Sunday, 7 June 2020

It seems to be working.....

This is almost a test post; to see if I can use my iPad directly through the Blogger interface - as you know, I was driven to pay for an App to be able to blog from the iPad. The first thing I notice about this new Blogger is that the font I use, Trebuchet, has changed! This one is called Verdana and is crisp and clear and Sans, which suits me well. It’s not too different to the font in my last post, in Trebuchet. But now, Trebuchet looks like this. So, has Blogger had it wrong all these years or just chosen to reassign names and styles? I do not know. Changing back now, this font does not suit me.
An almost decoy; one of many LOs I’ve done during lockdown and whilst gossiping online with The Coven. It details the beginning of my shop, Stamping Ground, back in 2000 when stamping was fairly new in this country and not many people were foolish enough to make a B&M business out of it. So if Billy Jane reads this, it will make her gasp, because she scraps chronologically and isn’t far behind in terms of years. This pic is twenty years old. But take heart BJ..the photo I used on a LO yesterday was taken last month!
I should like to know if you’re sticking with Blogger ‘legacy’ or trying out the new interface and more, I’d like to know if you find it use-able. I’m a bit change resistant and didn’t like the idea of it, particularly this thing about using little icons instead of words. Tapping on little icons with fat fingers often results in the wrong, er, result. I may have inadvertently helped Blogger out with this though, as I’m sure a lot of you have too. I have a lovely screen tap tool- an Apple Pencil - it’s the best investment I’ve made in terms of iPad usage. However, thats coincidental to the Blogger changes. I got the Pencil because ha, well, my daughter had one and she let me play with it and I really liked it and I’m such a kid.
Accessing photos hasn’t been difficult either, although I cannot yet work out how to enlarge them! A greater mind than mine will tell me very soon, I hope! One of the 
Problems that originally drove me to use an App for blogging on iPad was that I could type as far as I could see on the screen and then it wouldn’t scroll or allow any further content. That doesn’t appear to be happening. Indeed this post is two photos and lots of words longer than I would have previously been able to achieve. So I’m going to encourage you to try new Blogger, send them your thoughts, hates, problems but also tell us! The more we discover, the more likely that we can write sentences about interfaces and such that make us sound as if we really know what we’re doing! OK, I accept it, that was very probably a ‘royal’ we!


Julia Dunnit said...

Alignment seems to have escaped me...I cannot blame Blogger for that part of it, but the silly icons made me doubt the availability of a preview page so I didn’t check it. Not bad though, huh!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Julia... yess it’s me, Miss very bad, I is done hardly any visiting just doing a wee bit on Sunday evening before beddy byes or prayer then 😴
.. now I saw your new post so had to comment.. after all to quote Jan it would be rude not wouldn’t it?😆😉
I’m totally gobsmacked you were once shopkeeper gal!
How’s about that!
I’ve officially been stamping three decades, as bought my first stamp, emb. powder, ink pads in 1990. Cooked EP on toaster for five years, before finally seeing a Wagner gun in Oz for $65 in 1995, and believe that was a lot of $ in those days. Most stamps only wooden and few clear on Perspex block, they were $15 or so up to $20 so it was a very gradual acquisition.

Re blogger. The + there now.
Wasn’t before.. on iPad I am.
I can usually write all my post if not really long on iPad. I add all photos at the end as find it more co-operative.
Ie do all script then add photos on mobile cos that’s where they are.

I can’t add photos on iPad at all on iPad.
Just tried again. It might be that I’ve an old iPad Air about four or five years old. Used to though on old blogger sometimes.

Anyway the drop downs on all tabs across from pictures tab on right to over to left side don’t show to have a shadow affect as if it is trying to appear.
Photos are enlarged by tapping on photo (this is on phone nothing as said on iPad) a box of icons come up at bottom to left of image.. you tap on the pen icon .. yes an ICON!!! and it brings up sizes for you and option to add caption etc. I find so far for things that do actually work they’re intuitive ... but not for iPad. Can write it but that is it, like old blogger.
If you want to know how to schedule it’s on side ..right drop down settings cog ICON! And select clock icon 😆 as before, and chose date etc.
There that’s all my commenting time used up.
I must go.
If can’t find wee pen icon I’ve taken screen shot for you. Can email.
I’ve suggested they do a How to video.... !
Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too, especially in these uncertain days. He is a sure Rock to those who trust in Him! Praying you’re all kept well too!
Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x 😊

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've never head of an Apple Pencil! Will have to have a look see now though I'm not sure what I'd use one for..... I was going to explain about sizing the photos but Shaz beat me to it! Now I've got used to the new Blogger, I quite like it , the only thing that irks me is that I used to upload all my photos in one go before using them individually as the blog progresses and now if if I do that, it puts them all onto the post in one fell swoop which isn't useful for me. Hey ho, before we know it, it'll be second nature!
Love the pic outside the Gin House, blimey that seems aeons ago now.....I'll look forward to our next trip,
Hugs LLJ xxxx

Di said...

