Monday, 17 August 2009

Well, in for a few quid...

Well....such was the reaction to the number of pens in my sudden Copic collection, that I thought you may enjoy a browse through another of my collections. Here are my wood mounted stamps. Photographed this evening with overhead lights and a flash..looking very stark and unfriendly. These are my favourite shelves in the whole house (despite the whopping amount of food shopping that's been put onto cupboard shelves this afternoon). I love wood mounted stamps, they are so handle-able and once you've got the hang, they do exactly what they should. Their upstart cousins may be easier to position and store (ha!, that is not true!), but they don't have the same attractiveness, weight and gravitas, they can drop off their mounts at a critical moment, they can so easily be pressed too hard and spoil a delicate image, however much you pay, eventually you can't keep 'em sticky and anyway, they don't talk to me as much. Truly, these wood mounted beauties give me ideas just by looking at them. You can see on the bottom shelf is mostly words/text and my beloved alpha sets. Above them it starts to become more random, although I know pretty much where they are. The top shelf which looks a terrible mess in the photo is reserved for the real big stamps and I also hide pressies up there. I bought the Enthusiastic Educator a garden stake 'welcome' sign and put it up there out of the way. Until it fell on me. Scared the bj out of me, but luckily, didn't damage me - well, I was quite embarrased by my foolishness, but I should have been, huh! Ahh, a digression; I don't think there's been one of those for a while! Back to the stamps if you can bear it: this collection is a mere fraction of what it used to be. Remember I had a shop at one point, and for 5 years I collected with well, with abandon. I miss the many that I've parted with, but am rather smug that I manage to keep my collection manageable these days. The un-manageable part of my stamping obsession is the clear stamps. I am currently driven mad by inadequate storage and am at a loss as to know what to do. Ideally I want them to be with their superior cousins in my line of vision, but how? Ideas welcome. That is, ideas for storage, not your ideas on how spoiled I may or may not be.

Kit, Ally and Chrissie have had a visit from the boys and been convinced that sharing these awards with this blog is as good as an idea gets. Thanks bunches gals, for thinking of me. And Mr Dunnit thanks you too; since I started this blog thing, he doesn't have to listen to nearly as much whingeing!
There are rules attached to the Kreativ Blogger award, and they rather terrifyingly involve further revelations! Ha! I'll post these seperately, need to think about them!
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LadyBug said...

Ohh!!! I want your stamp shelves!!!! I have all mine crammed into two RUBs. i would love to have them on display (i'm probaly use them more if I could see them and reach them quickly without having to pull other stuff out of the way first. and as much as I love my clear stamps I have to agree they are not as tactile as woodmounted stamps. I store mine in a tim holtz binder within reaach at my desk. I love the ease of being able to flick through them and see what I have. I need to buy more large back ground woodmounted stamps for card making I think :)

Anne said...

You are very lucky! I love wood mounted stamps too,but they are more expensive. I'm afraid I'm a quantity over quality kinda gal! And I do tend to get bored of the designs and not use them so much. I do have a few wood mounted ones and I know what you mean about them being so lovely to handle.

I didn't know you once had a shop...

Angie said...

I love the fact that your shelves ait proudly in the corner ... makes you want to grab one and stamp. I think wood ones are yummy and I tended to buy them for what they looked like rather than what they stamped (iyswim). Clear ones are so much easier to use, for me, so I tend to by mainly those ....not so yummy though and hard to store and display.

Emilie said...

wow! what a collection there! i am sooooo jealous!

Carmen said...

Only just discovering stamps as you know and I do love the wooden ones. I haven't quite got the knack of the clear ones yet and the wooden ones look so pretty and substantial. Ilove your shelves. Could you maybe get a shoebox for you clear ones but stamp the images on the side so you could see what was in the box? I dunno - am a bit useless today :)

When (if ever) my desk goes up - I may display my tiny amount of wooden stamps across the top shelf - thanks for the idea ;)

Chrissie said...

You learn something new every day!
Your shelves look incredibly organised... and very tidy!
I have my wood mounted stamps in drawers and although vaguely organised I have to ferret around to find what I'm looking for, often from the depths of each one!

Darcy said...

I have 6 drawers full of wooden stamps, I agree they are lovely to handle. I have 3 deep boxes full of sheets of stamps on ez mount,then I have a tin full of packets of Banana Frog stamps, then on my desk I have a flat cd rack, with 10 clear cd cases standing in it, they are full of clear stamps....hmmm maybe I have too many stamps, is that possible?