Monday, 13 April 2009

Like so many people, we've spent a weekend basking in Spring sunshine and the warmth of our family. Mr Dunnit's parents celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary with a party, filled with their friends and family we don't see enough of. A wonderful evening, particularly enhanced by their four beautiful grandaughters; they were shown off and admired and were sweetness and glamour all rolled into one, the little fairy above sort of sums it all up for me! Mr Dunnit raised a loving toast to his parents and we danced. Follow that? Micro neice's 2nd birthday and a trip from the Easter bunny. Marvellous family days. Follow that? OK. Slipper Lady, Cricut Queen, Miss Enthusiastic Educator and I went to a semi-local craft store and had lunch. Snazzy Stamping at Swindon was marvellous; neat tidy and full to the brim with stash we all wanted - indeed some of it did of course, come home with us. We had lunch and tea in Marlborough and it was lovely; time out with the girls. I picked up new stamps and new papers and even a new ink pad and again the four of us offer thanks for the luxury of shops like this that are within our reach.
Ah, and my quest for routine and achievement goes on. We lurch into serious revision for Miss Dunnit, Mr Dunnit is planning to finish the cupboard to stand on the new floor and me? Well, I finally have a couple of work deadlines, there's a workshop I'm conducting at Kraft Crazy in Tidworth on Thursday morning (01980 844010) based on the Smirk range of I'm actually scheduling routine work time this week, for me and for Miss has to be easier to revise if you know other people in the house are working too, I figure. No doubt you'll hear about the success or otherwise!

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