Wednesday 17 March 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 615

Yesterday was lovely and sunny and lovely and chatty. I spent the morning walking in the sunshine, about 8 foot from a chum. She had to shout because of the wind and my hearing, so she was probably exhausted! And then I spent most of the afternoon chatting online. Seriously lovely day. 
As you can see, I’ve been colouring. It’s easy to do whilst talking. I also finished a card for BiL’s Thursday birthday which you can see propped in the foam pad drawer. Frankly, there’s no other space that doesn’t carry the risk of it being buried and never found again. All the images are from Francoise at Woodware’s new range. Still enjoying the gnome trend. I have seen a lot of gnome stamps, but some of them look a bit, well, creepy in the facial expression department, so I think these are perfect!  See the Glossy Accents is still lying down. Actually because it’s fallen over. Week before last, I had a tip on how to keep it flowing that works. I’m sharing with you here because Di was generous enough to share it with me and it makes me look good. 

Glossy Accents tip. The routine is, when you've finished using Glossy Accents just follow these steps:

a. Squeeze the bottle until the glues rises right to the top of the nozzle.

b. Wipe the nozzle and top with a baby wipe, at the same time releasing the pressure so the glue sinks back down.

c. Give the bottle a couple of taps on your worksurface to make sure it's properly settled.

d. Replace the cap as usual ready for your next, hopefully trouble free, use. 

Store upright. It's worked for me without fail for years now. (’s worked for me for about four days so far!!)

Dear friend Shaz’s funeral service is to be held this Friday. Am perfectly sure that Doug will know, but I’d like to send him all our love and thoughts in this, the most difficult of weeks.
This is a scheduled post;  I’m visiting my Mama again this morning and I can never judge my ‘get up, exercises and shower’ correctly once I start on the desks, so I’m determined not to be running out of time this week! She might not know but it’s so nice to be able to visit in her room, makes such a difference. This week I’m going to remember a desert spoon and tea towel. See, we’re allowed in her room, but can’t wander around the building and help ourselves in the dining room and kitchen as we would normally, of course. Mum loves coffee and chocolate and we figure these are probably two things that she must miss. So whilst we wait for the Covid test results, we whip up to a drive through Costa. Mum can only take thickened liquids, so we melt a chocolate button in a spoonful of coffee and feed her that for as long as she can stand it and as long as the coffee has the heat to melt the chocolate!. The tea towel is because frankly, we make a mess. But, we don’t care. We will never know if Mama is actually enjoying it, but it makes us feel as if we’re spoiling her a little, and it makes us laugh. And that seems to make her smile. And that, at this stage of her life and dementia, is priceless.
Anyway, I’m babbling. This lockdown has gone on to the point where I can’t stop talking! Leave your links here please, and have a lovely day.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Am awake before the birds this morning hence no 2 on the list! So good to see you over the Interwebs wires, we don’t have talk some nonsense 😁. Have a lovely time getting messy with chocolate later!
Hugs LLJ 2 xx

Helen said...

I hope you enjoy your visit with your Mama- it must make so much difference being allowed to see her up close and in her room now, after all this time. Enjoy the messy drinks!! Good tip with the glossy accents, hope it keeps working for you.

glitterandglue said...

Morning Julia. Great tip re the glossy accents... not sure I have ever used it, but will remember the tip should I do so!! Have a precious time with your mum. I'm sure she will indeed enjoy the chocolate coffee - and the laughter! Oh, how important is laughter!!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #1 - how on earth did I manage that?!

Mary Anne said...

I am a fan of the gnomes too, although mine are knitted! What a post. It seems to run the gamut from productive to educational, from joyful to sad. You do have a way....
Sad week.

Enjoy your visit. Chocolate and coffee spoons sound both fun and delicious
Mary Anne

Sarah Brennan said...

So glad you are able to visit your mum Julia. Sounds like a lovely if messy treat fro her. I will be thinking of everyone - especially Doug and Shaz on Friday. Stay safe. Sarah #6

Sue said...

Great to read that you're managing to meet up with friends & family in whatever means is possible. We do need to allow time out don't we, by whatever means!
I've not been joining in WOYWW for a while. My mother in law died recently & my hubby's had an op so things have changed direction. Hopefully my mojo will return in some form soon. πŸ˜‰ Hugs & take care, Sue xx

Doug Brooks said...

Lovely post Julia, i do love the sound of the home made mocha drinks, Shaz would be tickled by the idea too, I cant make my mind up on the gnome stamps, I lolled when I saw the sentiment on the bin, love it, is it new i did I not notice it before?
Enjoy your time with your Mom, as I know you will, those moments are so precious especially when they are in person x
A new post will be up tomorrow evening with the link to watch Sharon's send off on our blog.
Hublet #5

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Julia, great idea with the chocolate button in coffee for your Mum. Mine developed a really sweet tooth too and they say the sugar really helps the brain. So glad you can get up close again.
I’ll be thinking of you all on Friday.
Lynnecrafts 7

BJ said...

