Friday, 22 May 2015

Can you tell what it is yet?

Last night, Shopkeeper Gal VERY patiently took 7 of us through the steps for making this. It involves some basic mathematical calculations at the beginning to determine where in the book one should start. We might as well have been trying to channel Euclid, bless him!
All's well that ends well took me a few minutes over two hours. And some chatting and laughing, of course. 
Of course it's not finished, there are face papers to add and some flowers to tuck behind the gaps and some ribbon to hold it at the desired angle of open. But so far, so good. made Mr Dunnit smile when he saw it, and take way more of an interest than when I bring home a bunch of cards! That has to be worth reporting on!
Have a great weekend y'all. To make for some time at home this week, I'm joining Mr Dunnit in the workshop. Guilt, of course!
Linking with Annie's Friday smiles.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 311

OK people, get your Act into gear and line up your Mojo. If you're planning to take part in next week's WOYWW ATC swap to mark the anniversary, you need to be ready to post your ATC on the day! There's all sorts of info to be found on separate pages at the top of this blog. Specifically, HERE.
OK, I can't put it off any longer. My desk is a man woman and child made disaster and smacks of neglect. Couldn't really be worse! Whilst I was at the WOYWW crop, is was a little untidy. I took this photo on Tuesday tea time so that I could brag this morning about how tidy it is. hmm, not so gentle Desker. I did not get back to it.
I unpacked after the WOYWW crop..which explains the upright envelopes at the back. Peeking out under them is an SU! stamp set I bought from Fiona at the Crop. No time yet to play. That was supposed to be last night, but I was too preoccupied with other stuff. The scrapbook papers flat on the desk are covered in printed off bank stuff placed there by Mr Dunnit to aid my book work. Miss Dunnit dumped my box of patterned scraps on top for the want of anywhere else. There's a scrap of left over wrapping paper at the back, the list standing up at right is the first page of Shopkeeper Gal's new workshop schedule. The rest of the stuff is just that. Stuff. Stuff that needs putting away so that I can actually approach my desk without losing the will to live. Ergh.
Enough about and tell your own desk stories please!
Put WOYWW in your post title and link her for some international desk viewing. Thank you!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Choices for T Tuesday.

So how do you choose your hairdresser?
If you use a hairdresser, you will know that they have to become very important to you. You have to form a relationship. This skilled person will really only ever know you back to front and still you expect him/her to interpret your right-way-around cravings for tousled but magnificent, don't -give-a-damn but very coiffed, colour me perfect hair. All that, and you don't really want to pay the cost of such skill, because we're just sitting about, right. And talking of sitting about...when I sit in front of my chosen hairdresser's full length mirror, I'm fairly hopeful that its not the real me, a back to front version at the very least. Indeed, I have accused her of having one of those fairground mirrors. You know the one that makes every mouthful you've ever eaten jiggle about on your face and chin and taunt you to sleep badly.

I don't choose by recommendation (what makes one person happy doesn't necessarily work for another). This particular hairdresser was chosen by my two well hidden and shameful characteristics - idleness and shallowness.
Idle? Yep. This lovely salon is all of four steps away from the Shopkeeper Gal's in Amesbury. So it's not exactly inconvenient to schedule an after workshop 'do'. And even if I do have to put myself out to make the journey specifically - I can always make it more worthwhile by popping into Kraft Crazy as well!
Shallowness? Yep...totally and utterly taken in by the decor and the presentation. The place is called Shampoo. Like its name, it is furnished simply - but beautifully. And just look at the lovely detail involved in the beverage ritual. I tell ya, the  sitting in front of a full length mirror with this sort of ornate frame experience is definitely tempered by the arrival of such pretty coffee. It's a big fat bonus that I find Logan to be a brilliant hairdresser, really!
Joining Elizabeth for T is for Tuesday, at last!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Small, but perfectly formed..

So here's the WOYWW Crop, in all its attendee glory. It was a lovely, sunny day. There was a lovely warm atmosphere because I think, everyone had already met..if not in person, then online across their desks.
By the time I got there, Jan, her men and Doug and Shaz Silverwolf had it all set up. I traded ATCs, chatted and made tea and coffee.
Left to right..Dolores, Me, Helen, Fiona ,Kyla, Morti Mary Anne, Sam,Fiona, Lisa Cindy, Debbie, Chris, Jan,Maggie and Lisa-Jane and Zoe in front..oh and Fergus seems to have found his place too...
Need the blog names?: Cardarian, Stamping-Ground, Stamping by H,L'il Pidge, Coup de Main Crafts, Scrappy Sticky Inky Mess, Hettiecrafts,(Fiona and Lisa don't blog) Plant's List, a Crafter's Life,Pear Shaped Crafting,Lunch Lady Jan's fabric frenzy, Silvercrafter, Inside my Head and Crafty Gas Head Zo
When I turned around, Jan had cooked lunch. So I helped to dish up. Then I ate some lunch. Chatted some more. Told the lovely husbands who were washing up that they were erm, lovely, and they didn't have to do it.  And then managed to leave them to it. Chatted some more, made some more teas and coffees and *pouf* it was time to do the raffle and pack up for home. Can you believe, it went that quickly. Excess funds and raffle monies made a lovely chunk to donate to HMSA, a charity that has helped Zoe and that she's fundraising for over the whole year. Everyone was very generous, as always. 
Cardarian, LLJ, Shaz Silverwolf and me
Shaz had to leave before lunch..she and Doug had a wedding to go to...but how fab of them to bother, don't you think! And finally, Janet, her Fairythoughts and her gorgeous Handyman arrived after lunch. Bonus, because yep, more chatting!  I didnt 'do' anything all fact, I didn't take anything to do. You will see, I'm sure, on many blogs over the next couple of weeks that every one else made time to craft; it was a delightful mix too - hand and machine sewing, journals and paste and spritzers, stamps and scrapbook papers. Crochet and knitting too. How multi talented we Deskers are. It really was a lovely day filled with friends and chat. And oh, did I mention...there was a lot of cake.
Thanks to y'all for coming, and to Jan for doing. We might have to do it again.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 310

