Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Well, not a lot on my workdesk this Wednesday. Actually, the dining table looks slightly more interesting - it has samples on it for the major project that Cricut Queen and I are about to launch. Details to come on that, so please for now, concentrate on my desk! I'm fiddling about with acetate for a workshop next week. Usually I like shopkeeper gal to have these a fortnight in advance so that if they want to know, bookees can see what they're booking a spot to do. But I've had a breakdown of acetate mojo. I started fiddling about yesterday with some alcohol inks and inchy stamps (as you can see), but they got shoved aside just after tea in that lull between being ready for and the Pampered Chef party actually starting. I had a sudden idea for a way to use some pre-printed acetate, so spent a couple of minutes fiddling.
Another perspective shows my desk to be slightly untidier than it first looks and a fresh perspective on yesterday's fiddling shows that I need to fiddle more! There's very little doubt in my mind that I am just not the right person for Alcohol Inks. It's got to be a year since I last played with the handful I own, and I didn't enjoy yesterday's re-visit at all...they just aren't me, all out of control, weird colours and what do they do? Colour things. So I think that's kinda made up my mind, huh!!
Last night's Pampered Chef party was a success, thanks. I still haven't chosen what I'm going to have. I have a 25 year old kitchen equipment habit, so there's nothing about 'need' going on in my selecttion! I think I've worked out why these parties have petered out a bit too - it's great to get your girlfriends together, but in all polite-ness, there's not much opportunity to actually chat - and in meeting up with your girlfriends, that chat is the prority about the meeting. I shoulda been a philosopher!
So show us your workdesk if you're brave enough - even Linda managed to bury hers last week..but we found it and no-one was shocked! Leave a comment here and we'll swing by for a visit....there's a button in the left margin of this blog if you'd like to make your desk-showing-off a public thing!


Angie said...

I have just done WOYWW and yes IIWA. Sorry there is nothing creative and that you have to wade through LOADS of B and J pics before you see my chaotic table'

Your acetate bits look very interesting and I really agree about these parties ... although I buy ...I really go to chat .

LadyBug said...

those inks and your results all look very interesting. i have yet to try these inks and tend to get covered chalk inks when just edging a photo....... maybe I shouldn't try Alcohol ink????? I have posted my desk and although i don't think my Mojo has really retuned I have made a LO.

allyf said...

Well I posted but yours is more interesting. Love the look of the printed acetate card.

Kathy said...

You look and sound pretty busy!

I've completely forgottenabout this for the last couple of weeks. Anyway, today my desk may or may not have been under all that stuff!

Linda Elbourne said...

No pictures from me today ... I spent the day on the A14 ... well I could n't drive and take a picture whilst drinking my beer and texting now could I????

That was a joke ... it was wine *LOL*

ffroggie said...

Sorry, forgot all about WOYWW! Can you believe it? I will remedy that tomorrow, promise :)

Jules hun, why not give the Caught in Crystal technique a go? Easy to do, not too messy and even you will like it lol. The colors don't get too mixed up and muddy :)

my5bratz said...

I also posted my WOYWW and after being told several times it was too clean am happy to say this week its a

acetate's fun for cards isnt it ;0)

Kathy said...

OK, I've taken the plunge and taken a pic of how I left my craft desk yesterday. It's pretty scary because in order to do anything today I have to clear some of it up! You made me chuckle thinking that the white background for my photos was my desk - oh no, it's nothing like that!
Kathy's Apalling Mess

ffroggie said...

Done it Mrs Dunnit!

SueH said...

It looks like you've been having fun with the inks Julie

I know I'm a day late with this but here's What’s on my Work Desk

Carmen said...

I'm afraid I must come clean. I don't go to Pampered Chef parties to buy.. or to chat if I'm honest. I go to EAT! Nom, nom, nom, nom! Free food and usually nummy. One of my favourite all time recipes comes from a Pampered Chef party. Waffle Berry Pie. Drool. Must make it again soon!


How did the acetate experimenting go? I must admit I bought some alcohol inks at the last Ally Pally as everyone was raving about them but I must confess - either I'm doing something wrong or I just don't get it. Phoebe loves them. Me? Meh.

Lyn said...

I love alcohol inks when I play, but completely forget I have them until something like you blog reminds me ... must get them out. Hmmmm, you and inchie stamps .... I don't actually see any inchies, Mrs Dunnit!

I am a bad, bad blogger - I haven't had the time to sit down the last week or so let alone spend my normal amount of quality time with the interweb!!!

Glad the party went ok.