Oh I'm right with you on the distanced walking and talking (Shouting) due to lack of hearing that I haven't bothered. I tend to have my phone on speaker and up to my ear to hear it properly LOL. Loving the Gnomes and your colouring, super rainbows.
Hope the Glossy Accents procedure continues to work. I still have a plastic clothes label thingy in mine and that does the trick for me.
All set up for Friday, tested the link and saw the duck and waterfall, yes my heart goes out to Doug as well.
So lovely what you do with your Mama, I'm amazed they let you leave the building after the test though. Not that I could manage a test again, it took the nurse over 20 mins and several attempts and me in tears for my pre operation one back in August last year.
Happy WOYWW BJ#9

Kyla said...

Sounds like a lovely walk with your friend and great your able to visit your mum again and a fabulous idea about the drive through coffee whilst waiting, proper multi tasking (must admit my memory is poor so i would keep a bag of spoons and towels in the car so they are handy). Yes i echo your sentiments for Shaz and Doug too x


Susan Renshaw said...

Have a lovely time with your Mama!
I had just been wrestling with some Glossy Accents when I read your tip. Will give it a go!
It is always lovely to chat!

Caro said...

It's just so special to be able to go for a walk with a friend - I did the same last week but in the hail!! It was so worth every second of being hailed on to actually spend time with her. I love the idea of feeding your Mum melted chocolate and coffee and it is so special that you can laugh together. I love the little gnomes on your desk today. My heart goes out to Doug and all being well I will be watching on Friday and praying for all concerned. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#11)

Annie said...

Really hope your visit with your mum goes well later. I’m sure she will know how much you are benefiting from the visit and that will warm her heart too. Biggest hugs to you.
Annie x

Neet said...

Sounds as if your Mama has a wonderful time when you visit, what a lovely idea the chocolate buttons are. Who cares about the mess, its the pleasure you all get from doing it that matters. And how precious is a laugh.
Bet it was wonderful to walk and chat with your friend, cannot wait to be able to walk with one of mine on the 12th April when we can meet up.
Here's to another good day each day of the coming week for you.
Hugs, Neet 15'ish xx

Lynn Holland said...

Sounds daft but I’ve got a little tear in my eye reading your post. I can almost feel you smiling while you were writing it. I’m happy that you’re getting to spend proper time with your mama Julia and you’ve had a lovely walk with your friend. Little things mean a lot right now.
Lots of love Lynn 13 xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

Well that's me done, reaching for the tissues again. It really must be soup for the soul to be able to have skin on skin rather than peering in through the window. I hope someone has the foresight to feed me chocolate and coffee like that. I do love your gnomes and I have a lot of gnome cut files / images that I could possibly print off now that you've sparked the idea. Meeting with Paula on Thursday to reestablish our walk and talks - it's been 3 whole months! Good times are ahead, I can smell them. Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #8

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Those gnomes look cute and not "creepy" at all LOL! How sweet of you to feed melted chocolate to your mum. When my husband's mother was in a home we were planning all sorts of things to do with her and never got around to it - my husband still regrets not doing enough and keeps saying that we should have done more - but we visited regularly and she was in a lovely home in the Cotswolds where she grew up, in a spacious room with views of a field with cows and she always smelled fresh - they took good care of her there. What more can we wish for in our old age? Hope you're enjoying your visit - have a lovely week, Julia xx zsuzsa (will be linking up later)

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, hope you enjoy your visit with mum it sounds as though you both have a good time. I am praying that the number of schools round us with Covid outbreaks doesn't get any worse as some have had to send pupils home already and one has closed completely. Loving the Gnomes they are so sweet, I've got some but haven't felt like using them but your card looks so nice that it might tempt me. The tip with the Glossy Accents is more or less what I do but I also keep stainless steel pins in them too which helps. Have a lovely day and happy woyww, Angela x18x

Crafting With Jack said...

Hi Julia, enjoy your visit with your mother, I am not sure I would like coffee and chocolate, but I certainly would give a go! Dementia is a terrible thing for both patient and family, so it’s lovely that there are some happy moments. After reading Hublet’s comment I had another look, love that comment and even my husband laughed when I told him. What does the other side say? Have a great week Angela #17 happy WOYWW x

Annie Claxton said...

HI Julia, what a lovely way to give your Mama two of her favourite things - in fact I think I would enjoy that myself! I'm sure from spending time with my own Mum at her care home, that even when she no longer knew who I was, she still enjoyed the company and in some ways she was still herself so it was good to spend that time with her - there were many hilarious moments too and as you say those things are priceless.
I love the little gnomes on your card, very cute and I totally agree about the faces. Have you seen those gnomes you can make out of socks which look like that? Each year I mean to make some for Christmas, maybe this year I'll start early ... Annie C #25

Sue said...

