Friday, 12 October 2018

You are invited....

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday - WOYWW - has been a weekly thing for ten years next year. Ten years, can you believe it. I can't! 
Week 520  is on Wednesday 22nd May 2019. Next year's WOYWW Crop will be on Saturday 1st June in Shrewsbury.
Our hosts for this crop will be Twiglet and Wipso - you know who I mean, Jo and Annie. 
The hall is booked and some plans are actually being hatched! Our hosts for this crop will be Twiglet and Wipso - you know who I mean, Jo and Annie. 

Now, the reason for sharing our excitement over this is simple; we want you to come! 

We're hoping that this amount of notice will give you time to consider, plot, plan and ultimately, say yes! (one of our number has already booked a holiday nearby so that she can come. *cough - LLJ - cough*)

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 488

Well, multi-tasking or Jack of all Trades...for once, it looks tidier than I think it really is. There's an accounts file because it's been a month-end sort of week. Some Christmas tree decorations because Mum's care home has asked for donations for a winter raffle and a small house shaped tray kit that I bought in a fit of mixed media intent some years ago. At about the time we called it painting, cutting and sticking other stuff on! I need to do it, if only to get it off my desk. We'll see, huh! 
I took the photo yesterday, to show off the sun, it makes me so happy. Even if it shows off the filthy windows, there's nothing like autumn sun, it's a wonderful thing. 
Talking of us your wonderful work desk will you? Link your post here and we'll pop round. Today it will be after the sun has gone down before I get to yours, I'm lucky's going to be beautiful and I am happily going to be outside for some of it!

Friday, 5 October 2018

More domestic matters.

This blog is turning into a record of Mr Dunnit's building! He's doing an amazing job, improving our home. The irony is not lost on us. We've lived here and raised our daughter from the teeny kitchen that I have hated with a passion for twenty odd years. Now Miss Dunnit has flown the nest, and we head towards some sort of slow down if not retirement, we've decided to extend and have a kitchen/dining room. Slightly mad, but still very much easier than moving. I think we're both a bit scared of the monumental clear out that moving house would cause. We've told friends that the actual costs involved in moving far outweigh the extension costs. And they do. But I suspect it's the clearing-out fear that made the decision for us! (It's OK, he doesn't read this, so it's safe for me to admit).
Those of you that suffer my nonsense on Facebook or Instagram may have seen these pictures already. Some of you who WOYWW have asked about it which is very kind. The roofing work has briefly coloured and shadowed my workdesk see, so it's a minor talking point!  I'm so jolly proud of Mr Dunnit, all his own work and our combined design ideas. You can see the lantern in all it's glory now, glazed and ready for winter.
This is the view from my bedroom window. That impressive flat fibre glass covered roof has been applied by hand with a 4" wide roller. Lots of watching a You Tube video about how to add a fibre glass roof and some advice from Miss Dunnit who used fibre glass in one of her modules at University. It's not actually as flat as it looks, there's a slight tilt to the front to allow rainwater to run off. Still, it was the devil's work and for the first time in my life with him, when he'd finished, Mr Dunnit's only words were 'never again'. So I knew it had been hard. The glue type stuff (that stinks enough to make your head ache for days) goes off really fast so it's a fine art just adding the right quantity of hardener, it's affected by dryness, temperature - very fickle stuff. The roof had to be dry before coating and the first layer of fibre had to be dry for 24 hours after coating. Talk about love and a prayer. Still all's well that ends well. 
We'd like to get the folding doors in before winter really sets in, then we can work inside; there is masses to do, and it's being done in 'spare time', so we don't anticipate 'moving in' for months and months. The window at left will be where the kitchen sink goes, so that gives you an idea of the layout. It causes heaps of changes in the existing downstairs too, and to be frank, I'm not even thinking about that. Upheaval of that sort does not need to be anticipated! 

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 487

I'm doing stuff! Hurrah! See on the card that is supposed to be standing upright against the box of Sharpies that it has square icons on it? Well, I've cut five sheets of the patchwork style card up to achieve a lot more of the square icons. For this is one of the cards that I'm kitting for the Card Making Marython. All of a sudden, it's next month. Good grief. The rest of my desk is just pushed back junk and badly needs sorting out. But I'm in the mood to cut and kit, so I must make hay! 

