Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Proving a theory

Oh my. Since Monday I have been making meringues - I want to serve them as individual pavlovas to 125 guests of my sweet In-Laws this saturday evening at their Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration. My oven takes 12 at a time, so that's been quite labour intensive! I'm happy about it though, please don't read this as a complaint. More a prelude to another personal revelation! We talked earlier in this series of unconcise postings about how you're at the most inspired when you're tied up with something that you can't possibly leave or put off, and something entirely unconnected with craft. Well, I can now confirm this and even -reveal that routine helps me achieve far more than inspiration! - gasp - Ohmigosh that's a bit of a shocker isn't it! The number of ideas whipping around in my head are certainly equal to the revolutions of the balloon whisk that's still whipping egg whites into a froth. In the 70 minutes 'cooking' time for each batch, I've done domestic chores (sorely needed in view of the guests that are staying over after the party - we need to discuss motivation at some point!). But as day 3 of this bake off comes to a close, I realise that I've slotted into a routine and have caught myself looking forward to tomorrow - working with a timer next to me and seeing what I can fit in to each 70 minutes. I'm thinking that tomorrow I may make some cards. I've taken on a new routine and it's working! Gosh. I don't want to give you the impression that I usually wander aimlessly around the house doing nothing while I wait to be inspired and then gently waft into my craft space. No, it's slightly less fairytale than that. In the past when I've been genuinely 'working at home', a routine imposed itself and I didn't really notice; because it was working, probably. Now I'm under employed and fiddling about a bit, I realise I've come to thinking a lot about what I'm going to do, without actually doing it. Hmmm. I'm gonna work out some sort of routine for this craft thing in my head and see how it works. I'll report back.
Oh and by the way...I have 38 yolks looking for recipes other than sauces and cakes....please!


AuroraDawn said...

I so love that photo and layout ;0)

Unknown said...

Oh Pavs-my favourite! But that's a lot of egg whites!!
I know what you mean about wsting time too-especially on this computer-that's where my time goes!

Angie said...

You have a very good point about routine. I am afraid I think alotabout what I want to do but dont create the routine which is 100% of my problem.
What a labour of love all those pavlovas are.I had a look re recipes for the yolks. There are several cookie ones and deserts but what about a batch of Lemon Curd? Aparently you can also freeze them as long as you add salt or sugar. It might be worth trying it with 2 just incase it works and then you wouldnt need to use future ones in a hurry. Have fun.
Oh nearly forgot ... Bessie was stamped ... Banana Frog is the make but I'll have to check the style tomorrow. Nite Nite xx

Anne said...

Gorgeous layout - the 12x12 paper is beautiful.

You definately have a good point about routine. They do say "if you want something doing, ask a busy person...". I know that I achieve more when I am rushed off my feet, whereas if I have too much time - I too spend too much time thinking about what I'm going to do, rather than just doing it. Goes for craft and other jobs, too!

Like the idea of the timer - that's a flylady tip, that is!

Julia Dunnit said...

Thanks for the egg yolk ideas Angie, am going to try the lemon curd, yummy.
As I was typing I was thinking of my friend Lyn who has flylady DOWN, so I don't feel too bead now, as I'm using a flylady tool!!

CoventryAnn said...

Hollandaise sauce with asparagus... lovely!!

Hello, I'm Vicki said...

love that layout, the photo is FAB!!!!

Angie said...

As prommised ... The banana frog stamp was TEEN.
You could give your parents a jar of the Lemon Curd .... after all it is a golden colour!!!! A friend of mine gave a hamper of things that were golden in colour or by name for a 50th wedding pressy and they loved it as they had all they could ever want in material things.

cricut queen said...

spritz cookies, used a ton of egg yolks and butter I seem to remember when I was feeling culinary and housekeepery during the build up to christmas. They would be lovely at the party too, in case there are any mad people who dont like pavs. Oh and they freeze for a couple of months too in case you end up with lots.
Dont forget to keep one for me.