Monday, 10 August 2009

A Day Off

Here's my lioness cub; she used to love her her face painted - the stroking and gentle painting used to make her nod off! Although less painty today, she's still drawn to things Lion-y and is very much the character of her birthsign. Amazing creatures, our children!
The paper is BG Lollipop the alpha is a Heidi Swapp , the other bits are just that - bits!
I got up deliberately early today. You see, Miss Dunnit and I have plans - nothing major, but a nice wander around Winchester with the boyfriend and his Mum. Winchester is all of twenty minutes from home, so it's not a full blown day out, but nevertheless, I'm looking forward to it; especially as the forecast suggests that the rain may not arrive before mid afternoon - and we'll probably be homeward bound by then. Bonus! It's 5 weeks since school finished and to be honest, we haven't done much. Being an only child means that Miss Dunnit is very happy in her own company, and plonking about at home is very much her thing. So of course, rather than be the motivated, let's-make-the-most-of-it type, I've let myself fall into the trap. That trap that lets me kid myself that it's OK to be crafting or doing 'my thing' because my easy going daughter hasn't expressed a preference or complained (not once) about being bored. So with a vague improvement in the weather, we're off.
And that's why I had to get up earlier than I normally would for a day out. I need some time in my craft space. Really I do, it's important to me. I might not do much; check the blog, tidy up some bits and pieces (I'm preparing the work table for a more-than-one-LO-at-a-time trial) or try to whip up a card from whatever I was playing with last night, but I feel the need to have some time in here. I know we've had a discussion about how we can often feel at our most inspired just when we can't do anything about it. So you never know, a waltz around Winchester may very well be an energiser for the mojo as well as quality time for the mothers!


Carmen said...

I know what you mean about the kids not complaining if you don't get out. I can't believe how fast these holidays have gone. Not often the parent wants to rewind them a bit to fit more in is it? Hopefully in this last couple of weeks we are going to get a bit more done. Got a seaside trip and a cinema trip planned this weekxt week we are off on our hols... well mini break... up to Loch Ness! Woohoo!

Can't wait to see how you do on your multi-layout multitask operation :D

Glen said...

Have a fun day Julia. I was in Fareham last week visiting my 95 year old mum. I just happen to find my way into a sb store in the village near her and treated myself to some Colorbox chalk inks. Ooo.. I love them. Treat yourselves - you deserve it - don't you?! :-)

Angie said...

I think a couple of trips out to mark the Summer Hols is probably all that Miss Dunnit wants at her age .... unless you are going to shower her with gifts lol. I still remember the looks of horror on my two kids faces, when a day trip was suggested by my husband ... maybe because country and castles were in the same sentence. A trip to the cinema was more acceplable ...providing the film choice was theirs. Ahh ...those were the days!

Debbie said...

Having 4 kids I am quite lucky because they pair off and amuse themselves (sometimes with disasterous consequences!)
Having said that we were minus 3 of them on Sunday for a couple of hours and the poor remaining one was like alost sole! DH & I on the other hand were marvelling at how lovely life would be with just 1 or 2!!!!

Claireliz said...

Theres nothing better than quality scrapping or shopping time (even better if you're shopping for stash). I'm an only child & was always happy to potter about on my own in the hols & I went to a different school to my friends so my holidays were longer too! Can't wait to see your multiple LO's... I usually have a couple on the go at once too.