Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Totally Off Topic...

Ah, that'll make a change then!! My sweet sister in law - or at least, she would be if they'd just get on and GET MARRIED, oh how I love a family wedding! Well anyway, the mother of my micro niece has recently become a - wait for it - 'Kitchen Consultant' for a company called Pampered Chef. It's a networking thing, party plan. Tonight I'm hosting a party as a gesture of solidarity to help (I hope) her business. Now in the early days of my marriage, I certainly had and went to my share of these home parties; Tupperware, of course, I also remember Pippa Dee clothes and a pottery - was it Denmead? Then there was Cabouchon jewellery and of course Ann Summers. I think Ann Summers is the only company which has survived - but please let me know if I'm wrong!

But time moves on doesn't it, and you kind of grow out of this thing, or your circle of friends stops being involved, or something - but they sort of faded out of my life. I think over the last handful of years, the candles were the only home parties that I had or went to.

So the preparation and effort involved had sort of slipped to the back of my mind, and for Pampered Chef, there's quite a lot to do! I have to provide the ingredients for the Kitchen Consultant's demonstration. Now hang on there - who's the customer? Tonight's guests will enjoy a chocolate pudding of some sort, and I will get extra shopping points if I weigh and measure before hand. But hang on - who's the customer? Haven't I just cleaned two bathrooms, thrown the hoover around every room in the house and rearranged the furniture in the conservatory in the hope of at least providing each guest with a seat? I'm not disgruntled, more bemused - the disgruntlement may well set in if my guests, some of whom are lifelong members of chocaholics anonymous, don't get a decent share of the pud - the ingredients you see in the photos have cost nearly twelve quid! I don't doubt we'll have fun; not least because our 'Kitchen Consultant' is a naturally cheerful friendly young woman who loves to cook. Thank goodness!

It's a thing about having lived in the same relatively small town I suppose - you know people who 'do' these parties. The candle woman is a very impressive follower of the sales advice they give her - she rings regularly and religiously at the start of each season and needs to be handled very firmly in order to take no for an answer. But on those odd occasions when I can't think of a reason why not, I've had a candle party. Trouble is poor woman can't sell; she's too nice. Almost apologetic when you ask prices and certainly not confident to look you in the eye whilst she relives you of ridiculous amounts of money!

And that's the big thing isn't it - the overhead involved in these party sales isn't great, the 'consultants' don't take a huge cut unless they have a hugely impressive 'down-line', so why are the prices so high? Stampin' Up has to be a classic example. Nice stamps, over-priced and always in a set - very frustrating. Perhaps a handful of years ago I would have had the set because there was one or two stamps in it that I liked. These days, I'll do without rather than have one or two I don't like. Big spending difference. Last time I bought stamps I had to mount them myself as well - again - blimey, for the money, aren't I the customer?
Tonight though, the advantages are on my side really - Mr Dunnit has decided a food party is relatively safe, so he won't have to spend an evening out of his own home (we don't have bedroom TVs see, so it has been a problem before now) - remember my guilt problem... and better still, it's only polite if the host starts the drinking and eating - it makes your guests feel much more comfortable. Really.


Mole said...

Good luck with the party .... don't flex your credit card too much!!!!

Unknown said...

Have fun! I am still waiting for my invite! Oh and the house looks fabulously clean BTW ;0)

Ann said...

Enjoy the pud - looks like it'll be yummy. A few photos to make us jealous maybe?

Sarah said...

Have fun tonight - been to one of these before, combined with cocktails - not a wise move!!!

CoventryAnn said...

Know what you mean about SU, mount the stamps yourself and all customers pay P&P, surely there is only ONE parcel delivered to the demonstrator? I only buy inks from SU now :)Enjoy your party!

Paige said...

Hope that party goes well....... hope she sells loads so you get a lovely hostess gift and some yummy puds!

Darcy Marshall said...

Hope it goes well, I have never heard of a food party..at least not one that didn't involve a food fight lol

Angie said...

Hope you have a great party ...they usually are fun no matter whatis on sale ...just do not have too loose a hold on the purse.

Oh yes talking of parties of the past .. Sara Coventry Jewllery... circa mid '70's

Chell said...

Have a lovely evening.
There is a spinny thing (carousel) that Pamper Chef do to hold cooking bit's, this also looks fab for a crafting table!!!!

voodoo vixen said...

I have obviously been in the wrong countries all these years... having never actually been to any of those party things... until 2 years ago and I got dragged to a waxed bear party... where I proceeded to part with an enormous amount of money for some teddies that had been dipped in perfumed wax!! LOL Hope your party was a HUGE success!!

Claire said...

Hope the party was sucessful... It sounds like fun but also a lot of hard work.

Deanne said...

oooh i do like pampered chef, thats where the pink dotty cup and saucers are from on my craft desk :)
oooh and I'd already bookmarked you so i can join in with woyww :) hehe

Lyn said...

Huh. Showing my age here and feeling every week of it. Oh I do so remember the Tupperware, Pippa Dee, yada, yada parties. *Sigh* Believe it or not, I still have some Tupperware cereal containers still in everyday use - it's ever wonder they went our of business - you never needed to replace it! Big shame. I don't partake in party type things and wouldn't even attempt now to squeeze anything into Ann Summers (clothes!!!) ....... Hope it went well, though, and - who was the customer?!

Anonymous said...

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