Wednesday, 12 August 2009

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday

Two angles today, my first picture (on the right) didn't show the pile of 12 x 12s that will be a work in progress later - I hope! And then nor did my second picture really,(they're under the black and white glasses case) but at least you can see the left worktop that becomes the area where things spill onto when I'm trying to tidy up ! The coffee is a morning addition, otherwise, again, this is as I left it last night. Although as the light is on and this is August, it does seem dark and dull again. Lordy how I'd love a string of bright sunny days!
I've been fiddling about with the challenge from Daring Cardmakers. They posted some links with the challenge for using the Cuttlebug to create a flip flop card and Iwas very taken with the I tried it on a variety of shapes and materiala. Here's one made in acetate, with a die cut decoupage character from Jolly Nation.
The dificulty with the acetate is that it doesn't like to be folded particularly and scoring it heavily isn't really an option for this sort of card - if it gets'over-worked' it'll fall apart. Anyway, it's fun in acetate but the potential in cardstock is even greater I think. At least the fiddling about has led to a challenge completion! I like the Daring Cardmakers challenges and usually try them at some stage during a crafty week; I usually miss the deadlines though. Sigh. Some weeks are so much shorter than others!
The other difficulty for me is finding somewhere to photograph it - mostly my walls are as cluttered with stuff as my surfaces!
So - What's On Your Workdesk today? Go on, set aside worries of untidiness or lack of productivity and let us have a look at your surfaces! Leave a comment here and we'll visit!
If you like the idea, join us weekly - add the button at top left to your blog if you're brave enough to be identified as a WOYWWer!


jay670120 said...

i'm a bit embarrassed to take a photo of my desk as i have been making cards !
Might get the guts to take a pic later lol !

Carmen Wing said...

Is it that time again? :P I've been very lazy craftywise this week but have had my reasons that I wont bore you with as I feel slightly daft and more than a little embarrassed.

My photo will be up in a little while. Yopur acetate card is very fabulous - I am scared of acetate I must admit :P

Anne said...

I went and had a little look at Daring Cardmakers - and I love that first example with the heart that turns. I might have a go at that, although I don't think I'll make the deadline.

I'll do my WOYWW this afternoon!

Kathy said...

oh poop! I started my message, then decided to join in with your challenge and somewhere along the line I deleted my message!
Anyway, the gist was that you really made it tough for yourself going down the acetate route, but it was worth it as your card looks amazing - thanks for daring to have a go this week!
Now, I've dared to take a pic of my desk as it is right now

Sarah said...

Love your acetate card - lovely. I'm no good at cards 9lol).
Never joined in on a wednesday before - maybe later i will join in - can i bare to show all hhmmmm!!!!
Thanks for sharing yours.

Unknown said...

My work desk is full of good intentions at the moment sadly!

Unknown said...

I am still not brave enough ... and I am loving that card!

Angie said...

I've just posted my WOYWW ... It's not for the squeemish or tidy amongst you out there. If I can show mine then there is NO excuse for any one else not to show theirs. lol I have been trying your idea of multi- layouting ....I think it might be working... time will tell

ally fiddy said...

Oo luvin the acetate card.

Paige said...

Tidy as ever :) I'll post my WOYWW soon. your card looks greata nd I'm loving all the purple bits and bobs on your desk!

Lyn said...

Phew, just snuck in on time and blogged WOYWW here - Off for an early night and will catch up tomoz!

Jay said...

Late again I'm afraid. I've been computerless this evening - but is that just an excuse?
Well, my non-productive desk is on my blog if you'd like a look.
Love the acetate card Julia.

SueH said...

What a fab idea to make your Swing Card using Acetate, it looks really fab.
I love the colour and the cute image too

Thanks for not being scared off by this week dare.
PS. I'm just about to pop a photo on my blog of my desk as it was left last night. You'll be able to See It Here soon.

SueH said...

That was just the over spill of ribbons Julie, the rest are on cards in five thread thread boxes!

I’ve just Updated
my last post to show you something that’s on my desk now that’s a lot more interesting than last nights leftovers and if you scroll down a bit further you can see the Birthday book in full.

Ginny said...

I don't think youre busy enough, I can see the desk in spots ;0)

LOVE the acetate card :0x

Chrissie said...

This is a fabulous card Julia, I must have missed it this week somehow.
I agree with the last comment, you can actually see some of the surface on your desk... that can't be right!

fairyrocks said...

You make gorgeous cards!!!