Wednesday, 14 November 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 493

It looks a little bit business like, but it's not so bad. The files are actually Quickutz folders filed with dies. It looks as though with a couple more nights of listing, it will all be at an end, and despite the contribution to Mary's Hospice charity, I will be very glad to see the back of them.  So you can see the packaging tape, the nearly empty coffee mug and actually, some of me shows up in reflection! Oh these dark beginnings and ends! We Dunnits are off to take out an old sash window and fit a new sash window in the same hole, so there won't be any daytime visits from me - Mr Dunnit would consider it hugely unprofessional if I piggy backed on the customer's broadband to check my blog! If they are super friendly though, I might be brave enough to ask...because the alternative is to spend my non-helping times waiting, or worse, tidying the back of the van!

Friday, 9 November 2018

How do you make the cut?

This week's WOYWW featured several Deskers and their die cutters, new dies, or something die cut related. I've been thinking about it since. Don't worry, I find it soothing.

I have a Big Shot, and it is within reach of my desk, as are the dies. I could almost brag that I have a die cutting station, after all, it is a specific area of surface dedicated to storing and using dies. But I don't think that real stations become covered in loose piles of other stuff, books, post and other detritus that spills over from my desk surface. No sir; people who have specific areas keep them specific. I've seen evidence - this is the WOYWW HQ remember.

I rest my case.
You know and can just see on the shelf that I'm a Scan'N'Cut owner too. Am finally turning to that more often, particularly for multiples or large images. But I can't see me getting rid of the Big Shot, which was the route I thought I was taking when I splurged on the Scan'N'Cut. 
See, I'm a 'one off' cutter. You may call it spontaneous, because that's more arty isn't it! Whilst I'm making a card or putting a LO together, it occurs to me that I need a frame, phrase or embellishment that I already have on a die. So I cut one. Often I have to cut another (and another) whist I try card colour and possible chop things about to overlap, under fill..whatever. My point is that I cut, use, put away (sometimes) and move on. 
Here's a nice framed snowflake die in use. I love it. Had it for two years and we used it at the Card Marathon last week. It did cause me a lot of cutting time, but I didn't cut any extras. 
It hadn't occurred to me to have a session of die cutting to put die images into stock for later use. Turns out, others more organised than I, actually do this. So this possibly means that they use white card and colour it with inks and whatevers when they need to use it to match or stand out. Which possibly means that they have a good storage facility that keeps them flat and clean and above all accessible. Impressive. It also means, very much more impressively, that these crafty types often know what they're doing before they start. So perhaps they spend a day cutting Christmas shapes because over the next week, they plan to make Christmas cards. Wow. I can't do it. My plans are erm, too flexible for that. 
Even little dies are useful. But ergh, so fiddly!
And there's something in my head that says that spending a chunk of crafting time 'just' die cutting isn't a good enough use of the time. Which is preposterous and ridiculous isn't it. Look back at my WOYWW post this week....'good use of time'? Argh. This Leopard cannot change her spots, but I shall be trying some gentle over cutting...from now on, each time I use a die, I'm going to cut a spare and see if I can remember where I've put them and if I ever get around to using them. It's not a life changing method, I don't think. But if it iturns out to be just that, you'll hear about it, believe me!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 492

I'm at the delicate stage of re-identifying which dies belong to which sets and am slowly listing them for sale as I do. It's more torture than pleasure having done it once and realising that the really odd shapes that I struggled to identify last time are still really odd shapes that I don't recognise is just plain maddening!
This photo is yesterday's in real daylight. After I'd taken it, I did the month end book-keeping and VAT quarter with the files and books laid on top of this lot. Because I can't bear to keep starting again! I am going to make Christmas cards this weekend with a friend, and it's all going to happen on this desk. So there's a deadline. Thank goodness!
Show and tell yourselves will you please..I have that creeping panic that most of you have been working on Christmas whilst I fiddle about pretending I have a month in hand. Please put WOYWW in your post title and link here as normal. Thank you!

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 491

I haven't unpacked from the weekend of scrapbooking and chatting, so my desk is a bit short of interest! There's a succinct reminder to myself to do the VAT this month end, but apart from the fact that I wrote it those three letters with a sharpie, there's no evidence of crafting!
So how about the desk we used at the weekend...
I think it says a great deal about the need to have everything in front of you! You can probably just about make out the 6 spaces from the 12" squares we are working on. You would think wouldn't you, that between us we had absolutely everything. Turns out not so, we couldn't rustle up a basic Black Stazon ink pad between us. Not an epic fail, but a fairly epic amount of stash.
Happy Hallowe'en and if you're up early, sorry for the wait, I seem to have had a lie in this morning!

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 490

My desk surface looks as normal really....
There's my pot of Sharpies...I love 'em! There's some Quick Kutz dies that I've sold on eBay waiting to be packaged. And the small pile of LOs is the results of a Chinese Whispers thing that I took part in. So it doesn't look too bad huh. That's because the real damage is  on the floor!
These dies are a part of Mary's legacy and I've been sorting and listing them on eBAy. Honestly, there have been hundreds. Those that aren't part of sets were neatly labelled in a yellow basket. Which I dropped as I lifted it out of the bag. Argh, I was so cross. What a waste of careful research, sorting and filing in labelled order. I'm over it now, because there's no time for crying over spilt milk. I'm off to my Coven's annual retreat this weekend and there is still a lot of preparation to do for that!

Oh, I wanted to explain the glorious flare from the windows...I used a flash and an arc light from the building side to illuminate, and the light bounced of the silver paper that lines the insulation of the extension. Wonderful reflector! 

You could be forgiven for thinking I'd dropped off the face of the earth this week, I do apologise. Sometimes it just won't all fit in. It's OK, no different for many of us, so I'll just promise to do better. See you at your place in a bit then? Great.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 489

Well mine's still a mess of stuff, but at least it looks a little more of a productive mess!

The little house/shelf kit thing has been pushed back and will probably end up being re-filed for another time; I consulted my diary and realised that I need to be doing stuff other than faffing for a while! There's a pile of cards in cello bags that form part of my kits for this year's Marython. I need them to be finished this week so I can concentrate on getting other stuff sorted. It's all a matter of prioritising the deadlines! 
The box of Sharpies was there because I needed to address a parcel earlier. There's bag of Dolly Mixtures.I bought them to take to share with my Mama when I visit, but they were on my desk and so I opened them yesterday. Fortunately, I have a conscience and did manage to save her some! 
Hanging from the arm of the light is the result of my first Christmas workshop..look, I made a bauble. Horrid photo, but I deserve it because I'm showing off! It was all done under the direction of the amazing Sandra, in just under 3 hours and 2 cups of coffee.
Come on then Deskers, show and tell. Bet some of you are doing much better than a 20 card kit and a bauble over a week! Please put WOYWW in your blog post title and link here. Lovely.

Friday, 12 October 2018

You are invited....

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday - WOYWW - has been a weekly thing for ten years next year. Ten years, can you believe it. I can't! 
Week 520  is on Wednesday 22nd May 2019. Next year's WOYWW Crop will be on Saturday 1st June in Shrewsbury.
Our hosts for this crop will be Twiglet and Wipso - you know who I mean, Jo and Annie. 
The hall is booked and some plans are actually being hatched! Our hosts for this crop will be Twiglet and Wipso - you know who I mean, Jo and Annie. 

Now, the reason for sharing our excitement over this is simple; we want you to come! 

We're hoping that this amount of notice will give you time to consider, plot, plan and ultimately, say yes! (one of our number has already booked a holiday nearby so that she can come. *cough - LLJ - cough*)