Friday, 18 January 2019

Looking back, already

Remember New Year? Well, I do, because January 2nd was the 500th WOYWW and it all ties in nicely with the beginning of the month, year. At some stage over the preceeding week, a card came by post. It was whisked away from my sight because it said on the envelope that I wasn't to open it before the 2nd January. I didn't actually see it until then, such is the efficiency of secret keeping Chez Dunnit.
It was this beautiful card:

Our lovely WOYWW logo reproduced, embellished beautifully and numbered in that shadow technique that really is amazingly effective here. Isn't it beautiful. The card contains computer generated text that is flattering, friendly, lovely and purports to be from any and all of those who take part in WOYWW. It's quite the loveliest; I look at it more than once a day and it makes me smile. Just as on a Wednesday when I ask you to link and perpetuate the foolishness of WOYWW, I can only say THANK YOU.

 It seriously is a lovely card isn't it.
Feeling inspired - or perhaps - enabled?
I'm linking this with Annie's Friday Smiles, because it's Friday and because it makes me smile.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 501/502!

EDIT; better brains than mine point out it’s actually 502 this week. Brains that haven’t had a week off. Yes, that’ll be the excuse du hour! 

I have to say that typing 501 this morning is a bit of a buzz! We’re home from our lovely bright sunny break and really not enjoying the grey cloud filled days, it’s so dark! Still, one thing for sure, it will change to something else, better or not! 
Here it is then. It’s just about to morph back into a crafter’s desk. It had a belated month end and other boring stuff to support first. I took a long shot so that you could enjoy the sight of the bin and the papers that float out of it while I’m sitting there, discarding stuff. Don’t freak out at the waste, it gets sorted and used as desk top saver or recycled as is appropriate. You can see boxes of card stock under my desk that came from Mary, I simply have nowhere else for this stuff to go. You can see three pairs of glasses on my desk. This is proof that every room in my house has a pair of Julia-suitable readers in it. And that I use, them, push them onto my head like a hair band to walk about and ultimately then end up collecting them from wherever I visit most! You can’t properly see it but there’s the makings of a large card on the desk...I’ll just summon up my courage and finish it before showing you properly. After all, it’s been yonks.
Meanwhile, please join in. Link up to your WOYWW post here and give us a free pass to rummage. I thank you. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 501

Well, hey hey, here we are breaking into a fresh hundred number...5somethings from now on. You lot are amazing. And amazingly nosey. So, just for poops and giggles, we are in Ternerife, wasting a bit of January on sunshine. We looked at the work schedule, realised that this first week back for our customers would involve them shuffling in trays and trying to remember what they wanted, so we fled!
Consequently, I can offer you a choice of desks.
A little bit of easy-travel crafting as the sun goes down..

The actual view from my pool side recliner.....

Or our much deserved Sunday lunch.
I can’t go on bragging in all good conscience, so will leave the rest to you...please link and join in the usual way....I’ll try to find some shade so that I can see the screen, brag brag! 

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 500

Happy New Year! And welcome to the 500th edition of What's On Your Workdesk. 500. That's a big fat roundy number and a lovely way to start another year, don't you think? I know LLJ does, it suits her statistician tendencies.  I planned it you know, ten years ago, even before we’d met. *cough*
My word though, 500 posts about my unchanging, untidy workdesk. 500 times I've made excuses and you've rolled your eyes and said 'yeah yeah'. 500 once weekly opportunities to call in and make a friend. And something I am really quite proud about - vey few rules and total flexibility, no membership and minimal advertising. I wanted it originally to be just for fun and I think it still is.
And there’s more this week. Beautiful, colourful, scent-full flowers from Jan to mark this big fat roundy 500. The lady who delivered them asked me if I would explain the card, apparently the florist was a bit worried that she’d copied out the messsage wrongly as it didn’t seem to make any sense to her. I opened it, grinned, and then watched the shutters closing in her eyes as I tried to briefly explain. Weird how some people don’t get it, huh. Truly lovely aren’t they, and totally unexpected. So as always, thanks for joining in. After all, without other desks it would have been a very short lived thing!

