Wednesday 3 March 2021

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 613

So this is March. Bring on the injections! I hope you’re keeping well and being patient. If you haven’t had yours yet, your name is on a teeny syringe somewhere, give them a chance to rummage in the box and find it - they surely will. Meantime, enjoy some ridiculous routine and normal stuff here. I have photographed my desk at an angle that I hope precludes showing you too much of any other space in this house. It’s a building site again...and I am not going to clean windows or dust properly until HE has finished. It won’t be long. I am already a bit on the over excited side because my part of this mess involves wallpaper choices. Haven’t had to do this for years. Prices per roll have erm, well, moved on. And I haven’t! 
Anyway,  can’t put it off any longer....
Tuesday afternoon:  I’d just finished a LO, and I was doing a bit of journaling on a tag that will slide behind the photo. And this is how my brain works...I suddenly thought that it would be better to photo the desk before I tidied up. Then I thought of a blog post about journaling that I’d quite like to do, so wandered about to find my notebook of things not to forget or indeed, misplace. The notebook was on the bar (told you..) and so was the tray of flapjack that I made in the morning. So I cut that up, and bagged it ready for the gals who take care of the Covid testing at Mama’s care home. They deserve a sweet treat. Suck a mint and blow your nose please -  enough said! Then I remembered that I was journaling on the tag, so I finished that, and thought that I might do a blog post about journaling. I think lockdown is winning, don’t you?
Nothing much new...even the new LO features very old stash - Basic Grey again. A sure sign that I really like the photo! Glue in the ‘ready’ position in the clear drawer. Glossy Accents lying on its side instead of lid down in the ugly holder. Sigh. I had to cut a little bit off the nozzle and now if I put it in the ugly holder it leaks into the lid and sets solid. Argh. Anyway, that’s enough. Show me yours will you, makes me feel a little bit grounded!


Mary Anne said...

I had a comment in my head, something witty and pertinent to your pist, but by the time I had finished reading the whole thing, I forgot it. Yep. Lockdown brain is a pain! Love the layout and have a great day!

Mary Anne

Mary Anne said...

Doh! POST! Arrgghh!


Sarah Brennan said...

I have just about given up on glossy accents because it is so temperamental. Great layout - glad you eventually got the journaling done Julia. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Susan Renshaw said...

Ooooh - wallpaper!!

Although restrictions have eased greatly here in Melbourne, I believe I am still in lockdown mode - and our book group still zoomed last night rather than met face to face.
What was that you were saying...?

Susan #2

glitterandglue said...

Morning Julia. Erm... now just remind me ... what am I doing here? Yes - lockdown does seem to have affected the grey cells. Start something, move on, move back, divert sideways...
Great looking LO. Thinking of flapjack... was there any left to take to the testers, or did you have to sample it when passing? (see what I mean about the brain?)
Take care, dear girl. God bless.
Margaret #4

Helen said...

the one morning I oversleep... you have at least been busy, even if you flit from one thing to another - love a bit of flitting! the layout is great - fab colours! I love bit of flapjack, too...

Sue said...

Hi Julia, I am sure you have enough oddments of lovely papers you could use as wallpaper:) LOL


Annie said...

Wallpaper stage....that sounds like fun. Can’t wait to see what you go for. I love how your mind works...mines the same. Think it’s called spinning plates....sometimes you keep them going sometimes one drops and breaks (but what the hell eh?)
Keep them spinning my friend.
Annie x

Doug Brooks said...

overslept here too Helen, flapjacks cant beat a flapjack, especially one homemade.
Got to ask though, what is being built/demolished this time?
Whatever it is I am sure Bart will do an awesome job of it.

Hublet #6

BJ said...

