Monday, 24 August 2009


Angie and I have had a crack at the idea of
working on more than one LO at a time -in order to keep ideas moving and fresh and to try to stop that 'block' you get when you've shuffled the same stuff around on a page for about two days. Well, you can see Angie's results here; I would say for her that as an experiment it really worked. Her pages are as lovely as always, show no sign of being the same or formulaic in any way. I had a bunch of photos from Prom that I wanted to scrap and thought they'd make a perfect subject to attempt. But I failed a bit really. Apart from this page on the right, the others aren't even as far as committed to the page with a bit of glue, and this page hasn't been titled yet. Two huge hurdles for me: I couldn't match the red in the photos at all, and actually, I think trying to do more than one at a time of the same subject was boring. I should have set off with 4 or five different occasions to scrap. Actually, it took me back to when I first started scrapping - I thought that it would be easy and neat to scrap my daughter's life chronologically. The best page is the first page showing her teeny baby footprints; the next few are lack lustre and then there's a huge chronological gap; I stopped scrapping because I thought it was boring. When I came back to it and started scrapping that which inspired me, things changed! Back to the experiment..I'm sure that this is a viable thing for my brain to do - after all if I've emptied every box of stickers and embellishments from their home to do one LO, they might as well be held up to a couple of others at the same time, but I need different subjects and definitely different colours! So watch this space, I'll be having another crack at this. Meanwhile, I've got to finish these Prom LOs...I really am not good at half finished stuff lying about - there's a chance I'll tidy them up and never re-visit them and (and this is the greatest motivator!) Miss Dunnit actually wants to show them to some chums! Gracious me, as if Prom, a boyfriend and turning 16 weren't enough firsts this summer, she's going to publicly acknowledge my weird hobby!


voodoo vixen said...

I couldn't scrap chronologically either... how boring would that be? I have to flit about and chance upon a photo that says 'scrap me'... then spend an hour seaching for the background cardstock which is 'just right' and promptly cover it all up.... yep, methinks I should stick to mini books!!

Linda Elbourne said...

Is that why I find scrapping boring do you think?... coz I always start putting all the piccies in order and then do page one. I have so many scrapbooks with only page 1 in them!!!

Being publicly outed sounds interesting ... keep us posted oh Weird one!

Ann said...

Your daughter must be proud of your hobby if she's prepared to 'out' you with her friends!
As for scrapping chronolically, no way! I would find it too limiting.... I like to gather together a group of photos and play around with a layout.
I haven't tried scrapping a few layouts at once yet either. I will need to take some more photos before I can do that!
How about a minibook for your daughter to show her friends? Perhaps she could make one?

Angie said...

I would love to scrap chronologically but even my fh LO's are all over the place including jumping about with different families lol

I wish you luck with your second experiment ...I'm sure it will work. I must have another go soon.

I love the untitled one .....Can I suggest a title, if you are still thinking, .... What about 'Brighton Belles' but use the school or your town name instead????

Avril Ann said...

Fab Pages, love them, fab photos, I have yet to dip my toes into scrapbooking....I still have my photos in the Attic, so I can start with "A" for.....LOL. Hugs Avril xxx

LadyBug said...

the PP's you have used are really pretty I love the background one of the first LO! I never scrap in order either it's all about the right photo on the right day thing for me.

Angie said...

Hi its me again ... sorry i missed commenting on your wonderful cards ...a few days away and I am soooooooo behind.Was going to post but I think it may have to wait a few days ... we will see. xx