Wednesday 3 June 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 574

Whizzday? You bet. I am struggling with the speed of time. I could do with some lessons in quantum physics so that I can understand why my life is passing at such a pace. But obviously I can’t take lesson in quantum physics. Quite apart from my complete inability at sums and especially the ones that involve brackets, I haven’t got time.
This morning’s desk shot shows very little of what’s actually been happening. I’ve stamped a load of pics and spent the last hour of the last few afternoons colouring in. Sitting in the garden and enjoying the shade, gentle breeze, the perfume of my wonderful roses and the sound of a neighbour using a very whiny electric sander. Seriously, if he was sanding garden furniture, it must be doll’s house furniture by now. Five full afternoons in a row. I wonder if perhaps whilst on furlough, he’s taken to restoring or upcycling. Who knows. Might not even be a he. Damaging to my mojo though, that sander. But hey, it’s weekdays and let’s face it, usually we aren’t all at home. Which leads me to another thing. I’ve had to work this week. Really. Proper, wear-steel-toe-caps-in-the-workshop work. So the colouring in has been bliss. You can’t even see the felt tips because I store them in the dark of my real workroom; now I’ve found pens that I really like (the Tri-Blends), I’m not about to leave them in the sun and heat!  Anyway, digression aside, I’ll photo the cards I make from the random pictures I’ve coloured and you will see just how random my stamp choices are!
Meanwhile, show us your desks, please, its the name of the game! Put WOYWW in your post title and link your blog here, as usual please. Apart from shopping, I’m having the day off. Don’t tell anyone.


Sarah Brennan said...

Enjoy your day off Julia, I have no doubt that you have earned it. Look forward to seeing the images that you have been colouring. Hope the garden is quieter for you soon. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

Helen said...

Morning! so nice to be able to link up personally this week (with a long blurb about what happened!) Enjoy your day off - I've been trying to book an online food shop so I don't have to rely on neighbours or my boss for shopping (she's been great) but still can't get a slot in the next few days so favours it will have to be! Helen #3

glitterandglue said...

Morning Julia. Goodness - I clicked refresh at the right time this morning, didn't I? Amazing how much a little bit more noise has affected us - I know there are more cars on the road, the neighbour's builder in full "cement mixer" mode, even the exhaustion I felt after staying outside last Thursday after the big clap to talk to my neighbours for 45 minutes... how used to the quiet we have become, so quickly. But how beautiful to do your colouring outside - in the shade!! You mean you have shade in your garden... oh bliss. Looking forward to seeing the results of your labours.
Take care, dear girl. Stay safe. God bless.
Margaret #1

Annie said...

Sounds like you’ve earned your day off so I’m telling no one....enjoy. I’ve had a couple of days off lately and to be honest I’ve twiddled my thumbs....I prefer to be kept busy. First day in ages it’s raining today so no sitting in the garden for us today but I think I can actually hear the plants drinking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Annie x

craftyani said...

Old age is a sign of days passing quickly!! Know what you mean about sanders etc. Spanish workmen can't work with a hammer and chisel even if they are decorating. It has been so quiet over the last months with only the birds chirping, but normal is beginning to resume. Have a good week. Ani #2

Mariane said...

G'morning Julia,

I can relate to the days that are over before they began. It is a strange thing that Time, I can't figure out where it is gone. I do hope you get a great day with a lot of superb moments!!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Mariane #8

Mrs.D said...

Morning Julia, I know what you mean about time, I missed last Wednesday completely, and today almost took me by surprise too.
Sorry your quiet garden crafting was disturbed by DIY, it is annoying when something like that goes on and on, however looking forward to seeing the coloured images next week
Thanks for sharing
Chris #10

Lillianb said...

Hope the sanding stops soon and its quite for you Julia, I also keep my pens in the dark Julia,

Take care and stay safe

love lilian # 11

Shoshi said...

I think this is actually Whiz Year, not just Whiz Day or Week! I know what you mean about quantum physics. I’d love to understand it but managed to achieve 6 percent in a maths exam at school once... but they did say that Einstein wasn’t much good at adding up, so perhaps there’s hope for us all. I’m glad you’ve managed to snatch a day off, even if it was rather noisy in the garden. We have our own local noises to put up with, too, but I try to let them merge into the background. The weather has been so glorious and it seems a shame to miss it.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #14

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, it's not so sunny today here and looks like we've had rain which we could certainly do with. Look forward to seeing the cards. Have a lovely, hopefully quiet, day. Big woyww hugs, Angela x15x

Twiglet said...

Lots of DIY going on in our neighbourhood too - gets a bit much on a lovely sunny day but today its raining so I will be in my sewing room - need a new project now! Enjoy your crafting when time allows and don't worry about swotting up your quantum physics!! xx Jo

Sue said...