Welcome to WOYWW. We've nearly achieved SIX years of this nonsense, the anniversary is WOYWW 312 on 27th May. We are celebrating with a friendly, circular ATC swap, and newbie, regular, irregular, you are invited to join in. Here is a link to explain how.
And now, sweet Deskers, draw a breath and enjoy the wreckage that is my desk.
I almost don't know where to start. You can deduce by looking that I've been playing with spots and stripes. For a workshop on Thursday. Turns out it wasn't as easy to plan as I thought which is ridiculous. It also caused me to be incredibly messy. The light is weird in the early morning; everything looks more blue than it really is. Except the purple patchwork card at left with which I've actually managed to make a whole card! It's balancing on top of my stash box of gems which I had finished with. And as you can see, I've got four ink pads on the go...three of which I'm not planning to use. Lots of abandoned stamps. Just falling off the tin of sponges is an attempt to stamp a whole card in three colours of stripe. Fail. Wrong colours, not looking as I thought it would, blah blah. I'm not sure I am actually capable of working tidily any more! I'll bore you with the cards after the workshop, of that I am sure.

The WOYWW Crop is this weekend. If you've been humming and hawing about whether or not to come. We need to know you're coming for all sorts of reasons involving food, but it's not hard to let me know. You can read about it HERE and I'll fill you in with other info if you ask for it. I guarantee that you'll really enjoy meeting some of the Deskers. It's the safest and nicest way to meet strangers from the Internet! And there's cake.

Meanwhile, please, link up here to show us what's going on at your desk. As usual, please put WOYWW in your post title so we can find you easily over the next few days. It take *some* of us that long to get to your door. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

What do you get from a Workshop...?

Being a conductor of workshops is gives my 'people watching' gene a great work out. Truly, it gives me abilities. Assisting a newbie in the craft of stamping and copying a sample card allows me access to all sorts of information about them. I should be a psychologist. *!!*

Woodware again, Francoise I've no doubt...

There are those who are frightened to commit ink to paper for fear of doing it wrong. I get to remind them that it's a scrap of paper that can go in the bin. And then when it turns out just right (as it it so often does!), I get to see there satisfaction levels. I quickly discover if someone doesn't really like to get inky or gluey fingers. If fussy cutting or paper piecing is too much for them...impatience, arthritis, you name it. I can spot a 'save every scrap' personality as soon as they start 'collating' elements on a card. It's about the neat pile of bits in front of them see....the rest of us are just chucking stuff into the bin as we go. Sometimes these personalities give themselves up even more quickly...short gasps when witnessing a brutal act of throwing away more than a square inch of card or paper. Of course I have a built in empathy for the 'just do it' character too, that's me. I get a wicked glee when the lady with the ruler and pencil asks me for the measurement for positioning and I have to admit to 'eyeballing it'. 

Sentiment by Penny Black, bird die from Die'Sire and my first bokeh...
What I really need though, to complete my psychological profiling is access to everyone's stash. And this may well be the root of WOYWW. I 'need' to see what the crafters are like at their own desks and more than anything, I need to see their stamp collections. Do they, like me, need a character like Shopkeeper Gal to point out that they have a 'thing' for certain subjects.  Birds for me currently. And I hadn't really noticed, so I checked. Yep, I have more than a clutch of bird stamps and dies. How odd. Words and me are a given. I have way too many. So ya see, I'm learning all the time, I have a head full of characters and delightful foibles. And Shopkeeper Gal knows us all better than we know ourselves!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 309

The sixth anniversary of WOYWW is very nearly upon us. Week 312.
This is a link to explain the ATC swap that we're gearing up for.
As I usually do, I took two photos of my desk, and can only show you this one..

Because for once, I don't want you to see what's under the new stuff. And the overhead shot really did show my ATCs off. Strange how the camera shows more than the viewfinder! But, despite the gloom this morning, you can see I've got new paper and twine and the shiny packet is probably a new die, possibly by Kaisercraft. That Shopkeeper Gal has produced a new workshop schedule so I felt the need to buy a couple of things to kick start my card samples. *ahem..any excuse*.
The notebook pages on my ipad stand are torn from a now full book which is in file 13. The notes pertain to some layout ideas that I garnered at a convention in 2006. Yep, seven years later and I still intend to do the pages. Ho hum. You can just see my WOYWW wet wipe holder at left, made for me by Annie and Twiglet some years back now..a really useful and cherished pressie. You also get sight of my unweeded patio. Hmm...I refuse to do more than try to control the height of them now...we are due to build on that space this year, so I'm not wasting my energies!
Show and tell then please - we want to see what you're up to as well. Put WOYWW in your post title and link here..simple and it makes you visit-able!