Saturday, 29 August 2009

Micro Obsessions

Do you have any? I bet you do. I can't help myself - I always photograph lovely flower arrangements and never do anything with the pictures. I get stuck with a particular colour and don't notice that it's included in almost everything I do for about a week - tricky for a workshop when every card is pink - too boring! I micro-obsess about new products, two ways - they either sit unopened on my desk for ages (say, days) or I use them to the point where even I can see the overkill on my cards and LOs! I have domestic micro-obessions too - obvious ones like straight pictures on the wall (I would say artwork, but they ain't), a clean and tidy kitchen (which believe it or not is incredibly clutter free) at all times, aired beds and bedrooms - you know. Nothing that will cause me to stop breathing and the sky won't fall on me. That would probably stop being a micro-obsession and turn into a problem. There's a couple of retail micro-obsessions too that you might like to laugh over - I went through a phase of physically feeling guilt if I left our local branch of Tesco without a litre of Banana Milk, (I do love it, but can't imagine why I should suddenly feel responsible for their sales quotas!) and no matter how huge a shopping trip I'm planning - I will not use a deep trolley. Crazy yep. Some logic - I'm quite short and I'm fat and I can only just reach the deepest part of the trolley - and that causes me physical discomfort and a litle indignity. And you know how dignified I am. You know that from seeing me try to steer the damn thing around the isles.
My current micro-obsession is about the web actually, and the tiny space I look around. And it's quite controversial. It is not however, intended to change your mind or mock your opinion; it's simply my opinion, in a whingeing way! I am officially loving the Copic Ciao pens I INVESTED in, and spend some time looking at other people's colouring techniques. Almost every where I routinely look on the web, every other image I see that's been beautifully coloured is a big head, large eyed cute faced girly or a moomin style featureless faced character. Style wise it's been a huge bandwagon, a great success. I know I'm being unkind, but I'm very sick of this stamp/image genre and am desperate for things to move on to the point where they aren't everywhere - I realise I'll have to change my browsing habits for that to happen - after all, I am but one person! So currently, I'm obsessing about something I can't change. Bring back the Dolly Mamas. I like an image with more than doe-eyed attitude!
I have something going on over at in the next couple of days...if you may be interested in a day long but perpetual project, check us out...tomorrow and Monday!


CoventryAnn said...

I don't feel it's controversial at all, i was never into cutesy images, and to be perfectly honest these mega-headed creatures that are so popular now really do nothing at all for me.
Move on cardmakers! :)

Linda Elbourne said...

I am tempted to make a Dolly Mama post especially for you ... only tempted mind *LOl*

Carmen said...

Pssst I had to google Dolly Mama to see what they were. My excuse is that I'm a newb to stamping and just really starting my collection. What I found though I LOVED! They are not to dissimilar in style to the Stampotique stamps that I'm coveting at the mo. I own one but want MORE! I dont't like the big faced no mouthed stamps - they are freaky to me, like china dolls *shudder*

Would you be so lovely as to email me where you got your markers and prices? I'd so love to get some but there are so many different prices on the net. And I'm petrified of the toddle monster chewing the nibs off but they do look fun!

Claireliz said...

I have an obssession about aired beds & bedrooms too, I seem to think it helps you get a better nights sleep. As for the stamps I've never really been massively into stamping images, mainly just journaling spots (that & I'm horrible at cardmaking)

Chrissie said...

I don't like the big eyed, big headed creatures either, I think they're grim!
I don't have an opinion on the supermarket trolleys... I don't do supermarket shopping, my husband does it!
I don't keep my kitchen tidy husband does that too! I cook and make the mess and my old man clears up. Bless him!

allyf said...

I'm in agreement with you on the trolleys hun. I too on the stumpy side and need the shallow trolleys, and you've seen number of photos I took at a flower show last year.

Quitelike some of the freaky kid stamps, but there are too many. Perhaps they are aliens taking over the world?

Angie said...

I think my main micro obsession is that of not using new items. I keep them for later ... or just in case ... or just to admire. So often my son or daughter ask 'Have you worn ....?' or 'did you enjoy using ....' and I have to admit they are as good as new still ...untouched. I also find myself saying 'why did you wear that?'when my daughter changes into a brand new top she has just bought ...when she is not going any where !!
This does not apply to food but I have to say chocolates are safe until the seal is broken .. and then they disappear faster than the speed of light lol.

If I do a big shop I tend to get the big trolly and end up in real discomfort as I contort my very ample torso inorder to reach the bottom. All that bobbing up and down to empty the trolly also makes my back to ache. For these reasons I usually get a delivery of all the basic heavey and large stuff, once a month.