Happy WOYWW Julia.

Glad you have been able to sit outside and enjoy your garden, especially after hacving to work.

Lets hope the sanding is finished now.

Take care.

Lynn Holland said...

Morning Julia
I know exactly what you’re saying on two points.
One - where the heck is time going, every day flies by and so do the weeks.
Two - Noisy neighbours. Dog barking is driving me insane. Next doors beagle with his deep harrumph and a crossbreed yorkie that never stops. So much for the peace of the countryside.
Rant over. Hope you find some peace at your house
Lynn xxx 17

BJ said...

Know what you mean about the sander, an old guy was using a jet wash thingy a few weeks ago for days on end doing his drive. Then he put up a security light which came on and shone straight into our garden and house all night, fortunately he was back up his ladder the following day to rectify that! All fun and games I guess. BJ#19

Lisa-Jane said...

Good morning my lovely! I'm glad you're getting SOME craft time in, in between wearing steel toe caps and wincing against the noise. We have a neighbour who does DIY. A lot. We moved in 5 years ago and the sawing and sanding went on for so long that we believed he must be making a very large sauna that he was lining with wood. Now we think he must have been lining every single room in his house with wood because night after night it goes on for weeks at a time. Still, I guess there are worse things! I managed to get some comments last week so it must all be working okay (I think / hope!) Best wishes, Lisa-Jane #17

Lunch Lady Jan said...

We have a sanding neighbour too, but it doesn't go on all the time to be fair. It's raining here a little but is so close, at least its cooler though which I'm happier about! Blimey, real work this week? What is Mr D thinking of? We are all ok here in Wales and have the heady excitement of being able to meet with one friend but really, we're quite happy not to!
Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

Anne said...

Good morning. The weather has turned - cooler and raining so for me its chores, I have put them off long enough- well that's the plan! Enjoy your day off! :-) Anne x 22

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. How wonderful to be outside colouring. I need to watch videos on my iPad at the moment whilst I work through the lessons, and struggle to see the screen out in the sunshine - and today it is cold and windy again! I haven't used the Triblends myself, but seen them demonstrated. I may well get some to try out one day (to satisfy my love of pens!). Ali x #23

My name is Cindy said...

Well I would say good morning but it's nearly afternoon and I'm only just at my desk!! I do sympathise with the sander, we had a few days of next door's driveway being kango'ed to allow for some work. Not complaining though because it has resulted in a very nice new fence with lovely gravel boards that he has put down our side to make it much more attractive than the unfinished edge that was there before. Well pleased. Have a wonderful 'day off!!'. Happy WOYWW, Stay well, stay safe, Cindy #24

Christine said...

I empathise completely! our neighbour takes four hours to mow his patch of lawn and then has to power wash the tiny patio . . . . the noise just grates doesn't it? But the power of the silence afterwards!?!

Look forward to seeing your finished cards, enjoy the day off, hope it 's not raining where you are.
God Bless you and yours
Christine #26

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, sitting outside colouring sounds fab. The sander I can believe is annoying. Occasionally someone round here will use something similar, and it does drive you nuts. Even worse if they're doing it indoors, as it vibrates the whole house.Totally with you on the maths, I'm fine as long as only numbers are involved, but the minute they throw letters in, or even worse now, those weird squiggles,reckon it's more like hieroglyphics than maths. Huge hugs & lots of love, Stay safe, Shaz #12 XxXx

Neet said...

Oh Julia, would love to see you in your work gear! How sensible of Mr D to make you wear steel toe capped boots.
Sounds a bit like my days, sitting colouring in - I would have gone spare by now had it not been for all the Dylusion figures I had ready stamped. They have been my saviour in days of pain. I just cannot sit and do nothing. If my hands are occupied I am a happy bunny. Unless I am gabbing of course which is what I would have been doing at the weekend crop had the world not gone all wrong. Let's hope we get to do one later in the year.
Your afternoon sounded rather idyllic with the gentle breeze and the perfume of the roses until I got to the bit about the sander. Bet you could have throttled him/her.
Must say I am looking forward to seeing your "random pictures". Next week maybe?
Stay safe, well and just as you are
Take care my lovely
Hugs, Neet 9 xx

Stacy Sheldon said...

Happy day off Julia, Uugg steel toed boots. enjoy this playtime, I am halfway wondering if playing music may give a corner of your brain some happy over the neighbors sound effects? ~Stacy #31

Lindart said...

I can empathize with you regarding the noise, my neighbor is weed wacking and it's very annoying, especially for Mittsy who hates loud noises. Your desk looks very busy today, enjoy your colouring! Lindart #32

Kelly said...