Well yes Hubby has his appointment for his jab this month but I don't expect mine for a while, actually the jury is still out as to whether I'll have it as I'm emetophobic, my flu jab letter wasn't acted upon so I'm really not sure what I'll do.
Sorry to hear about the building works AGAIN, it can be so disruptive. Hubby actually replaced out downstairs loo at the end of last year (have photos to scrap...) I was just glad it was right next to his workshop both beyond the kitchen, but still the fine dust got everywhere. Good luck with the wallpaper choice.
Oh the basic Grey again, love it, I have precious little left. Your here, there, and everywhere sounds like a normal day to me when I'm in housework mode, start one thing, see something else which needs doing, start that, leaving a trail of stuff which needs attention behind me. This method has been rather quashed by having both boys home ALL YEAR though but I'm getting back into it now I'm 6 month post op.
Oh and the Glossy Accents - have you tried putting one of those plastic tabs which labels are attached to new clothes in the end before popping the lid on. Obviously keeping the "T" part or the ones with a knobble on the end to stop the end falling in. Got one in mine, just checked. Have it upright too, although not used in YEARS thanks for the reminder.
Anyway enough from me, my right hand is completely numb now, get one thing fixed and another starts up again. Hugs BJ#13

Lisa-Jane said...

Morning lovely lady! Your layout is looking fabulous. I'm trying to journal more / in a more timely fashion but that's when my brain starts to flit! And now I need something sweet. I don't envy people doing testing, I do feel for the staff doing the school ones in the next couple of weeks... Wallpaper choosing is a wonderful thing (aside from the price!) because it means the end is in sight. Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #7

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Yes everyday seems to roll into one, I keep saying it's like groundhog day but each one has a different tweak or too.
Have fun with the wallpaper choices it's always the ones you like more that you need to take out a second mortgage to purchase or ask is that price per roll hee hee..
Journalling is a good way of getting what's in the mind down on a page and using up those scraps. I like the little star on your tub he's lighting the way..
Happy WoywW Tracey (14?)

Lynn Holland said...

I don’t need lockdown to have a butterfly brain, that’s the norm for me. There’s always a trail all round the house of stuff I’m doing. A friend once said to me that duster and polish where on top of them drawers last time I was here a month ago.
I don’t think I need to say more on the subject haha.
I love wallpaper and would gladly come and do that sort of shopping with you. It’s as good as being in a book or craft shop.
Enjoy your week Julia
Lynn xx 15

Lisa-Jane said...

Nissyros! And I only know that because I posted it originally on another WOYWW on the old blog and I'd noted it on there. Thank goodness for blogs eh!? x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I absolutely love Basic Grey papers - and I could have guessed that was one of theirs. I don't understand why they went out of business? Thank goodness for Stamperia to take up the slack - not that I use any of those papers, of course - they're too precocious - I still have an old stack of Basic Grey somewhere that I couldn't bear to cut up or deface in any way and I regularly pull out my stash of Stamperia papers to stroke as well! It's a clinical case of paper fetish, I'm afraid. Happy wallpaper choosing - not an easy task! Get some free samples and see how they look on the wall. We could vote on it for you if you can't choose! Must go write my post! Have a good week, Julia! xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Sounds as though things are moving on at your if you're looking for wallpaper. I'm always impressed that you use up your lovely papers as most of you know I am not seen using many papers like that but I have them from years ago and would love to pluck up courage to do something with them but it's difficult when they are so lovely to sacrifice them to my messy way of working...who knows maybe one day. Have a lovely week and a happy woyww, Angela x19x

Crafting With Jack said...

Good morning Julia, it's not a very warm morning here and I am sitting in my PJ's doing my post with a shawl around my shoulders! I thought care homes would have let up more as the residents have had both jabs now and should be fully protected. It has been a terrible time for both residents and loved ones. Your layout looks pretty from what I can see of it. Happy WOYWW x Angela #17

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oooh wallpaper! What and where, we need to do a video call so you can show me, lol! Your desk is magniflorious (the boys’ highest compliment when they were small) in its messiness, I’m glad you’ve been fun doing LOs.
Have a good visit to your ma and hope the lawn mowing isn’t too onerous, it’s still marshy in our garden!
Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

Di said...