Hi Julia! Quick comment as you use an iPad and I use my laptop for blogging with the new interface. I discovered that if you click on the photo on your device it gets the expand and contract frame around it so you just squish it as you would on your phone or iPad. Slightly more tricky on a laptop but just pull on a corner for it to expand/contract evenly. Good luck kid! Shaz seems to be doing it differently - need to go back and check :)

Di x

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Hi Julia, I'm not liking the new blogger interface so far mainly because I really don't have the time to learn where they have moved everything, it's the just one reason why I have not been online, lockdown or even it's slow release doesn't give me any more free time than before the world once was..
I don't use an ipad or my phone to blog just a simple laptop so i'm not sure what is similar in comparison but to enlarge photographs using my laptop if you click on the photo it should bring up a bar that gives you three alignments and a little stick that looks like a pencil, if you click it it gives you the option to change picture sizes.. I'll keep my fingers crossed it's the same on ipad.
Not sure if i'll be able to make it to WOYWW again this week but if I can I will.. until then keep safe & keep that 2 metre distance when ever you can, even when GIN is on the offer hee heee... Sunday hugs Tracey xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I will be staying with Legacy because I don't own a cell phone (STILL), have a laptop, or an I-anything. Just a desktop computer, so I don't need to change how I blog. I've already clicked to stay with Legacy, but I may need to do it again when they move me later in the month. Looks like it won't be long and you'll be an old pro at the new blogger.

That was a small beginning indeed, but you sure started out with a great concept. It's odd how the stamping industry has changed over the years. I still prefer wooden block stamps when I DO decide to stamp something. Most of my friends who stamp have removed their wooden blocks from their old stamps and they seem to prefer the clear stamps, which I hate because they fall off the acrylic block. WOW, I got off topic, didn't I? Weren't we originally talking about the new Blogger?

Sue said...

Hi Julia, Love the LO and a lovely photo of you and Jan. If I click on the photos it goes bigger. I don't know how you make them bigger as you add them tho9ugh.

Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue

Mariane said...

G'afternoon, Julia,

I have used Blogger a long time ago (still have on a blog on it) But I have never been satisfied with their features, so I went to and have had more fun using their feature and all. I never use tablets nor phone for blogging, only my Desktop - I tried to see if I could read your blog on my phone - text was ok but I have to click on small icons to see the images.
I guess we are all using what we feel is best for ourself?

Have a great day!!
Kind regards

Anne said...

Hi Julia. I just clicked on 'you' on side bar of my blog - thought I'd give it a try- have had trouble as you know getting onto your blog- and was astounded came straight to you! No delays! No warnings etc - brilliant!

Anne said...

PS - from my phone! Android.

Lynn Holland said...

Oh cripes I haven’t a clue what you’re all on about so I can only offer that I haven’t used my iPad for years as it was the first one and became really slow.
My blog is written using my iPhone and an app called Blog Touch.
So now I’m out of that conversation I can go back to drooling over your shop pictures and thinking how I would like to play in there till Lockdown is over haha.
See you soon xx

Helen said...

I did click on "try new blogger" the other week (just after my escapade I think) but didn't stick to it at the time... I am sure like most things we will get used to it eventually.. I have heard people moan about not being able to put photos where they want them, but until I play properly I cannot comment... I only every blog from the computer (when I tried to do so from my phone I couldn't see a damn thing because the screen is too small!) and I don't have a tablet, i- or other wise!

Heather M said...

Hi Julia,
First time I've logged on Blogger in weeks, and I clicked to try the new version, and ended up on your blog to check out the WOYWW number...

I never realised you had a shop. How exciting! My late friend and I had a dream of running an afternoon tea and craft shop in Cornwall. But I could never move that far away from my girls, so it never came to anything.

I'll report back when I've had a few tries on the new blogger. Great pic of you and Jan. Take care, Heather x

Ali Wade Designs said...

As a diehard Wordpress user now, I cannot comment on the new Blogger, although will go and investigate. I use my iPad for almost everything now, especially as my phone has suddenly started to refuse to connect to wifi. I ran out of data on my mobile contract over a week ago, bought a top-up and that ran out yesterday (mainly use of Instagram). I must sit down today and investigate why it won't connect up. I have to take photos and videos with my iPad or they don't get loaded to Dropbox, which is just awkward. Tech is fantastic when it works! Ali x ps The 'old' font was easier to read.