Good morning, Miss Julia.
My desk is barely more exciting than yours. The weather for you is just too nice to pass up and mine is all about trying to finish the studio redo. Only 6 days to finish. Ack!
Maybe when this is all over you can check in with your neighbor and let him/ her know all his sanding has raised your curiousty... that you'd love to see what he's been working on. ;-) Creative Blessings! Kelly #29

Crafting With Jack said...

Enjoy your day off Julia, hope it's not raining for you! I am with on the whiny motor, it starts to get to you after a while. Sound does carry on these fine days. Fire works went off last week and I actually was frightened as I couldn't see any fireworks! They were the other side of house, you could hear all the dogs in the street barking! Decided I having a lazy day too x Angela # 30

Caro said...

I'm glad you are having a day off! I hope you have enjoyed it despite the change in weather. In answer to your comment on my blog, the TV show "Taskmaster" has been around for a few years now. It was the brain child of Alex Horne and during lockdown he has set 'Hometasking' challenges to amuse us all and that is what Alex has been doing. All good fun. Take care my friend. I hope you have a good week. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#7)

Belinda said...

Hello, my friend! Yes, the time seems to be rushing by so fast. I felt like I was just typing my last post and it's time for a new one. Glad to hear you had some time to color and spend some time in nature. I can totally relate. My neighbor is doing renovations and its loud and she is loud. I like to work in my craft room with the window open in the warm season. Well, she sits on her front porch and talks so loud on her phone I am convinced she has a hearing problem. I usually cave and shut the window. I am on my deck now and I am listening to the cardinals while I type. I am trying to find some peace among the madness occurring here in America. Stay well my friend.
Belinda (now let me see if I can remember my number...I think it is #34)

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Julia!
How do you juggle all the pens to color outside? Do you have a table there, too? You've painted a lovely picture, in the garden, coloring. (sander aside)

I have a small collection of tri-blends. Still getting the hang of them, but fun!

So what were you doing with your steeled toed boots?

Happy Wednesday.

Kathryn #34 ( keep forgetting to put the number that I posted in, in my comments. Slow to learn new tricks....)

StampinCarol said...

I hope your neighbor finishes his project soon. Even during day hours it can be annoying. Sounds like you do have some quiet time coloring in a very nice place! Looking forward to what you're coloring!
Have a wonderful week!
Carol n #27

sandra de said...

Apologies Julia I thought I had commented but have found in my rush to link up I then rush around commenting to everyone but you. I am always touched by woyww's kind comments about my paintings and as you can see I have the attention span of a gnat and sometimes completely forget my starting point. Whenever some noisy neighbour is wrecking my peace and quite I discover it is dear hubby fixing something that just had to be fixed!! Have a great week.
Sandra de @11

Marit said...

I got stressed just READING about that sander... which makes me realize once again I am so glad we were able to move houses two years ago, and leave our ugly-noisy-flat-building behind... I (we) developed a fobia for noise in those years we lived there... hope your neighbour is done by now! I'm curious to see all your colouring! Happy - belated - woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #20

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Julia too tired last night to comment and not much better tonight.. seems every day is packed as you say.. not if related to quantum physics but def draining. Dping three days or at least two to catch up and actually have time for a walk. Incidental walks by parking car a block from appt or shops, although good not quite the same. At least this week I remembered to put out bins, last week I totally forgot.. not bad for mine are minimalist, but bad as responsible for neighbours, too! Oops.
Mmm, that mention of the Tri-Blends sent me scurrying to research.. 15 mins later, several blogs sites including a video im infurnef!
..well made by spectrum noir by crafters companion which I found is home grown firm in north east of beautiful England, my grandparents stamping ground. In Oz a set costs $240, really crummy $ so wont arrive here anytime soon. I'm also huge fan of brush tip, and it has finer tip. Sympathy re sander, hopefully done by now, good you can wear steel tips not sure I could!
Happy belated WOYWW 😊
Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X #no.?? No idea.. brain dead!

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Shoshi said...

Thank you for your visit, Julia, and for your birthday wishes. And yes, I can give you credit for getting going on my UFOs - without your challenge I doubt I'd have got them out and looked at them, and it was the kick up the pants that I needed to get me started on them! I didn't know what entrelac was so had to look it up - it looks extremely complicated to do! My knitting is pretty simple really - just stocking stitch, but going overboard with lots of colours, which is what Kaffe Fasset does. I agree that a tight edge on ribbing is horrible, and the stretchy edge is so lovely and soft, but retains its shape really well too. I don't think I shall ever cast on or off in the normal way ever again! I laughed at your description of the noise of the palm trees sending you running to put your cushions away! There are a lot of palm trees around Torquay.

Shoshi #14