Hi Julia, Love the Gnome card.

I hope Doug has plenty of friends and family (or however many are allowed), with him on Friday.

My mum was in a care home for a little over 7 years with dementia. Those visits can be hard.


My name is Cindy said...

Hello my lovely, hope you have a nice day with your Mama, sounds like you have it well organised. Yes must be nice to be close and feel you are doing something.
I love that rainbow stamp (and indeed those woodware papers) so much I may be about to crack...... Have a good week, stay well, stay safe, Cindy #23

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

So glad you had a lovely day, chatting and catching up. You'll have a cherished day while visiting your Mother. The paragraph about your visit brought back so many memories of a year ago. Take photos, thankful you can visit now. You are on the right track for your time spent. It's a day of many created memories and emotional good and sad times. Hugs to you. πŸ’“

Felicia said...

Julia, so much to comment today on your post!!! Love the card to your BIL, and I think the gnomes are cuties!! I totally get what you are saying though! LOL And what a tip for our Glossy Accents!! I seem to have the tip issue too, but I will definitely be trying this little trick out!!! Julia, I do hope and think Doug knows that we are ALL sending so many positive and peaceful prayers and wishes his way this Friday. Would we all be able to be there to support him......however, love can be felt and surround a person in so many ways! I'm sure I have missed a post at some point where you have expressed your dealings with your mother's dementia and I am so sorry for her and you on that score. I have heard so many stories on that score and it's such a robbing disease!! My mother has MS and it's another robbing disease that is so painful to have to watch for your loved one to go through. We still are not able to go into her nursing home, so bravo that you guys are able to do that and what a special treat she receives!! Yum! Hope you all remain healthy and heres to a wonderful week! Blessings, Felicia #27

Karen said...

I know what you mean about the gnome's some do have creepy faces!! Your card is adorable. Great tip on the glossy accents, I don't know if I'll be that diligent however (nicer word then lazy!) Your mom's smile says that she's enjoying your visits and treats too :) Blessings on your week!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Julia, the gnomes are great and they make colourful and cheerful cards. I'm so glad you're able to visit your dear mother again. The dipped chocolate sounds like a delicious treat. Hope you've had a lovely day. Hugs, Elizabeth x #22

Lindart said...

Hi Julia! The gnomes are indeed very cute! Thanks for the glossy accents tip - I have never had luck with it, but I will try it this way! Sorry to hear about your Mum, glad you are making the best of it. My Step-father is just starting into dementia, still at home with my mother who looks after him. Have a great week, Lindart #31

Catriona said...

My walking friend and I live 15minutes apart but can’t meet up just now because we live in two different local authorities! It’l lovely that you can see your Mum and I love that she can enjoy some treats. Happy (and tidy) crafting.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Thanks forpassing on the Glossy accents tip - I have plans for using some this week and it's often a hit and miss thing whether it works!
I can't imagine what it must be like to be able to visit your Mum after so long! So difficult with the dementia- we used to travel over the Pennines to see my Mum each weekend - she would recognise Tony every time but thought I was her sister sometimes!
Take care, Chris #33

Anne said...

Hello. Sorry I'm very late. I did spend ages just trying to link, not usual problems, me doing something not right :-( Thanks to lovely Jan for linking me.
Will try the tip re glossy accents.
Oh how I wish I could have had those visits with mum last year. Treasure the time, I know you will. Take care. Anne x 26 ( I think)

StampinCarol said...

I'm slowly getting around after hubby changed my plans for most the morning. Love the gnomes, I have a few stamp sets and die sets I love.
I'll have to try your Glossy Accents tip. I end up taking the top off and cleaning it. Will be thinking of Doug and all on Friday though by the time I'm up and moving Shaz's memorial will probably be over.
Glad you get to spend time with your mum.
Have a great week.
Carol N #23

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Julia .
It is still Wednesday here. Sorry to be so late.

I babble all day long but I am not online! Just me, in my craft room.

I’ll have to try the Glossy Accents thing. I don’t use it as often as I used too. But I do know where the bottle is. :)

Stay safe and well.

Happy Wednesday

Kathryn #32

Crafting With Jack said...

Just wondering if you know how to comment on Instagram? There never seems to be a comment box when I click on Kathryn. X Angela #17

Spyder said...

Sorry, I thought I'd been. I must've told someone else I like a flake bar in my Cocoa or coffee! Love the gnomes, I am at this moment colouring in some gnomes. I need two...think I have about ten now! They're so more-ish! I learnt this week, or rather, last week, that I do talk to myself... a lot. With hubby being away, I thought I wouldn't talk much, because he always says, 'are you talking to the cat, me or some stranger I can't see?' So it now stands to reason that I am talking to the cat, me or some stranger even I can't see! Love the rainbows too. Wishing your mum well and you safe, stay crafting! Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#19