the large Xyron because of the cost of refills and the stamp pads that are made up of 2/3/4/5 different colours ...and could someone explain how I ended up buying 4 methods of punching a hole and inserting an eyelet?

Paige said...

I think your going in phases with your tools is a method of keeping your mojo alive and kicking! and a good one at that. If you used all your tools all the time everything would have the same "feel" to it and nothing would (unless a new buy) ever give you that buzz again. I love sorting through the boxes on my shelves and finding things I'd forgotten I had. It's my BigShot thats the least used tool in my life at the moment, only because I can't be bothered with lumping it up onto my table and then finding all the dyes (that I have already used so many times before).

Ginny said...

hmmmmm, so many to choose from

the graphics tablet I brought to make my own designs for my craft robo is probably my dustiest

Fiskars Shape Boss and Cutter, pain in the bum to use the embossing tool and CAN'T use the cutter, lol

god I could go on but that would be depressing...lol...thanks for another thought provoking post :0)