Monday, 13 January 2020


The time I’ve spent enjoying my wood mounts and making cards has diminished as the reality of New Year, work and routine has fully emerged. I’ve been doing that five minutes here and there thing. It’s ok,it gets stuff done, but oh my word, it feels slow. It also leads to another as yet unnamed phenomenon which I’m sure you’ll be familiar with, whatever your crafty passion. You know the one where you get stuck in for five minutes and just as you’re immersed, totally in the zone and starting to breathe ideas in and out. BANG, time’s up and real life clears your vision and forces you to step away from the inspiration and re-focus. It happens frequently here. So frequently that I don’t even hate it anymore....I’m just resigned to it. The silver lining is that this phenomenon doesn’t put me off bothering with the odd five minutes desk time. I’d never get anything done if I let it!
I’ve been playing with layers of ink rather than layers of paper, and will prolly continue to do so...the cards aren’t CAS, indeed some of them have a ‘layer’, but they aren’t heavy with layers either. Easier to post, although not exactly what I was thinking about as I made them. I’m enjoying the idea of making a card in a single colour. I’ve used an old Stamping Up! set and some of my lovely wood mounts for this selection. Its lovely to just pull a few stamps off the shelf and just use them with no thought of availability or age, something that I have to bear in mind when I’m trying to do workshop samples. I have to clear the desk off and start those very soon. If you’re currently in the middle of a ‘thing’ for a particular style, stamp, colour, direct us to your blog for a look will ya?


Kathryn Frantz said...

I couldn’t do the 5 minute thing. There’s a time warp in my room! I may say and think I’m only going in for 5 minutes.....then I emerge 45 minutes (or more) later! You are such an optimist!

Helen said...

I think it shows great restraint to stick to 5 minutes...I love the results.

Judys Lace Creations said...

Oh dear..what happened to my comment? A bit like my notion of T I M E >>Poof! Away it went.
I am Retired, but even so, I still have to be organised so I have unbroken time to play.
I taught for many years so being interrupted was usual, but I HATE it now!

Sue said...

Hi Julia, I prefer to get stuck in for hours, but that rarely happens these days. Various health problems keep getting in the way.

Love your cards.

Hope you have a good day. Sue

Elizabeth said...

Morning Julia, I think you are doing a great job of using those little pockets if time productively. Me, I'd be so bad at it. I get lost in what I'm doing and forget time. And I even have a timer on my desk - a much neglected timer.

Despite being time poor you're still managing to make lovely cards. I like the effect of the layers of ink and that you are using older stamps - it's so nice to pull out old favourites and think of new ways of using them.

Elizabeth xx

Christine said...

Well, you may be wallowing but a) I so agree with the five minute thing and b) I found your cards quite inspirational. I inspected them closely, from a phone screen, and decided they were very cleverly made. I shall try making some along those lines....the pure pleasure of just using a stamp without having to organise a whole lot of papers and themes must be immense!
Thank you.

Sue Jones said...

Sometimes I only get time to just move stuff around , or have a quick tidy so that it is more enticing next time. Love you inking :)

Dorlene Durham said...

I have that same stamp set and just came across it the other day. I like the backgrounds you created and the cards. 5 minutes doesn’t seem like enough time but to jump in the creative process I guess it works. See you tomorrow