Now then gentle Deskers, if you visit this page and hear gentle rumblings, do not be alarmed. It is simply the sound of others, more organised than I. There's an idea to have a WOYWW Crop at around the time of the tenth anniversary. Week 520 of course. Don't panic, it's not till next May. But think would be fab if we could give enough notice to make it a mega-meet! Fun stuff will occur online too, but foundations must be laid and seeds of ideas must be planted. Talk to me if you have an idea or yearning!

Meanwhile, as is normal on such Wednesdays, please link your lovely WOYWW blog posts here so that we may visit and be nosey  inspired.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

A collaboration.

When I write a blog post, I don't consider who might read it. Is that selfish, normal, odd? I don't know. I was very surprised a couple of weeks ago to receive communication from a bloke who had read this post about a vacuum cleaner. Allen, he is called, wanted to use or link to the post on the website that he runs. His website is all about tips tricks and articles for keeping a lovely house, Cleaning, keeping, products, you name it. It's called home viable and is super slick. Of course, it features some amazing properties (amazing photography too). And these properties are clean. Man they are clean. They remind me of some of the paper crafting celebrities houses - you know when they post about how busy they've been decorating with all their new products to celebrate that the third fence post from the left had a bird on it this morning. I know, I'm just jealous.
Allen and I had a to-and-fro. I pointed out that his proposal to have a presence on each other's web pages would cross the Atlantic Ocean. No problem said he, he is in the process of adding UK products and recommendations too. I did not point out that the kitchen pictured is almost the size of the ground floor of my home. But he might have heard me shriek at the inclusion of a high chair. It's not something I'm any longer associated with - babies in residence. Oh how tiring.
I also pointed out that there is a weekly thing on my bog that exposes the current state of my uncared for, neglected, unpolished, slovenly looking desk. Often featuring filthy windows and an unswept floor. He said that his site visitors aren't all perfects, it's a place to find tips and tricks (which it has, in abundance) for when us not-so-perfects need to ask questions. Well in the end, his enthusiasm flattered me and I think it harmless. After all, I can aspire. So for a while at least, one of these lovely photos will appear on my blog, acting as a link to home viable. I might get some more readers from it. To my eternal disappointment this 'deal' didn't come with a cleaner for life, a house that resembles these two pictures or even a pot of turquoise paint, which it would seem I need if I'm to be a trend leader. Nothing. But now there's a bloke called Allen, somewhere in the US, who thinks I'm joking about my domestic propensities. Meanwhile, there's an article  which bears further investigating - how to keep my 1975 Shag rug looking shaggy. You can't make this stuff up - me and domestic bliss! 

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 486

It's not looking good. For so many reasons, this desk is neglected and superficially unchanged from last week. The photos are still spread out on it and horror, some stuff has been dumped on top of them. It's OK, I can sort it today. The boxes are still on the floor and will require a little more motivation, but I suspect that won't be too far behind, simply because I'm getting sick of the sight of them! 
I've scheduled this post. It's currently late on Tuesday night, and I'm engaged early in the morning and don't trust myself to remember to do everything I need to before leaving the house! And I really need to have a coffee and get dressed as a priority on an early day!

So as usual friendly Deskers, please link here and show what you're up to; I feel it's been an age since I was up to anything of any usefulness, so your input will be appreciated. Please put WOYWW in your post title before linking up here. I thank you. We all do.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 485

Lots of us have been thinking of Deskers caught in or helping others as a result of the  hurricane and typhoon that have dealt harm and hardship. I don't know what, but am pretty sure that if any of us can do anything to help, we'd like to. 
That's not an icy, snowy morning out there, it's the early morning light coloured by a blue tarpaulin. The glass will go into the lantern this weekend and thus replace this ghostly ghastly colour. I shall record it for posterity. And scrapbooking. Which may well be the same thing, actually. I'll show you though, because several of you have been kind enough to wonder about it. Don't worry, I'll include a warning for those of you that don't want to read about my everyday domestic life! 
Meanwhile - look at my desk. I ordered some more prints (to add to the 8 kerjillion that I'm behind with) and was sorting them into rough categories. That's the most creative thing that's happened at my desk since last week. I was absolutely sure I would spend Saturday ignoring everything else to get a bit scrappy, but it didn't happen. Despite giving myself permission, I couldn't summon up the mojo! These new photos may do it though, I love scrapping recent stuff. Share and tell then gentle Desker, it's been a week and you know how I thrive on routine.