Saturday, 10 January 2009

This is winter and it makes me...lazy, apparently!

Every drop of water is frozen, every detail of every twig, leaf and branch is outlined by ice. It is the most beautiful sight, this hoar frost. We rarely experience whole days of sub-zero temperatures here in the south of England, most icy sights have thawed by lunchtime, so although I was as cold as I ever want to be, I'm trying to look on the frost as a treat! Hasn't done much for my photography though, sadly. And that was the point to this afternoon's gentle stroll down our nearest country lane - to take some photos of this amazing frost phenomenon. The always patient-never-betrays-his-belief-that-I'm-barking-mad Mr Dunnit came with me - to hold my hand in case it was slippery - I mean, what if I break a hip? For the sake of my art (scrapbook)? I'd rather not!

It was less of a gentle stroll and more a breathtakingly cold march of about 300 metres and back; the fog was quite thick, the vegetaion was covered in white frost and there wasn't any contrast to show it off. I was over my artistic foray in about 10 minutes flat.

So today I'm revealing, or maybe I'm confessing! I need my art to be comfortable. I rarely stand up to craft. What about you? As this is the perfect weather for staying indoors and getting creative with glue and paper and photographs - take note of your habits. Stand or sit, mostly? Are your photos in the main, of indoor or outdoor activities, events, occasions? Do you attend a crop or can;t you be bothered to sort and pack everything you'll need? Oh my, the revelatory psychology of crafting. Tune in some other time and I'll reveal more of my slothful ways - I bet you'll run screaming for the hills if I told you how long I leave my stamps before I clean them!

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allyf said...

You know the idea of you not cleaning your stamps immediately freaks me out!