Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Now I don't want Ginny to think I've gone all challenge-centric, but she made me buy a file of digi stamps from Funky Fairy and so I thought it would be rude not to have a go at a challenge - and it was a challenge too. I've finally caved in and bought Copics and as you can see, I'm not on top of the whole blending thing yet! But honestly, black and white is a challenge enough for an old gal like me who likes anything as long as it's bright! All that moaning over with - the little fairy is perfect for me, cute but potentially edgy - and she has a mouth, and she's not quite all over the interweb looking sad-but-cute. There, I've said it: I don't like the Magnolias. Oh somebody stop me - I have another whinge too - despite an excellent daylight bulb lamp, I can't do the necessary Copic practice after dusk..the light just isn't good enough anymore. I realise that this problem can only be my own - as in the number of daylight hours isn't suddenly going to be adjusted; it's more a problem of middle aged eyesight, and my goodness, that has really been on a generous slide this year. So I'm practicing with the pens and watching You Tube videos by some very talented colourers (is that even a word?) in snatches of daytime. Because I feel guilty about sitting around just 'colouring' when there are other things that can be done. Almost as guilty as I feel when I'm not learning how to use the pens and my erm, 'investment' is lying idle. Win win, huh!!


Chrissie said...

It's cute! I like the black and white!
Where did you get your Copics? I haven't taken the plunge yet!
I'll probably be passing somewhere fairly close to you tomorrow on th A303 on my way to Bath as I've changed my route to avoid the current hold-ups through Salisbury.

Anne said...

She's much less scary than the Magnolias! I just can't do colouring - I'm very impressed!

Carmen said...

Ooooh you went and got them. You'll have to let me know how you get on and how much they were (so I know whether to hold some Ally Pally money back)

You're not alone - I don't like Magnolias - I don't even think they are cute just a bit freaky and not in a good way. Like china dolls. *shudder* I must admit to loving the Gorjuss stamps though so may have to invest in some of those and some more Stampotique peeps ;)

Craftyanny said...

Am so glad you caved in, I didn't know our Ginny was a bully though lol
A great card, keep at it with the copics, I'm not too great with them either but practise makes perfect thety say.
Thanks for joining us this week on Funky Fairy's and hopefully we'll see you again
Good luck in the challenge
Anne x

Kerry said...

I'm not a massive fan of Magnolias but I did get the last set they did. They have been sat in the envelope they came in since I got them. just don't know where to start really with stamping things like that.

I've heard so much about copics. I think they will probably be a good investment buy.

jay670120 said...

How cute love this card xxx

Linda Elbourne said...

This is a great card - love that image!

Sally said...

Love her - but am confused - what is a digi stamp?!

Anesha said...

Very striking card, simple but perfect. Thanks for taking part in the Funky Fairy's challenge. Anesha

allyf said...

Oo likey very much. Dont worry about the belnding black is one of the hardest colours to blend IMO. I find using a really dark grey (must see if there is a darker one in the shop than the ones we have) and using that and lighter ones is better.

LadyBug said...

I'm with you on the magnolia's although I'm not much of a stamper (stamps that need colouring that is) the Ledger alpha's that I have, come from Sarah's cards although she doesn't have them in often. I have found some at Hobby craft and other times when I have "Needed" them I have googled for them. They are fab little stickers and as long as you don't STICK them down they can be moved if they are not quite right. once pressed they won't ever move :)

Crafting Joanne said...

Fantastic card Julia.

Thank you for joining us this week at Funky Fairys, we hope you'll join us for more challenge fun.

Joanne x

my5bratz said...

mwahahahaha (my interpretation of an evil laugh...lol

you came over to "the dark side" ;0)

well I think she looks fab..funny I was just reading a discussion yesterday on UKS about Magnolia's and how many people think they look creepy...never considered it myself (Im not lucky enough to own any stamps but have some images from a swap I went in)

Now you'll have to pop over to Dustins...he has over 30 free digital stamps on his blog, enough to get you addicted to digi-stamps...lol...

Angie said...

I like some of the magnolia stampsand I dont find them creepy ...maybe I should be worried that I dont lol.
Love your card ... I agree that its cute but not ...iyswim.
I know what you mean about eyes ..you wait til you get to my age, 60+, and you suddenly realize that all dark colours merge and details disappear after dusk. I dont even feel a day light bulb helps much.

Darcy said...

Love that card, great image. Hope you enjoy your copics, I only have 5, but have 89 promarkers lol I do fancy a few more copics...ssshhhh don't tell my OH lol

Anonymous said...

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