Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I have a friend who recently blogged or journalled about a loathing for coat hangers. Not a phobia or an 'ism' because you understand, she doesn't have to eat them; apparently she has to wrestle them in and out of cupboards more often than she wants to. I enjoyed hearing about this, and allowed myself an indulgent smile over my friend's candid but loopy revelation. Patronising? Oh yeah.
In the spirit of all that a New Year forces on me, I purged two wardrobes today. Pay no attention to the large bag of (large) clothes destined for the charity shop - forget it, we all do that. What about the RIDICULOUS amount of time I spent picking up, organising, dropping, picking up again, organising again, dropping again and wrestling the damn hangers into a bag for recycling?
And then to add insult, fat (not)helpful guy at the dump (pardon me - household recycling amenity) tells me that hangers are not recyclable and my hideously mis-shapen bag has to go into landfill. And of course it takes him 10 minutes to explain this whilst I stand staring at the landfill skip, nodding. Gibbering from cold and irritation. I could have just put them in the bin at home for regular collection tomorrow.
Oh I'm so with you girlfriend, I really loathe coat hangers.

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Jay said...

Hmmm, they have no redeaming features. I spent about half an hour yesterday trying to get a top to stay on one. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!