Thursday, 30 October 2014

Quietfire and Christmas

Well I had to really, didn't I?  I was quite insensible over the choice over at Quietfire Design, and consider myself to have been very strong indeed in choosing only two from so many beautiful Christmas related texts.

I may be late to the Kraft party, but this year I've used it more than ever, and see no sign of stopping! This card features the Tidings text and a die by Sizzix under the Tim Holtz signature line.  The papers are from a single set called Krafty Christmas by Dovecraft.  
I coloured the edges of the tag and the gingham paper with light touches of Vintage Photo Distress Ink (off a sponge), the text is embossed with Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder, Blue Raspberry Aurora.  I can't say that word. Aurora.
I stuck the gems on one at a time, they are from an old pack that I can't identify...and you can tell that I didn't have a template!

See what I mean - Kraft and Red again!  LOVE this cheeky message! Here's a Dolly Mama stamp from Penny Black, stamped and embossed with White powder.  I cut her out but left a decent margin around allow the image to stand out a bit and to avoid too much swearing over the fussy cut job I'd given myself!  She's coloured with sponges and various Distress Inks( before cutting out) careful colouring here - if I want to repeat this card, the cutting has to be the only slow part!  The Kraft mat is embossed with a plaid folder from Design Objectives (DO Crafts) and the printed stock is by My Mind's Eye....the ruled print is the other side of the pattern print, so only one piece was harmed for the making of this card. I've given her gobbly eyes too...well, she is trying to hide a fib after all.  The text is embossed with WOW Red powder.  The quality of the lettering and the rubber means that these Quietfire stamps are a gift to emboss, and that in my opinion, shows them at their best on an otherwise busy card. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, 282

I took the photo when I got in from work on Tuesday at about 5.15pm. Erk. First auto-flash picture for ages! 
What's on my workdesk? Thanks for asking.  There's a mug with an instant soup in it...I was going out again and wanted to recharge the old energy levels; I'm rubbish at eating late! Two nice pieces of printed felt.  They are still there.  I'm contemplating their uses.  OK, I have no idea what to use them in/on/with/for, but it amounts to the same thing as contemplating usage, huh.  The plastic box houses my stick on gems...and I have very few.  A situation to be rectified given the coming of 'the' season!  Lovely sparkly gems at back, there's a bit of a story to them and I'll tell you after Thursday's workshop.  There's the trusty iPad...I was listening to a murder mystery play.  I do not know why the wooden pieces are there, or indeed, how they've ended up on my desk, I'm certainly not planning to use them any time soon.  Perhaps I'll put them away this morning.  Finally there's the card that I'm working on.  It's for a workshop and so far, so good.  I've got about ten minutes before I promised Mr Dunnit I'd be at work, so let's hope I don't lose the idea before I can get back here!
Join in won't you?  Show us what's on your desk and tell us the why and the how. Link here and we know where to visit!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Gosh it's been quiet around here for a few days, huh.  Well, it wasn't at all quiet where I was.  And on that basis, it would probably be very wrong to call it a retreat, but in the crafty use of the word, that is what it was.  A small but beautifully equipped cottage, five women who want to craft and a hold a conversation that doesn't have to be cut short by going home, and the option of alcohol and too much food.  
The weather wasn't relevant, the surroundings were probably very pretty.  The conversation wasn't always sparkling really, but there was howling and tears of laughter and of course on Saturday evening, A LOT of judging.  Well, we stopped to watch Strictly Come Dancing, of course!
So what did I do?  I did this lot...
Quite a pleasing stack if you ask me.  Some new photos, some really quite old and no new stash at all. 

It actually breaks down to nine Layouts and even though it doesn't include the Layout challenge (that I set), I think it's good for 1 and a half days 'work'.  Ya see, we may have arrived on Friday, but we didn't actually set up tables and unpack the stash till after mid-day on Saturday (can't imagine why).  
Others who art more organised, made Christmas cards.  But it was a change for me not to, so I enjoyed the scrapping.  Although some Christmas stuff did creep in! I'll show you more of these Layouts, probably as decoy pictures in later posts. Don't yawn yet.

I didn't manage a single crochet stitch, but I did at least rewind some yummy yarn into balls.  I didn't manage to eat sensibly.  I did manage two lie-ins.  I did not complete the Layout challenge.  I did use a lot of old stash.  I did not so much as go for a walk.  I did contribute to the cooking and clearing. I did not drink too much.  I did eat too much.    
I had a great weekend!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Guesting on A Dee Tee, part the second

Well gentle reader of course I can't leave the Quiefire Design stamps alone.  
I'm too old to change and so I've continued to make cards that feature text on the can describe the intention of the inside, issue an immediate greeting, convey get it.

And then there's humour too.  Love this.  This card of course, follows my tradition and is easy to make.  The shoe stamp is Dawn Houser for Inkadinkado, stamped in good old Black Versafine ink and then re-stamped immediately (second generation ink).  The two were then cut out (they are a single image). The background Postcard stamp is stamped in second generation of Dove Grey Stazon; then the rose head and leaves are incredibly lightly coloured and washed with water to pale them down.  The 'incredible' part of this is that I managed not to be too heavy handed. (But then you aren't privvy to the number of false starts I made either...). I used a ruler to tear the postcard image from the card, coloured the torn edge with Victorian Velvet Distress Stain,  and matted and layered it onto a black pre-fold card.  Stamp the text - again black Versafine and give it drying time. (Ask me whyI know to advise you about this).
Then just glue the cut out shoes on - lightest behind.  Stick the front shoe at a jaunty angle over the first one so as to slightly create the illusion of a pair!
And then....send your lovely card to anyone you know who's trying something new, starting up, starting over or considering anything.  A frightened woman doing DT work, for example.

