Thursday, 8 January 2009

This lovely couple have been visiting from the warmer climes of Northern California. She is the mega neice, he is her love. They are happy. I never knew that my heart would be so well affected by seeing my extended family grow up into loving and compassionate human beans. Getting to know the mega niece again has been a lovely experience. We spent today together which was an unscheduled treat for me; they are running out of time. We want to offer huge thanks to my dear friends; 'the enabler' took time out of a day off to give them a private tour of a large stately amazing experience. Of course, Mrs Enabler and I sat and gossiped over coffee whilst they did the tour thing - I mean, it would have been rude not to really. We cooked up some rum plans too, details of which will emerge as we fatten them up. (The details, not the Americans).
This little cryptic teaser will mean more to those of you who know about the origins of Stamping Ground. But bear with me, I can't tell everybody everything, all at once. It's probably better to dilute the beginnings and the intentions with stories of other stuff - or everyone will be asleep at the wheel. Or keyboard. Lucky this isn't a podcast!

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