Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

I think we should preface WOYWW with another useless acronym - IIWA? Is It Wednesday Already? They are rolling around very fast, these midweek type days! So at 6.45am, my desk looked like this:
See - I wasn't fibbering when I said I hadn't done much this week! But, deadlines are an inspiration, and tomorrow I'm conducting a Workshop at Kraft Crazy, so I changed my desk to look like this:
Baskets full of shared tools, stamps and blah (one for each card) and blank cards and papers etc needed for the 8 people who are booked in. The baskets get rotated as each card is finished. So you see, my own desk might be a nightmare, but I do like organisation!
Tomorrow we're doing 'Cards with Die Cuts' which is really a lot of Cuttlebug and a couple of punches..but even a punch is a die really, we just don't call them 'hand-held portable-dies' so I'm figuring no-one will mind. And if they do, hmm, I dunno!
So my workdesk will resort to type presently, I have another project to finish and another workshop to make samples for. But it's going to be warm today and after the carpet guy has come to measure up, we may have to lie in the garden with our books. It might be today's law.
Show us your work desk then - no judgements here, we just want to see what you're doing that we're not..and if we're lucky, have a good gander at your stash! Leave a comment here so we can find you, and if you like being part of this ridiculously fun acronym heavy once a week photo session, add a button to your blog - it's on the top left column. It's like a public secret handshake!


Linda Elbourne said...

OK Mrs Tidy desk Dunnitt ... secret hand shake indeed!!! I have hidden my work desk here just for you and your following ... I will not be posting this anywhere else because I am not ready to spill to the blogging world yet ... small steps and all that :0)
Thank you for making me smile X

Jay said...

I'm very impressed with your tidy desk this week Mrs Dunnitt.
I've put my unusual desk on my blog if you'd be interested.

Angie said...

Linda have to be brave and come out lol

Julia looks as though you are going to be very busy this week ...will we see chaos on the desk next week??

I have posted my messy table ...well half of it ... didn't want to show the pile of clothes at the other end. lol

I LOVE the idea of IIWA ....xx

Anne said...

I'm very impressed by your organisation with the baskets - and very impressed with your workshops. Although I teach for a living, and I like making crafts and stuff, I just can't imagine how difficult it would be to try and teach crafts!

It's far too hot for me to lie in the garden. I'm making more Christmas cards. There's something rather strange about making Christmas stuff in this heat!

Darcy said...

One of these weeks, they do come around so fast, I will get around to blogging my desk....maybe after I have had a major tidy lol at the moment it is covered in a sewing machine, thread and socks....oh and an empty cider bottle..I'm dead classy me!

Carmen said...

Well I think I just lost about 20 stone doing my WOYWW. All finished now though. I just stink to high heaven. Nice cool bath in order methinks.

I love how organised that desk looks and I owe you a big sloppy kiss! I'll wait till I've bathed though. Told Craig about that trip through Europe to Transylvania... he said a definite YES as long as we can do it as a couple when the kids are older! I'm so excited - he never goes back on his word. So lots of family hols around britain for now - which I can so live with ;)

allyf said...

Ok who are you and where is Julia? That desk is too tidy, no way is it yours!

Mine however...

ffroggie said...

There is NO WAY that is Julia's desk! Where is she? Someone call Mulder and Scully!

Now Like you Ally, mine on the other hand, I should be ashamed to show!

LadyBug said...

Your desk is sooooooo tid and neat!!! who are you???Sorry i didn't play along this week I seem to have a very small amount of energy and none of it is heading towards my creative self. I think you are right about the new job being a little draining although I'm only part-time now theres so much to learn and it's wearing me out at the moment. hopefully my mojo will return wsoon as I'm missing her terribly. I hope your class goes well.