Sunday, 30 August 2009

Viva the non-cute!

Oh look! I was moved to stamp and colour a Dolly Mama - for anybody who hits a blog and has heart sink because the first photo is a cute girl of the genre that I've over discussed! I used my Ciaos for this - am getting slightly more confident. Whilst I coloured and made an enormous mess of my desk wrestling with a tiny flower made from acetate, Mr Dunnit used the computer. In this here workroom. Where I am. I like that. Here we are, mutually silent, but together. He was checking bank account stuff and practising his blank stare. I was colouring and cutting without an apparent care. All front of course. For we had agreed that the last part of the re-modelling of Miss Dunnit's room could be put off no longer. And we planned to go to Ikea.
Southampton's is a new branch. We took the works van, parked in the big vehicles car park and the less fit of us offered silent prayers for the flat escalator thingys that haul you up four floors to the entrance. We got there 15 minutes after it opened. It was packed. Well actually it wasn't, but almost everyone was as usual, standing still in the entrance area of the shop- right in the way of anyone and everyone. I have to be jovial and encouraging instantly, or the mild mannered and patient Dunnit man turns into impatient-boy-shopper and it all gets tedious. Really, what can you do? We snake past the stationary customers and begin our quest; Miss Dunnit changed her mind when she saw the dressing table in the flesh (thank you, Lord), and Mr Dunnit bumped into someone he knew, so was able to have a satisfying man-grunt type conversation while we wrote numbers down. It took time, it was busy, but it wasn't so bad. The coffee was good too. I thought he was a gonner when I got chatting to the people who sat next to us in the cafe - Mum and Dad and three children. The Dad said that they came for an early lunch and a wander round to get the kids out of the house. I thought Mr Dunnit was extremely composed, considering his earlier opinion of people who were wasting their day and getting in his way! It's a bit of a national sport really, isn't it - wandering around big shops for something to do! So as I type, they're upstairs putting together the first item. There's a long way to go. I'm staying out of the way, apparently cooking tea. A roast chicken cooks itself though.

So the big announcement has gone up over at 2 scrap ladies. I am one of the two and we will in due course, talk about ourselves over there and the madness within us that drives us to lay on these events. Meanwhile, please check it out, consider it....wouldn't it be fun to meet?! Or scarey? Both probably!

I have housekeeping to do too, and am ashamed to say that I'm very late in my acknowledging three awards. Jane at The Happy Papercrafter and Ann at A Mad Scientists Musings were both fooled for long enough to pass on a share of awards pictured in the left column. Thanks. Their opinions are valuable to me and I do love to be flattered.
I also have to tell you 5 things about myself, hmm.....can I manage even 5 vaguely interesting things? No. Try this lot instead:
1. I don't like White chocolate; I consider this a confession.
2. On the other hand, I've never managed to need the re-seal facility on a big bag of maltesers.
3. I've tried 'em all, and actually, I'll have a filter coffee with cold milk, please.
4. Really, my life was changed by the invention of mineral powder foundation.
5. Mr Dunnit married his first girlfriend. I'm still rather insanely proud of that!!


Ann said...

Julia, I love the Dolly Mama. I too hate the big-headed, blank-faced stamps that seem to be 'all the rage' at present!
I've never had the pleasure of Ikea - and hope I never do - but flatpack furniture and I have wrestled occasionally. There is a certain amount of satisfaction at putting it together against all the odds: no screwdriver that fits, bits missing, and instructions that don't make sense!

Carmen said...

Awwwww I LOVE your number 5! And I'm totally with you on the Malteasers - that's the chocolate I asked for on my 80's swap :P (You had to state a movie munching treat)I didn't think they would appreciate me asking for a box of boozy chocolates :P

Craig loves Ikea - only for their breakfasts and refillable coffees mind you ;) We are both total gluttons I've come to realise. Ruled by our bellies!

LadyBug said...

What a great stamp!!! she has so much more class and life to her than those horrid fat faced babies that everyone is using at the moment. I have to say I adore the Idea of IKEA but once I'm there I can't wait to get what I want and get home. I didn't realise youa nd I where so close! we'll have to meet up for coffee and a wander around Southampton Hobbycraft one day? Thank you for the kind offer with the inks :) I might well take you up on it. I have a little stash bag to send you, will you email me your address please?

Claireliz said...

Love the Dolly Mama. I love IKEA but DH won't go - he actually had himself admitted to hospital last time I wanted to go (ok, he was ill, but his timing couldnt have been coincidental;) ) Is it possible to re-seal maltesers?? I've certainly never managed it. Hands up if you have OCD (Obsessive Chocolate Disorder).

Linda Elbourne said...

Love the Dolly Mama ... Mr Dunnett clearly has taste, oh and I don't like white chocolate either!

P.S You will need to cook something else to go with that chicken!!!

Chrissie said...

I think this lady rocks and your card is great!
I've been taking a gander at some of the other Dolly Mama images and they DO make me smile. At least they don't have huge eyes!
Inexplicably, I have a fancy for a bit of chocolate at the moment, I can't imagine why!

Anne said...

2ScrapLadies looks EXCITING. You see, I don't come online for a few days and all sorts of things happen when I'm not looking.

Wish I lived nearer!

Anonymous said...

i'm so with you on the resealable bag idea, i mean, wtf? it's minstrels with me though, yum :)