Glossy Accents tip. The routine is, when you've finished using Glossy Accents just follow these steps:

a. Squeeze the bottle until the glues rises right to the top of the nozzle.

b. Wipe the nozzle and top with a baby wipe, at the same time releasing the pressure so the glue sinks back down.

c. Give the bottle a couple of taps on your worksurface to make sure it's properly settled.

d. Replace the cap as usual ready for your next, hopefully trouble free, use.

Store upright. It's worked for me without fail for years now.

Di x

Lynnecrafts said...

Morning Julia! How very nice to get a flapjack from a resident’s daughter! I hope you can see your Mum face to face now. Record her if you get into a good conversation. Mine stopped speaking 5 months before she died. It’s a blessing in a way that my Mum died 2 years ago; she would never have understood covid restrictions.
Hope you manage the disruption of building works ok.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 11

FLR said...

Love your desk! Just as it should be...always full of ideas and plans - as some people say: mess! I´m glad this is a community with NO MESS :-) . Never heard of flapjacks (and my niece lives with her English husband and kids in Watford!), but....I just found a receipe! And will try them, it looks delicious!
Have a nice week!

Spyder said...

Don't touch that!' I yell from another room...hoover on floor in hall, Mr Sheene in hand, Phone fingers are busy texting or typing something in craft room...duster? Um? (it'll be the 3rd one I've misplaced. A bit Later: 'Which job are you doing!?' calls back Hubby, 'I'm just filling the dish washer!' "'No!" sez Me, "You fill it all wrong!' 'What job are you actually doing?' (I think about this for a minute) "as it's nearly midnight, and i was hoping you'd finished doing the bedroom...." "Bedroom??" oh....yes, craft stuff still in there again!. " can do the dishwaher then...' (i can redo it again later) and so it goes on...but now I get that little added crack...'found that bank card yet?' Any way!! Wall paper, we did one wall in the living room a while back with the same little bit on a wall in the hall... Done one wall in the bed room, trees....called New Forest. (seeing that's where we are!) The craft room was done a few months before I got back in it...shelves of stuff. can't really see it, too many real shelves and The Red red, mostly. To me your crafty mess is always an inviting place to be...oh look, is that my duster!
Have a happy week! ((Lyn)) #16

Diana Taylor said...

Glossy Accents are so temperamental, I very rarely use them now but I love the look of them when they do work. Desk is looking great and I love the colours of your layout. Have fun choosing the wall paper, I haven't done that for years but I love the new designs that are around and have been very tempted -although I don't think the OH wants to get into wall paper hanging ever again!
Have a great week,
Diana xx #20

My name is Cindy said...

Hello Julia! No work going on here but I still don't dust - if I'm honest, I still haven't straightened the place up since Christmas. But my craft room is lovely and tidy!! Intrigued by your glossy accent holder... I have taken to using the Anita's one which is a good price point and I can store it upside down - so not sure what your ugly holder is all about. Lockdown is definitely winning I really don't know what's going on any more and find I care even less. Have a great Wednesday!! Love n hugs, Cindy xx

Heather M said...

Hi Julia, fully agree in leaving the dusting till after the building work is finished - how exciting to be at the choosing some wallpaper stage. I bought some for my bedroom - and was a tad shocked at the prices!! Enjoy your visit to your mum - homemade flapjacks will be more than welcome I'm sure! Your desk looks great and interesting and busy as always - I would love my crafty space to be just crafting, and not guest bedroom, home office, kids playroom- but at least I have a space for crafting! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #25

Kelly said...

Good morning, Miss Julia. Your post made me giggle. I'm still smiling! Look forward to seeing what wallpaper you choose. I do hope you'll give us a show. I look forward to your post on journaling.
Creative Blessings! ~Kelly

Felicia said...

