Friday 3 October 2014

Yikes, another week...mostly Smiling!

Another week gone. *pouf*  Just like that.  And still quite a lot of my list to be worked through! Ah well and hey ho.  There are some things that have to wait.  ....I've had a cumulatively smiley week and so it's only right to brag about it, and the best way to spread the brag is to join Annie's Friday Smiles.

The week started on a high, Miss Dunnit had a helicopter Buzz ride as part of her birthday celebrations and I was lucky enough to be the one to go with her. Her significant other had to work. Ah well, taking your Mum isn't so bad; she bought the souvenir photo and a cream tea on the way home!
Miss Dunnit's cheesy smile is because she forgot to look cool and unexcited!

And I swear, the copious pictures of the pilot were more to do with the view. Yes that view.  And to show that he piloted with no door. And is it me, or is he so young that those posh Rayban sunnies look like the ones they give with Happy Meals? I'm getting old.  Miss Dunnit was pleased though, the helicopter was so noisy that he couldn't hear me calling him 'young man'. 

We've been to a picnic with entertainment from massed bands, and it was fab. See that little tent on the right? It wasnt teeny, but it was the sound stage, so when the marching bands stood still, we couldn't hear much.  But it was fab, atmosphere, company, food... even the fireworks were helpful and photographed quite well!
I've managed to so some time at my desk too - cutting and sticking - here's a card for a workshop in about ten days.  Cute birdy, huh.  

And then and finally, the biggest smile of the week for me and Mr Dunnit - we're escaping to the sun for a bit of a breather.  

At some point, I'll catch you up with anything of interest. Well, anything that I find interesting!  Meanwhile, have a super weekend.


Annie said...

What a fab post Julia. So much to smile about. Thanks for joining in the fun this week.
Annie x

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a lovely smiley picture of your girl. Happy holidays to you. We have glorious sunshine here in Dorset, so you don't have to go that far to find it today!

shazsilverwolf said...

Love all your pics- very smiley I agree. Have a lovely break, huge hugs, Shaz xxx

fairy thoughts said...

So much to smile about you lucky bunny. Enjoy your break.

Elizabeth said...

Brilliant post, Julia. Lovely smiley photo of Miss Dunnit and lucky you that the significant other wasn't free that day :) Great card, the birdie is really cute. Bon Voyage, have a wonderful, restful and not too eventful holiday. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Chrysalis said...

No wonder you're smiling! What a wonderful week. Here's hoping the next one is lovely, too. Hugs, Chris x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ooohhhh, young maaaaan! :-) xx

Sue said...

Lucky you going in a helicopter.

Always nice to look forward to going to warmer climates.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

mamapez5 said...

Lots to smile about there. You are welcome to the helicopter. i have no head for heights, but it looks as though you both had fun. I just love the open-air music events like that and the fireworks look great.
Your little robin is cute.
Enjoy your sunshine break. Kate x

Eliza said...

What fun and excitement you are having and I am so envious of you getting away os on a holiday, you deserve it and please stay out of hospitals they are not the best form of accommodation.

Hugs Eliza

Ann said... not your work desk, but what a fab enjoyed your busy post!!! A helicopter ride is on my 'must do' list!! Love your birdie card Julia & hope you both have a fab holiday....big hugs. Ann xxx

Carmen said...

What an exciting week - hope you have fun on your break :)

Helen said...

what a great photo! and a great post all in - take care, but at least you can't have your gall bladder out this time!

misteejay said...

How wonderful.
Hope you and Mr D have a good break in the sun.
Toni xx


Loved seeing your smile and that very cute birdy Julia. Your birthday looked fab and happy late birthday too xxx