Friday, 9 August 2019

Call me prolific.

It used to be that I would go to a crop and make a few Layouts. Then me and the Coven hit on the idea of a weekend away to scrapbook and so our ‘retreats’ added to my LO Numbers. The thing is, I never scrapped at home. Weird huh. I think I associated the whole scrapbook thing with chat, company, food and escape. Sometimes, I didn’t even unpack between monthly crops! 

Well, under pressure from my special friend Lolly, I joined a Facebook group called Scrapbook Inspirations. It involves challenges, competitions, team games and other online stuff to get you scrapbooking. I hovered for a while and then thought I might as well unpack and try a couple of sketch challenges. After all, no point in joining and then not joining in!
My word, my output has increased. At Christmas I was given a beautiful box to hold photos waiting to be scrapped. Do you know gentle reader, I’ve had to top it up!  Now the thing is...can I be bothered to pack everything up and go to Crop? I know a few who don’t go for precisely this reason. If you want a cut file or to compare ribbon colours, you’ve either got to be prepared to the point of making up a page kit or leave the idea till you get home. I’m not that prepared - surprise!
Well here’s the thing, I will always be packing up and going to Crop. I love being in company that gets the whole cutting and sticking thing. I love being in a room full of people that will collectively ‘ooh’ at a bunch of new embellishments in a pop-up shop. I love the chat with my girlfriends, making new friends, having lunch out, and I love the inspiration and ideas that swirl through the room.
So on a Wednesday when you see the same old same old on my desk and wonder if I do anything but make excuses for not tidying up, at least the mess is legitimate! I admit though, that after a session making one scrapbook page, I have to clear up before I can start again, there is simply too much ‘stuff’ balancing and teetering on any surface! 
My creative process involves getting everything out of everywhere. And likely not using it after a lot of consideration. I may need more photographs in my ‘to do’ box (and I have them, believe me), but I am still a fairly slow page maker! I haven’t set an annual, monthly or weekly target, but I find myself averaging two LOs a week which is prolific for me! 


Helen said...

I have similar issues not knowing what to bring to crops too, mainly for reasons of how big a case I would need lol because I never know what I will feel like doing there. I never realised you only scrapped at crop though. Glad to hear your output is increasing though!!

Kathyk said...

But great to hear you are scrapping your socks off!

Happy Saturday


Sue said...

Hi Julia, Glad the new group is getting you scrapping more. I really need to get at least the scrapbook album I have started finished.

Love your LOs.

I tend to make up the gubbins for LOs, cards, or whatever is being done at my friends craft morning, so I can actually finish things.

Although we made a dream catcher last time. I brought enough stuff home to do another one, but not finished it due to other things needing to be done.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Always love your chats Julia they are so readworthy, and believe me two a week is prolific. I don’t scrap, may well never do so but can enjoy others!
And crops yes they’re worth going from one side of planet too, so certainly down the road. Thanks always for your comments too, they’re gems like you. Love Shaz in Oz.x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I first got into altered books by joining a scrapbook, card making group. It didn't take me long to realize I didn't belong, because I don't do either. But the great thing is, it led to altered books and my ability to use things you don't have to buy if you can't afford them. I think whatever it takes to get you involved in your hobby is worthwhile. For me, it was realizing I did NOT fit in well with these ladies and their craft, because they wanted to buy (and wanted ME to buy) the latest stamps, new papers, embellishments, etc. If camaraderie gets you scrapping, that's great. If challenges get you scrapping at home, that's probably even greater. Either way, what gets you finishing layouts like those two you shared with us, gets my vote. I think these are both INCREDIBLE and both so very different, too.

Kathryn Frantz said...

That's fantastic, Julia! I really need to get on the ball too. I have a room, yes a room, full of pictures. My children are adults and no scrapbook pages, grandchildren, too. None. I don't have any groups around here, although, I have my doubts that they would help me. Congratulations, though. I may have the buried thought, that I won't die until all pictures are lovingly created into albums...!

Belinda Basson said...

I think I need to join a group to get me going again... can't tell you when I last created a scrapbook page!

Neet said...

Two a week sounds good to me - keep going!
Hug, Neet xx