Julia, I was so tickled reading your blog today! Sounds like your brain works remarkably like mine!! Bless you is all I can say!! LOL Your layout looks like it's coming along and I love the colors you chose!Bless you for thinking of the testers at your mother's care home. I know it's been just as hard for the caretakers as the residents! Your glue fiasco is SOOOOOOOO me!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one! LOL Take care Julia and have an AWESOME rest of your week! Felicia #26

BJ said...

Oh I did EXACTLY the same thing yesterday. Just popped a jacked on over my bouncing gear (3/4 leggins and short sleeved t) Walked mighty quick and not far at all, in fact had a somewhat cold day considering I am still in the throws of hot flushes and night sweats!
I was inspired to make journals by another desker out of unwanted for scrapping 12x12 sheets and made one for my last bible plan on gratitude, liked it so much I made one for Lent. So this is my first Lent Journal.
Hugs BJ#13 (encore)

Stacy Sheldon said...

good Morning Julia, I have zero wall paper in my house so, I think that is very interesting that you are choosing to do that. :) (when we bought this house it looked like a brown cave there was literally brown wood paneling on every single wall) so, now at this point the only room that has not been touched is the hobby room and that would be an enormous undertaking to take all this precious toys out of here to re-do it. I think I am entirely too lazy for that now. lol besides, I am mostly bent over a table or desk looking down so.. :) Basic Grey is something I miss and still hoard the bulk of mine, I love the idea of hidden journaling too. ~Stacy #28

Kathryn Frantz said...

Good morning, Julia. What type of scrapbook are you using? Where do the pages go after we admire them? I have some (empty ones) that I liked years ago, Not so much now. But they argue Not for 12x12 pages, more the letter size. Do you frame your layouts?

Mike and I got our first vaccine shots yesterday. Scheduled for the 2nd on March 30th.
One step towards a new normal.

Stay safe, well and Happy Wednesday!


Crafts in the Command Center said...

The only way to function is to be distracted from one thing to another and still manage to complete everything you wanted done. I love this post...yes unfortunately I think lockdown is winning...but thankfully more and more people are being vaccinated so soon we'll be able to go out again. Have a great day! Dorlene #30

Lindart said...

Hi Julia! Lovely busy desk! I really like the LO sitting on your desk! I had to laugh at your story, that's me all day long! Have a great day, Lindart #29

Caro said...

Sorry I'm missing in action again this week - we have building work at ours and every evening I am having to move things round the house to make way for the next thing! I hope to be back next week. Love your LO. Happy WOYWW. Caro xxx

Catriona said...

Lovely busy desk and I spy a cropodile-I have a love/hate relationship with mine but not as bad as the Bind it all which is just really hate! Your story of distraction is the story of my life just now. X

Neet said...

I remember buying Basic Grey papers and falling in love with them. I never bought lots because at the time I thought they were expensive but they were the papers I bought and pulled out - stroked - and put back again. bet I still have some bits even now after about X no of years.
Oh dear, the Glossy Accents incident sounds familiar. I often do that with those nozzles. Mine is upside down (not cut though) at the moment as it is nearing the end and I cannot find any to buy - unless I pay terribly high prices. I am hanging on as long as I can.
Btw - the Geisha did not go well this morning, the video went kaput three times and ~I missed the most important bit for me (drawing the eyes) but I did enjoy the background we painted and will be doing more with those colours.
Off to practice eyes.
Hugs, Neet xx

StampinCarol said...

I remember many years ago buying Basic Grey. I may still have a sheet or 2. I think we all have the same problem with our Glossy Accents. I keep an opened paper clip to help unplug mine but I do better if I do all my accents at the same time then go wash out the glossy accents lid. What a pain.
Hope you can get out soon! Have a great week.
Carol N #24


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Shoshi said...

You've got some lovely papers there, Julia. Thanks for your visit, and I'm glad you liked the progress on the cat blanket. I've started crocheting squares together now - something I've never attempted before, and it's going well now I've mastered the lovely pattern I found online.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #21

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