Wednesday 17 August 2022

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 689

Well, someone broke the weather! It rained, as if it was trying to be epic. But, the dust settled, the smell was lovely and while I was out and about not one person has complained about being too hot, so it’s all good! As you can see from the picture, I’m finding a use for my desk….
There’s so much going on that even I’ve forgotten which layer is for which ‘project’! I was making ladybird cards last week, and on top of that layer and at centre front is a sort of shiny ATC that is also a work in progress. It involved using an alphabet set which it turns out, I hadn’t used before and so you can see the little wooden pegs strewn about whilst I sat and stuck the rubbery letters onto the pegs. At first, I did think of only doing the letters I needed for this particular job, but really, that is a step too far, even for me! At the back of the desk is a bag of badge fixings and next to that my lovely box what Debbie made for me to store blank ATCs. Blooming lovely useful thing that. You get a good view of the tools used on the patio too, now finished but for ‘grouting’ which I have to say, is tedious and fiddly, just as it is in regular sized tiling. And of course, needs to be done in dry weather. So we’ll see how long that has to take now! 
I’m off to see a Grayson Perry exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral this morning, so please bear with on the visiting front. Please don’t use it as a reason not to join in though, I need to see you’re finding stuff to do!


Mary Anne said...

Ooh Grayson Perry! That should be fun. Trying to recall when next we are in Salisbury for a Drs. Appt. Humm. Lovely mess on your desk, and I had to zoom right in to see Debbie’s gift box. She is both a lovely artist and a lovely person.and ahhh, blissful rain! Could not have come sooner. Enjoy you day!
Happy Woyww
Mary Anne

Helen said...

hope you didn't lose any of the letters for the pegs... what a tedious job, you'd think they'd come pre-stuck! (I'm lazy ok!)
Good luck with the patio grouting - typical that it should rain just as you need it to be dry.
Enjoy the Grayson Perry exhibition. Helen #2

Neet said...

What a plethora of lovely crafting goodies there are to see on your desk this morning. Love the Debbie Box. Such a talent!
How many pairs of scissors do you use at once? I spy four pair out there.
I am with Helen on the sticking of rubber letters to pegs.
Well, enjoy the Grayson P exhibition and don't get too wet. That's a laugh here at the moment, we've still only had a sprinkling.
Take care, Hugs, Neet 3 xx

BJ said...

Oh you are funny with the "layers" of stuff on your desk. I just couldn't cope with that myself. I think the order I need is a result of the chaos of a life I had as a child, who knows...Go on tell me you just did the pegs/letters you needed first. Typical weather change when you need it dry for the patio grouting, but honestly it hasn't come a moment too soon for me. I was beginning to lose it completely, totally lethargic, and getting confused too. I'm still TOO HOT in my bedroom, I still can't sleep even with 2 fans full pelt all night but only giving up at 7am is better than 5am so it's getting better slowly. Oh my I'm going to have to google "Grayson Perry" ....brb....ah know who you mean now, that should be a blast - enjoy. BJ#6

Crafting With Jack said...

Good morning Julia! I hope you have a good morning at the exhibition, I did Google the exhibition to see what it was all about. Interesting and complex covers it! What is an Aston Garden Mate? I see the box on your desk, but can’t read what it says. It has been raining most of the night and is very windy here. Happy WOYWW. Angela #5

Annie said...

That sounds like a fun day out. Enjoy and do come back to tell us all about it.
Annie x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

No sun here today and it absolutely poured it down last night, thank goodness! That is one busy desk you have but it can wait for your return so have a lovely day out. Wishing you a very happy and creative woywww, Angela x9x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

The Grayson Perry exp sounds fun, hope you enjoy it! Should be a riot of colour, he’s not renowned for being shy and retiring, lol! Hope the patio is coming on well, grouting must mean you’re near the end hopefully?!
Hugs LLJ 4 xx

Lynnecrafts said...

Enjoy the Grayson Perry exhibition, Julia! We’ve just had a few drops here but the heat has eased off a bit, a blessing for us and good for crocheting. Sod’s law for you when you need dry weather for grouting. I love Debbie’s box. Have fun with your crafting.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 10

Kelly said...

Good morning, Miss Julia. By now you should be home from your tour. I hope it was as enjoyable as you made the outing sound.
I'm sorry weather is holding back the final stage of the patio but I am so thankful for the rain here - and the cooler temps. We've not been out of the upper 60's* F the past 2 days and my garden is loving the rain!

HUgs & Creative Blessings! Kelly #15

Lindart said...

Lots of interesting things on your desk today! I love all the layers of projects. I had to look up Grayson Perry, never having heard of him before - he's quite the character! It should be a very interesting exhibit, enjoy! Have a great week, Lindart #14

Spyder said...

Oho Salisbury Cathedral, now have you been to the top!? inside of course. Very much a rickety way up but well worth it I think! I got a badge. Desk looks fun, I seem to remember years back you had a tiny box of letters, coz I spotted them as I have the same, didn't have to stick the letters on pegs...course, before I made the picture bigger, I was thinking pegs...pegs for clothes...yes, I know, that woudn't work! Anyway, hope you had a great time with, Grayson Perry! Oh yes...the rain, fabulous...had to go clear out the gutters though! Blackbirds just love picking at the moss on the roof! Now I have eneough moss/soil on the drive to build a rockery. Have a great week! Happy WOYWW!? ((Ln))16

StampinCarol said...

Wow! Busy desk! Mine gets that way then tidied then busy then tidied. Enjoy the exhibition! Have a wonderful week!
Carol N #13

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've had to adhere rubber to a set of wooden blocks in the past. After the first time I used one, the rubber came away from the block. I ended up having to fix every one of them by using E6000. The glue the manufacturer used wasn't worth anything. I hope yours is better.

I like your archaeological dig through the layers of your desk and I LOVE Debbie's box. She is such a gem.

My name is Cindy said...

What a busy desk, and sticking on the little letters is just the kind of project that would have deflected me when there is obviously so much else to be getting on with - but I agree, it has to be done in entirety!! Hope you enjoyed your exhibition, might star putting some plans in the diary now it's a little more pleasant to consider travelling anywhere. Have a good week, love n hugs Cindy xx