Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What Made Me Smile Today

I'm currently taking part in a CJ. Circle Journal. A group of crafters (say, 8 or so) create an album or book on a given theme, make a layout (LO) entry into it and then pass it to the person next to them on a list of participants. You get some time - a fortnight say, to complete your entry and then we all pass on again. I came to be participating in this through a marvellous website called UK Scrappers which is a huge forum that provides inspiration, challenge and comradeship.

The CJ I'm working on at the moment is entitled 'What Made Me Smile Today', and this is the picture that I'm going to use....I'm still smiling! My beautiful teenage daughter, Miss Dunnit, runs screaming from being involved in anything that may be even vaguely related to my craft obsession/habit/hobby. But it's in her blood, man. A marker pen lying around the kitchen and I get Manga eggs. Now that made this not-yet-deaf-40-something-but-still-quite-hot-although-I-dye-my-hair mother grin, tut, then laugh. How d'ya like them eggs!


Caryn said...

Hee hee. That's very creative. She is clearly fighting a losing battle trying to deny her inner-artist. She should geve herself over to the dark side and be done with it!!!

ffroggie said...

Go Miss Dunnit!

Jay said...

Fab eggs. I'm gonna love that page!

allyf said...

Love 'em, it seems a shame to break them.