Tuesday, 21 April 2009

It's an addiction

So, the internet didn't work for two days. There were brief flashes of online availability, but each time I got anywhere important (to me), the connection went bad and I fell off the web. Note please - again, I'm totally up to date with my terminology. Man, I'm so cool. I've (for once) had important emails to send and possibly a bit of shopping to do, not to mention the online bank checking that I try to do routinely. Routinely I say - what I mean is that as an attempt at restraint, I check the balance of my account before I hit the online shopping. I pretend it means I'm working to a budget. Go me, or rather, delusional me!
I've managed for two days without email and without checking out the shops - after all, I'm not so shallow that all I do online is shopping. No! I chat and read blogs too. And this is where the problem lies with suddenly being deprived of connectivity. (I hate that word too...I don't think it's actually a word, but it adequately describes my plight!) I really missed the chance to browse all of my favourite blogs and check out galleries here and there. I even kid myself that I needed to look for a challenge or two! Ha! Ginny will be choking now, she and Caryn are, in my experience, the most impressive taker-uppers of challenges that I know; they are the do-ers, as you've come to realise, I'm the one who talks a lot about doing. Truly, this interweb is an addiction, those news articles were right...my 2 hours a day is probably a lot longer really. There are signs of addiction aren't there. I know them because I've been on enough diets to know the meaning of withdrawal, cold turkey, going without, cutting down, using restraint, blah blah blah. One of these signs is irritation. And oh boy, last night when I STILL couldn't get to my nano sized piece of interweb, irritation gave way to anger. Can you believe it - moi! I actually threw myself on the sofa and sulked my way through a tv programme. Can't remember the last time I watched tv all evening. It was quite fun, and Mr Dunnit and I interacted and shared a couple of jokes and talked a bit. Steady, we'll be singing songs round the piano in a minute!


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, Jane Gill here. Just looked at my blog and saw your message. Have you seen this latest issue of Crafts Beautiful and Quick and crafty? They have samples of my cards in them using the ice creams and cats. If not email me and I'll send you some pictures of the cards I've done. Keep in touch. I wish I could remember you from Japonica!!
Love Jane

Anne said...

I think I'm probably quite addicted - I check emails and messages far too often, and I've always got my laptop balanced on my knee, even when I'm watching tv in the evenings. Terrible really! I can't imagine life before the internet anymore.

Cricut Queen said...

Life before the interweb thing - was there one?
Gosh girlie if you are addicted what on earth am I?

Smudgemakes said...

I have just laughed so much, my laptop fell off my knee!!! My DH says things like ' you haven't bought any stamps for a few days, have you!!!' - he has a point! I'm off to go shopping!!

Angie said...

That gave me a good laugh.
Love the sulking followed by actual verbal communications between husband and wife ... I agree ... What ever next?

POSH SCOT said...

Julia, you'll have to hunt out the 10 steps to overcoming blogg addition, and theirs you girl claiming to be a bit of a techno phobe!! And while you've got me thinking AGAIN don't you think when you buy online
1. you spend slightly less and because of this
2. its always a much smaller package than you anticipated and rather disappointing!!

Maybe there is a lesson in here for me somewhere :D