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 281

You could do worse than look at this page to find out what this WOYWW thing is about.  And then, this page to find out how to join in/link, if you've never done the link thing before.
I've taken over the surfaces in the house. On Tuesday, I had a lovely day of chat and craft at my house with Jan and Fiona and so had embarked upon some sorting of photos and scrapbook paper.  And naturally, now I'm into it, it has to stay on the dining table because I need my desk, right!

You can see how well it's all arranged.  And you can just glimpse my scrap box at back.
Shocking. I would sort it out but I'm busy.

And so my desk contains nothing but remnants from yesterday (the Cricut cutting mat, the button bag) and beginnings of other things...teeny red heart buttons waiting to be strung for workshop kits, some Christmas 12 x 12 papers (inevitably) and the odd stamp kicking about waiting for me to be inspired.  Today is an out and about sort of day, so please be patient with me over visits!  Mind you , if the day is as blustery and windy as yesterday, I may chicken out of van driving! Y'all have a good WOYWWednesday now.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

T for Tuesday

I was making coffee this morning when I remembered that I could share it with you over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's. And tell you the story of The Mug.

Don Quixote and his choice!
You may recognise the brand name of course, and if you've dropped by to read here before, you may recognise The Mug. But wait; you don't. This is a NEW one, and slightly different. See the original one is from a Starbucks in Paris and was a gift from a friend who knows how I like a souvenir and how I like coffee.  Perfect.
I have always loved the size shape and capacity of the Paris mug, and once said to Mr Dunnit that it would be worth having a couple more just for everyday use as it does seem tot be the one I look for when making a hot drink.  You know - you have a 'go-to' mug, right?  

So there we were -  7am in Malaga airport after a fairly smooth journey to drop off the hire car and a particularly terrifying journey from the hire car garage to the airport.  But we're all in one piece and being frightfully English about that.  Laughing and pretending to wipe our brows instead of actually telling the mini-bus driver what we think.
Cue a massive queue at the only open coffee shop on the concourse.  It's a Starbucks. As we wander past it, telling ourselves we'll wait till we're air-side to grab a coffee and something to eat, I notice that they have my Mug for sale.  Only this time of course, it's a Spain version. Well, I've learned over the years, that if you don't get it when you see it, you kick yourself. So Mr D found a bench and I joined the ridiculous queue.  
Neither I nor Joaquin, my server, could quite believe it when we both realised that I'd queued for 25 minutes to buy a mug that I didn't want to have filled with coffee. And nor could the lady behind me in the queue who had been rather impatient from the moment she joined the waiting mass.  (Honestly, how could I walk around the airport drinking from an open mug?).I paid too much for it, and came away feeling like a kid that got what she wanted. And I've enjoyed using it and the Paris mug in equal turn since we came home. And....there's even a great finish to this..the Starbucks on the other side of security didn't have any of these to sell. Justified!

I'm a pathological collector I've decided.  And there's always a story.  But it's OK, it's usually long enough to justify a coffee.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Autumn in Andalucia

You are going to see fantastically blue skies and a sandy beach in a minute.  So just to prove that I'm not kidding, here's a conker tree.....j u s t about on the autumnal turn.  And evidence that it is doing the autumnal seed dropping exercise.....

 But I can't show you the conkers.  Because some silly souvenir hunting softie brought them back with him to try to grow a Chestnut tree all the way from the Alhambra.  I so hope they take!
So this is Granada in early October.  Beautiful architecture, not so busy as I suspect the summer months were, but still basking in glorious soak-me-up-and-make-me-healthy sunshine.  I loved it. Oh the romance of the place. It's not on the coast line, but north east of it, and quite high up.  Indeed the road signs have you travelling toward the Sierra Nevada, and Granada is home to a fair few snow sports shops.  

I don't think I'd get sick of it.  A land where Autumn means the pomegranates ripen, shadows are long and coffee and cake are to be eaten outdoors watching the world go about it's business and wondering why trainers the world over need to be so erm, well hung.

I'm not foolish, I know a city at altitude and with a backdrop of Sierras is going to have a winter, and probably, some very cold ones.  But oh, to have a blue sky autumn and hang on to the greens and golds for as long as possible.  Bliss.

We did, in mid morning Granada, fidn ourselves stepping into sunshine to avoid cool shadows cast by spectacular architecture.  More pictures of that to come if you're interested.  But I really wanted to show you how beautiful Autumn is..because since I've been home, it's been grey and wet and its hard to see the beauty through the gloom.  

I don't expect you can experience the distant haze during the creates wonder in the lens of your camera, adding dimension depth and mystery to the scenery. Well, I think it does. And I can't hep but wax lyrical.  It was lyric inspiring.  Yep, Mr Dunnit was coughing at my inspiration too by the time I'd been through these pictures.  It's OK.

And then, as if the first notes of Autumn in higher Andalucia weren't's the colour to be found on the coast.  Not a season or a million miles apart.  No 24 hours and a couple hundred kilometres.  You can see why I like Spain can't you - I don't even have to make a decision about a favourite season...I just have to turn around! 

 This was Fuengirola.
And this beauty was planted right outside our apartment. Why didn't I stand back and take a picture of the bed full of these floral birds?  I have no idea.  Over excited as usual!

I don't know if it's mis-placed or not, but because I'm still smiling over these pictures, I'm going to link up with Annie at Friday Smiles. If it's all too braggy and in-your-face for you - sorry.  You may have find another blog.  I do this quite often.
Have a lovely weekend!