Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Scientific Poll

Of course, the title is a lie to start with! CoventryAnn will be wincing..sorry if I reeled you in there gal! I need to talk about Digi again. Your comments after the last article made me laugh smile and nod in agreement, for a community that revel in our differences, we're certainly all singing off the same sheet of 12 x 12 with this one! I think the very unbalanced survey that came out of your comments can sum up Digi - up and coming, for those who are brave enough!
Not me, for sure...I can't do it because, well.......embarrasingly, I don't want to learn how to. Although I absolutely love being the ahem, 'author of a blog' (I pinched it from a newspaper and I may well have to change my passport to include this as my new occupation), and I cannot imagine life without email and the blog hopping - and the forums - and possibly the shopping, I don't want to spend any more time at the computer than I already do. Honestly, it's worse than a new baby for sucking up my time. And that's just simple decisions like changing the background colour of this page! Are you OK with it by the way? I miss the black but familial pressure to change the colour and increase the font size was too great; after all, you don't want to give your family reasons to criticise, they're waaaay too honest!
I'm in the generation that was caught between metric and imperial and was just leaving school (at 18!) when they introduced a computer room..with 4 computers in it! So you understand my general ignorance. My reluctance is, like a lot of you said, born of the need to handle, stroke, cut stick and actually use the lifetime's stash I've collected in a handful of years. Lady Nurse's husband, Bendy Bob, has told me on more than one occasion that when the worst happens and Lady Nurse goes to craft in heaven, I've got ONE week to get over there and relieve him of her lifetime's collection of craft supplies and equipment. Or he's going to throw it in a skip. I think it will be prudent to wait a week and a day and then go and collect the skip, that way I only have to organise it once. This digression is purposeful; there is a tipping point for stash accumulation; and digi would stop us using any of it! And there's another reason for me. All of my photos are already stored on the computer..putting them on Digi LOs and re-saving them is almost counter-intuitive fore me..I'm trying to free the photos rather than increase the size of my technological shoebox by making the computer an album instead of storage.
I do have another problem with doing Digi scrapbooking, and this is very controversial. Either don't read any further, or learn how to brush it off:
I can't help but feel somehow that it's cheating. Despite my happiness to acknowledge that I have none of the skills required (and you need more skills to do Digi than to do paper and glue); despite my keen-ness to explain that I don't want to learn (because that's what it would require - lessons). I have no idea why I feel like this, but it lurks at the back of my head - 'specially say when I'm demonstrating cards/stamps/blah. A lot of conversations are struck up with bored husbands who always start with their digital prowess - "I do all that on the computer, it's easier/quicker/more colourful/blah blah "..the psychology of that for a bloke is a different discussion (you know, the whole crafting is for girls nonsense).( And as an aside from that..the psychology of actually dragging your bloke to a craft demo? Don't get that, either!) But do I have in my head that Digi is for Boys? Or do I have in my head that Digi is fast easy and cheaper and therefore can't be a craft? I think I do. If you ever saw me faffing about with a Layout, you would agree, I suffer for my 'art', and perhaps that's why I think Digi is cheating - it just doesn't look hard enough. Even though it would be for me. Because I can't do Digi. Aren't you glad I started this? Comment, do. Change my mind...I want to be broad minded and multi-tasking. I do. Because I want to be coooool. What do you think the torture over the iPod was for?


stephanie said...

DIGI is the way its going sissy, like it or not, its here to stay and will only get better better and totally GREAT !!! Yup nothing like the real paper and glue and have to admit to still getting hot and excited over the hot gun and piles of lucsious papers. but its awesome to combine the both....hmmmmm now downloading of music and recharging ipods.....different story... plus having owned a new mac since xmas i have only just discovered it take photos and that was in a computer class.. how embarassing was that... oh and it was like a ... 19 year old that showed me...!!! ooo ya mama, im dragging myself into the 21st century.

CoventryAnn said...

You are right, Julia, a mention of science and i HAVE to look. And sorry to Steph above but i'm another Luddite when it comes to digi, it's cheating! Real craft involves real stuff, cutting, sticking and all that. Digi scrapping (to my mind anyway) is something totally different! I want to get down and dirty (with my paper and glue of course!)

Julia Dunnit said...

But also sissy, because I only have a lame answer...what do you do then? Buy an eff off huge printer, or do you store them online? And anyway, you had to learn, and you were always cool, you just go ahead and be digi-cool.xx

Teresa said...

Another Luddite here I am afraid, Like you J, I have no wish to learn how to "scrap" digitally. It isn't scrapping at all, scrapping involves.......well......SCRAPS!!!!!!!
Another "problem" I have with it is dimention, there isn't any! Yes I know you can put shadows on the page, and you can put faux buttons/ribbons/bits onto the page, but it isn't bulky, all it is in the end is a piece of paper, another piece of paper!
Don't get me wrong, I too left school before computers were available in schools so did not learn the skills at the "right" time, but I love my puter, (I got a new Mac too Steph) I have a lot of photos on it, I keep in touch with family and friends with it, I use it as a tool, but when it comes to playing with paper and glue, nothing beats the rummaging and sorting that comes with REAL scrapping.
I also have to hold my hands up here and say that I do download digi kits, there are some beautiful ones out there, but I print out the papers and use them as paper on proper paper and card LO's.

P.S. Much prefer the color now J, I can read it!

Angie said...

I love real scrapping and am happy to keep the skills that go with it, alive.
Somehow Digi is like tinned carrots when paper and glue scrapping is a fresh carrot !!!

Ginny said...

love Angie's analogy...I only delve into digi fpr the papers to

p.s stick a band-aid on missy's forehead n send her to

Jo Power said...

I agree that Digi scrapping isn't proper scrapping. I don't want to do it either and the layouts that I have seen are fab but all look a bit flat.(sorry if I offend) I like feeling the paper and getting glue all over my fingers and on bits of paper that I didn't intend to stick there. I did go to school when we had computer room but it was word processers and not proper computers really. However my 8 year old know the ins and outs of a computer and can even (sometimes) tell me what I am doing wrong although oviously I don't listen too her. Keep scrapbooking real not megabytes.
Love the colour by the way its fab.
Love Jo XX

Anonymous said...

Not sure what lady nurse will do if Bendy Bob goes first as he has 2 sheds and a workshop down the bottom of their estate!! Perhaps she will need a skip too

Claire said...

Definately a paper scrapper here, but dabbling in hybrid (still involves getting inky & sticky LOL!)

POSH SCOT said...

Julia, even though I am an IT whizz and I have never tried digi (do love the effects though!!) I too currently feel a bit of cheating happens, me I can't use patterned paper unless I've created it myself with paint and funky stamps etc, cos buying it ready made, is just well cheating (its just too easy!!) and NO FUN, I so get where you are coming from girl!!

Anonymous said...

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