Monday 4 March 2013

Is that dust..on MY blog?

Well, see, I'm a firm believer in not blogging unless there's something to say.  Because I'm hugely capable of ranting and rambling without sense or conclusion.  So I try to keep this very public corner of my mind to some sort of acceptable standard.  It's about the only discipline I manage to stick to, and it's entirely due to you, gentle reader.  I worry that you may think I'm a nutter if I don't keep my grip.

While I was packing for the Crop on Friday afternoon, I decided to have a go at my stash of chipboard.  I've got an A4 box full of all sorts of bits that I had to have.  And frankly, I'm sick of moving it between cupboards and using tape to hold the lid on because it's too full and well, you get it.  Another 'trend' that I fell for and haven't used, for sure.  So, the running theme on LOs by me for the next few months will be chipboard embellishments. The more, the better.  So here's my first page:

Five pieces of chipboard (the tag is a piece too)..believe me, that will not be a record!  There is so much to say about this occasion that for once I didn't journal straight away, and am now considering my options.  As a believer in handwritten journalling, I've got to write it out first, to see how much I have to make room for etc.  Oh the logistical planning that I SHOULD have thought about first!  Some of you are kind enough to comment that I don't show enough of my scrapbook stuff on the old blog.  That's because I don't do enough. An all day crop and I did two LOs.  And it was all packed and kitted so I've no idea why...I guess I just picked the wrong photos to scrap.  If they don't put me in the mood, I can't do it.  What a diva.  

You can just, JUST see a second page underneath this LO...a teeny edge at left.  That is my March calendar.  Yep seriously, pre-made, pre-filled-in-with-birthdays-etc and I still haven't made time to stick in the frame.  No wonder it takes me a day to make two scrapbook pages. 


Glenda said...

Love your page. I used to scrapbook all the time, then I found cards and haven't looked back. I was never very good at scrapbooking so I never missed it. Recently I've been thinking I should give it another go. It is just so time consuming for me, I'd rather spend my time on a card. Have a great week!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Well Julia your post title had me wondering and then the post explained all..
I too have such pieces and never used a one (that I can recall) so maybe leaf out of your book coming up?? about time. i cannot even begin to criticise you on scrapbooking as have never done it..

.. funny huh.. maybe one Shaz in Oz.x

Helen said...

What a gorgeous layout and a lovely family you make too!! I have never got 'into' scrapbooking because just being me, there isn't a lot to scrapbook, and the stuff that happened before there was just me - well that's gathering dust in one of your cupboards (well, mine, but you know what I mean!!) Are you sure the reason you don't do much at crop is because you spend too long checking everyone is ok (I would say chatting, but that would be rude...!!!!)
Have a great, sunny Monday!

RosA said...

Your layout looks great! I have a similar chipboard problem. A huge stash of it which I barely look at, let alone use. I don't scrapbook but the chipboard can always be used on a canvas or elsewhere. Actually, I did use one nice piece of chipboard (a dressmaker's dummy), umm, last September, I think?
Oh, and I never blog, unless there is something to say, or show :) and I did TWO posts today, so that is some sort of record :) !
Have a good week,

Karen K said...

Beautiful layout, it's lovely to see your family all smiling and enjoying the occasion.


CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh it's fab! I love that you write your journalling, that's so important I think, I do it in my Smash books. I like the idea of my future relations, hopefully grandchildren etc being able to see my writing. Love the chipboard too, I fell for Art Parts but am a bit scared to use them as what's on the packet seems too complicated and advanced for me. Am sure I'll use them...eventually! Take care lovely. Zo xx

Scrapcat 1 said...

using up your stash is a great idea and I'm not so sure the page needs a lot of journalling as we can all see you are having a lovely time at the christening, nuff said :)

Unknown said...

Love your page, we have all got stacks of stuff we don't use, I have a big box of chipboard too, but not inspiring shapes, I am working on how to alter it and then perhaps use it. I also found a bag of embellishments that i had tucked away and forgotten about so I can feel another UIU session coming on.

Redanne said...

Gorgeous page Julia! Love how you used so many pieces of chipboard - now can you please come round and take some of mine as you have a little hole to fill up again Hugs, Anne x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous scrapbook page!

Lauren x

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous layout! I still haven't managed to do a scrapbook page! One day maybe! xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Julia,

Love the papers on this page!

Say, I can't seem to find your email address -- can you send me an email to


Lisa-Jane said...

Some pages just seem to take an age even though we've planned them. I love that ruffled ribbon on there - just the right thing.

Unknown said...

lovely page ! the important thing is that you are getting it done bit by bit...which is more than I am with my scrap-booking. Ive been into art work of the painting and carving kind too often and my scraping goes on being put off for slower quieter times.
Family times are the BEST aren't they ?

Carmen said...

I feel like I should scrapbook and it is what got me back into being creative again... but I always thought I was doing it wrong. Hence I have just about filled one album. I'm thinking of going down my version of Project life - maybe that's more me.

Craig keeps pestering me to do more scrapbooking and get the photos off the PC.

Love this page - that background paper is so pretty!

Alison Scott said...

Not a lot of journaling required for this excellent page.
You've listed who, when and where and the smiles on the faces shiw just how happy you are.

Brenda B said...

Good lord, who is that holding your daughter like she's a ventriloquists dummy!!! Reminds me of Hubby, he's so unused to being around small children and what to do with them that we've got a piccy somewhere of him holding his niece like she's a sack or potatoes!! She was about 3, but the look on her face is a complete WTF? moment!!


akilli melek said...

don't you love it when you can use up some of those pieces that you fell in love with then languished in a cupboard. Bring back that chipboard love, lol. I too have a load of embellishments stuck literally in an old shoe box in my cupboard. I'm trying to use and love them up!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

my goodness! i thought it was understood that all of us WOYWWers are nutters!

Anonymous said...

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