Monday, 12 January 2009

Are you a dinosaur?

So, because we have a penchant for DIY and a house that desperately needs attention, yesterday afternoon we took a romantic jaunt into our local 'open to the public and trade' store. I won't bore you with the DIY details, God knows, it wasn't exactly half an hour of frenzied pleasurable shopping. But you may be amused/amazed/horrified or scared by the conversation we listened to at the till. (We had to listen - we weren't going to be served until the two young ladies had finished, for sure!)
Scene setting: 2 tills and 2 operators on left and right as you face them. Girl on right was having a hurried conversation with her mum - about getting home, putting on her washing if she wanted to wear such-and-such to college next week etc....her Mum was buying something and she finished the conversation as the transaction was completed and left immediately. Nice. Thanks.
Girl on left (meant to be serving us) said
'Your Mum's still quite hot for age isn't she - how old is she?'
Girl on right:
'Shes 42. I dunno about hot but sometimes she's cool. She has to dye her hair though'
(So now I'm looking at other women in the same queue as me to see if their mouths had dropped open yet!)
Girl on left:
'Hmm my Mum's older, she's 44. But she's till got her hearing and that.'
And then she nonchalantly takes up her bar code reading gun and asks if she can help us.
For once though, I had very little to say. Because of my forty something state, when I get cross or defensive, I cry!

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Caryn said...

PMSL - that is so funny.