Wednesday, 15 January 2020

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 554

Well, I sort of justified the mess that you can see in my last post. I’ve had five minutes here and there and just carried on adding to it. 
You can see a pair of legs just poking out from the mess on the glass mat. It’s a Julie Nutting figure. I got carried away and thought a couple of cards with this gal on it would be nice. But oh boy, it takes so long to colour and piece and cut out....really stopped me in my tracks! I can see 3 pairs of scissors and a scalpel, not bad. On the far right is a Christmas bauble stencil...I love the swirly design and use it quite a lot, so I don’t include it in my Christmas box of stash that goes well away for a rest. You can see upturned wood mounted stamps scattered a bit at right...and a teetering pile too. It will all be sorted this morning before I have to go out. I need to come back and not have to face it! Want a twofer? Here’s the opened an in use box of cards and envelopes that I’m slowly using up. I can’t use them for workshops because there aren’t enough of each, or they aren’t available any more, so it’s a slow but steady thing. But now they’re in this long box and I can see them all, I am actually using them. Lots, huh.
 Bonus...with the lid on, this box makes a marvellous foot rest! The two boxes at left contain tools and multiples for workshops etc. And there’s a set of drawers that contains my much reduced clear stamps. Sorting and clearing continues. An idea for a really decent way to store the clear stamps would be welcome....I think they are much harder than wood mounts to look after and store.
Enough already, please share and tell with your own spaces, it’s where the best ideas come from!


Sarah Brennan said...

I have started using DVD cases without the inner to store clear stamps Julia. I am intending to get one of those Billy DVD towers from IKEA to store all the cases in as they will take 80+ which is an large amount of stamps. I simply use copy paper and label the spines for ease of finding. Hope you get tidy and have more that 5 minute slots to craft in soon. I have put the crop date in the shed diary! Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

Helen said...

Good to see you are still getting some crafting done here and there- I can see why you use that stencil lots. Clear stamp storage? In their packets in boxes. Stencils also stored in their packets to avoid damage and stored in a box on show (everything is on show let's face it!) as I used them lots. Keeping them in their packets also allows for speedier retrieval when needed. Helen #1

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, this has to be quick today but I'll be back later to check everything out but You'll probably realise why when you see my desk for today, it's way more tidy than yours Lol! but in this case that's a good thing. Have a very happy and creative woywww, Angela x3x Yes I'm way up the numbers today too!

Neet said...

I store um stamps by type (floral, leaves, cute etc) whether they are clear or what. The rubber ones are o EZ Mount ad they all go in tins with the type written on the front. My Stamping Up stamps (from my friend in America in the past) are in cases and they rarely get used because I forget about them. Maybe I will transfer them to my tins some day. Maybe not - there are so many.
I do need a good sort out.
Hugs, Neet 6 xx
ps I know what you mean about the box to put your feet on - I used to have one

Annie said...

Now, that’s what I call a busy desk today. Well done you. You have everything just to hand there for when it’s needed. Good luck with reducing the cards in the box....I have one like that hidden away somewhere that I doubt I will ever get to the bottom of lol
Annie x

Lynn Holland said...

Your card d box looks like my fabric stash. I think you’ll get through your lot before I will.
I’ve got a list of stuff to do today once I’ve had a look round the desks so I better get a skip on.
Have a good week Julia and thank you for your lovely comments last week
Lynn xx

Twiglet said...

I have boxes of card like that - they really belong to Tilly but I seem to be storing them for her!!! Have a good week. xx Jo

Caro said...

Lovely busy desk this week. My stamp storage is awful so I am not the best person to ask - I have lots of clear boxes with stamps jumbled in - each box is labelled flowers, people, animals etc, but that is it! I have a cushion under my desk for my feet- lovely and comfy! Happy WOYWW. Have a lovely week, with love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#5)

Kelly said...

Good morning, Miss Julia

I have a large box of cards/ envelopes behind me that are on my 'use up' list. Tons of SU retired pre-cut card bases as well.

I store all of my stamps in DVD cases. Any wood mounted are in the SU cases. Then all are in Photo boxes by category so if I'm looking for something with animals, for example, I know which photo box to pull out. Did I mention all of stamps are cataloged? LOL I can flip through the catalog to see what I have then know which box to find that particular stamp in. yeah.. I'm way too organized sometimes. Just don't look at my studio at the moment. LOL

Creative Blessings!
Kel - #15

Belinda Basson said...

Hello, Ive made it 2 weeks in a row... don't faint! I do love my Julie dolls, but yes... they take time

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I knew the tidy desk with space couldn't last long. lol! It's good to see that you're able to sneak in a bit of stamping here and there in your busy life. Let's catch up soon xxx
Hugs LLJ 8 xx

Shoshi said...

Lovely messy desk, Julia! And a very practical foot rest, too. I store both clear and cling-mount rubber stamps in their original packaging, inside ziplock bags which hang from a rail above my desk. Each bag contains themed cards (butterflies, sentiments, flowers, etc.). This way I can find what I need, and also know at a glance the manufacturer of the stamp. My only problem is that these days my storage system isn't big enough!!

Thank you for your visit and your encouraging comment. One of the problems of having a dedicated space is that you CAN just leave stuff - indefinitely lol! Perhaps I need the discipline of getting on and tidying up so that the space can be used for something else, e.g. normal activities like eating lunch.