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Almost a review.....

My good friend and yours, Shaz Silverwolf  has done a blog post as is her tradition, about the favourite projects that she worked on in 2018. She’s something of a research and development junkie, so her posts are always fascinating and very often enabling. That is a friendly warning. Annnnnd I’ve already digressed.
So, I thought that maybe this year I’d surprise the reader that drops by and do some sort of round-up of my own blog. But I’ve changed my mind. It turns out that mostly this year’s posts have consisted of the weekly WOYWW, and a few not-so-fascinating posts in between. I haven’t any particular idea why. Like loads of lives, mine has had a re-shape this year and the resulting prioritising is still under review! I miss it, but am also very true to my belief that if I’ve got nothing interesting to say, I shouldn’t bother. That sounds very pompous doesn’t it, because really I’m probably not the best person to judge my own interestingness.

Here’s my current view. I find a small gin and tonic makes me interestinger.

I’m rubbish, absolutely rubbish at New Year's resolutions. Not because I’m beyond improvement, but because I don’t keep them. And I’m too old to get into saying I’m going to do stuff that I can’t or won’t. But I have decided on a couple of things that I know will make my life easier and I really have to try this route. The first is to use an App to blog from iPad. Blogger seems to have abandoned us iPad owners in this department, for five years the best I can do to my blog on the iPad is read it. Editing or posting, even through a browser is impossible. I’m writing this on an App that I’ve paid for. So it had better be good! I will report back, believe me. And the other thing I’m going to do, is tidy up the desk surface between ‘things’. Because I’m sick of working on top of other stuff. And it surely has to be more efficient? I see the desks of tidy people every week and wonder at the productivity, so now I’m doing some practical research of my own. Not that I could enable Shaz with my findings, I reckon she already knows.
I wish you a great New Year. Above everything else, I want you to be healthy and happy; so come on 2019, we’ve got stuff to do.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 499

This is complicated: I took this photo yesterday at about midday. Christmas Day. It shows what I managed to do on Christmas Eve because (of course)it wasn't tidied up or unchanged between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And now it's Boxing Day and will likely remain unchanged. The LO is part of a Christmas challenge series that I'm only a bit behind on. The stickers are old stash that were used on the LO I'd finished. Despite them being quite literally front and centre of my work area, I managed to miss them in the clearing away of the other stuff. Weird? Slightly worrying? Normal, really! We are off again to do more of the family thing today, so please forgive tardy visiting. And if you can't be bothered to join in, I understand. The Christmas ennui is well established here! Please though, come back next week!

Monday, 24 December 2018

Calm descends....

Now, you and I know that night follows day. Science that.
And because of that, we’ve arrived as predicted at Christmas Eve. What science cannot explain to me, at least in words I’d understand, is how today came upon us so fast. I’m actually fairly convinced that it’s somehow scientifically connected to my age. Luckily, I don’t have to prove my theory because at my age, I don’t have time to take up science.

I seem to have reached that moment, that point, where you kind of collapse into the seasonal mood and stop worrying about it. If it isn’t done now, it won’t be done, and suddenly, it’s not important. The important thing now is that you’re safely gathered in and facing a day off that you have in common with kerjillions of other people, and I hope you feel the fellowship.
The fantasy lounge and decorations....
I heard on the radio this week that in the UK, some two hundred thousand tax returns are electronically filed on Christmas Day, proving that some people do actually treat it as a day off to get stuff done. I’m very admiring. I will help to prepare, cook and wash up a big old roast lunch. My effort levels won’t rise any higher than that unless one of the games we play becomes a bit animated, and they can, now that the grown ups outnumber the children!

And the badly lit, untidy reality!
I know that lots of people work on Christmas Day. I’ve been talking to the staff at my lovely Mama’s care home. Their generosity of spirit is humbling - there has been much adjusting of rotas and work stations for colleagues that want to observe Christmas Day for worship, or spend time with distant families. I hope that if you are working on Christmas Day, it goes smoothly and is charged with goodwill and festivity.

Meanwhile, I have yet more mince pies to cook and do you know, a desk to tidy. Have a happy Christmas.