Thursday, 15 January 2009

....sleep, perchance to dream

hmm. Last night, a group of friends and I met for our monthly supper and gift exchanging. It started as a Secret Santa and supper the Christmas before last. We liked it so much that we now do a Birthday Bunny and as there aren't quite enough of us, we honour the theory in the months when none of us have a birthday. It's fun.
When I'm out after 5pm, I have to avoid my favourite Diet Coke (never Pepsi or the stuff in the mixers -ghaaa) and I certainly can't risk the pleasure of a coffee after a meal. Oh no sir, the caffeine that fuels my day makes my night a semi-conscious misery and leaves me feeling leaden and horrible. (Stop me if I get too dramatic, won't you!)
So last night at Blue Garlic, a really nice and bang on trend Indian restaurant, I led the vanguard, set the example and opted for a pudding. At the appropriate time of course. I chose number 5 I think, the vanilla coffee sundae. It was very nice and probably had one spoonful of coffee flavour at the bottom. So was it the coffee flavour or the whole meal that caused me to twitch, fidget and have nightmares and discomfort? Maybe it was because we had a discussion about sleep deprivation and it was actually going around in my head when I got home. Mrs Babymummy was saying that her sleep pattern has been altered by her cherub. Ironically, we were sort of giving her advice, Mrs Adult Education who to my knowledge can manage on about 3 hours sleep and me, who can't lose an hour of sleep without wingeing about it to the world wide interweb thingy.
I expect she'll have sussed the cherub's sleeping habits long before she realises that she has to give up Diet Coke and coffee.

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Jay said...

Fabulous evening lady.