I need to investigate SCAL further, to find out about cutting/drawing lines. I think cutting software is improving all the time. I hated my old set-up with SignCut and am glad to have moved on from that. We shall see, anyway! I enjoy vector drawing and and can do it in comfort on the laptop with my feet up.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #13

Stacy Sheldon said...

HI Julia, yep I am doing the same thing with A2 sized cards and envelopes I picked up over the years, I tend to make larger cards so, those gathered into a full drawers worth.

I have been moving my clear stamps and my unmounted from wood to cling foam stamps to laminated sheets of cheap plain cardstock that are inside cheap Amazon plastic pockets ( like the avery elle ones) and what I have found is, it does work but,they are big dust catchers on a shelf when upright in containers so, I have tried having hand towels over the top ( so they can get tossed in the wash) and the dust still gets through that but, right now I am trying some muslin sheets that would have been "walls" for the metal frames of my booth walls but, they were two pieces that got stained over the years ( before I got smart and started installing the fabric panels after the metals were screwed together at the events) so, not sure yet that this is any better but time will tell.

( I am hoping that as I create enough room I can move these off the shelf and into the legal sized drawers of metal file cabinets I have but, have not done that yet)

the ones inside the baby dresser drawers where I shoot things are dust free. sorry its such a novel. Stacy

Lillianb said...

I have my stamps stored it large clear boxes but its not the best way as I have to go through them every time i want a different stamp,

Lilian B # 7

Dorlene Durham said...

I’ll have to read your comments later because I need ideas on how to store my clear stamps too. It’s a long process! Happy WOYWW! Dorlene #19

Elizabeth said...

Sadly, Julia, I haven't yet come up with the ideal way to store clear stamps. The best I've tried yet is empty DVD/CD boxes but it's not perfect. Seems that a goodly number of crafter's are sorting out boxes of stash at the moment - it's a January thing. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #18

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I totally agree on the clear stamps. I have some small in CD cases and it works well, The larger I keep how they came in package by designer then by trees, flowers, words, etc but it is a mess they are in crates and they take up too much room Someone suggested ring binders, but I have no room for them either. I've been looking for 2 rolodex's in and under spots, to no avail but I did find lots of other things !!! I am a store within my crafty space. In over my head !!! GOOD LUCK.

Crafting With Jack said...

I mount my clear stamps onto A4 acrylic or plastic A4 sheets and store them in folding A4 boxes or pastic A4 folders. A lot of mine were free from magazines so already were on A4 acrylic. Last year the plan was to go through them and only keep the ones I wanted, too much work, but it needs doing. Great idea having the cards where you can use them. I find if it's handy it get's used :)
Happy WOYWW x Angela #22

StampinCarol said...

Looks like you're getting more done than me as I've developed a cold. Drat. Anyway, Thanks for popping by and hope you get accomplished what you need!
Carol N #16

Catriona said...

I have a large box of “not enoughs” as well, Julia. Sometimes when I’m teaching my voluntary classes I just ask people to choose a card. As we’re an upcycling project, they understand that I have to use what’s available. I’m trying to finish my rather large shawl before I do anything else.

Lindsay Weirich said...

I am so glad you are still doing this! Where have I been LOL! Your desk is marvelous and I love the pin of paper to use under your desk, clever!

Late Blooming said...

I didn't know this way still a thing. My mojo has been taken over by life things so maybe this will get me going again.

Little Dorrit does... said...

Such a good idea to have the box of cards and envelopes where you can see them and be prompted to use them. Half the time I forget what I actually have when it's tidily squirreled away out of sight!
Have a good week!
Amelia (24)

Lindart said...

What a great stash of cards and envelopes! Your desk looks lovely and creative and loved. I really have to get back to mine and give it some lovin'. I don't know what I would do if it weren't for this group of wonderful people, who, even though I don't know any of them personally, are always supporting me, encouraging me, and looking out for me. Like sisters over the ocean (well, most of them are over the ocean!) I really appreciate them, and you. Happy New Year, Lindart #20

Lindart said...

PS: I store all my unmounteds in binders, in pocket folders I have made myself. You can buy pocket folders for most sizes, but some are odd sizes. If you look back far enough on my blog you can see what I've done. And I've unmounted most of my mounted stamps. The binders are stored in categories like flowers, leaves, people, etc. Some people like to store them by company. Lindart

Christine said...

Actually managed to remember to link up!!!!
All my stamps are stored in plastic boxes numbered with the same number as the section in my file. I stamp new stamps onto A4 pages and file them so I can skim through to see which stamps I want to use without hauling out my boxes.... hope that makes sense!
Love the shot of your 'in action' desk.... encouraging I calls it.

Kyla said...

Like others I too use old clear VHS tape cases to store mine and then write the "theme" on the box, eg faces! I had a word with my local charity shop and asked if they had any clear ones they were binning-I never saw someone move so fast....they had a LOT!!
Loving the improvised foot stool too

craftyani said...

Love your new purchases (latest Post) it's a good job I live abroad where I can't purchase craft items so easy. You should start a competition ' how many pairs of scissors, glasses etc can you see on my desk. Have a good week, Ani #4