Thursday 25 July 2019

To whom it may concern

It has come to my attention that your colleagues need to be granted extra-ordinary paid leave forthwith.
The less-than-usual climate makes working for a living distinctly difficult; night time temperatures mean that sitting in the garden in the beautiful warm, velvety evenings cause late bed times. Need I remind you about the difficulty of sleeping.  I’ve no doubt that when unable to sleep, you too lie in a muck sweat, considering the chores that weren’t done that evening which must now be attempted before leaving for work in the morning. It’s not at all conducive to mind nurturing, replenishing sleep patterns - and a summer cycle of sleep loss begins. 

The commute has become increasingly difficult. The sun is causing roads to blister, overhead train lines to buckle and a fear and horror of strap hanging on public transport. Stepping out of the front door into the day’s sunlight is fraught with difficulties, there’s so much more to remember for our beleaguered commuter: should I have used sunscreen? If I use sunscreen, will I just look shiny and sticky all day? Has my lipstick got any SPF in it at all? Does my mascara contain anti-melt magic? Where are my sunglasses? Can I remember not to push them onto my head? Especially when I need to use my readers... Is my hair already flat? Is a floppy hat too much? Perhaps I shouldn’t be wearing a sleeveless upper arms could knock chips off a plate if I reach out. These are genuine extra stresses for your colleagues.

Office temperatures are a problem. Air conditioning is actually a negative; there’s always a colleague who wants it set at ‘Arctic’ and another who prefers an open window. Even when it’s blowing hot air and Saharan sand onto her desk whilst spoiling every ‘to do’ pile across every other desk. The understanding, tolerance (note my use of a trending management word) and indeed, smiling celebration of and between the different office personalities will be at risk. 

A slightly warm packed lunch because of the overloaded, dodgy fridge won’t help either. Nor does a desperate trip to Marks for a decent sandwich in a time limited period. All the stress of a commute and leaving the building as detailed above, but compressed into a ridiculously short time line. Unless you’re buying as a prelude to granting time off, don’t bother suggesting a pub by the river either. It will be packed full of people who don’t have to go back to work, the staff will have suffered from the heat too and be rushing around trying to satiate their bosses desire to ‘rake it in’. And those that manage a rare pub lunch break will be too hot, possibly sun burned and totally unable to stay awake after 3pm.

A good summer does not provide you with a motivated and productive workforce. Cut your losses, and see the big picture. You won’t have to work either. It’ll be fine and you’ll be so popular that production, sales and graphs will immediately spike at the onset of autumn. 

I mean it most Sincerely.



Sue said...

Julia, The thing is, it's all true:) LOL

Hope you can keep cool today. Sue

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can relate.

Stay cool in this heat wave. I'm lucky to have AC, but I know many in Europe don't have that luxury, at least not in their homes.

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Julia I believe we have both been rolling around at night with the same thoughts but for me it's all about the Mom's and Mums! Re-writing their shopping lists thinking of ways to make sure they are comfortable during these times of silliness with our weather. It's as if it's getting its own back on us after all our years of being typically *British* and complaining when it blows hot or cold.
I've had to postpone the relaying of my decking this week, The thought of wilting workmen outside whilst I'm trapped inside with the doors and windows was a horrid thought... could have been even worse if my radiators were on!!
I'm currently queuing on the shower, waiting on my Son who's been in there for over 30 minutes probably just letting the cold water run whilst he thinks of his horrid commute into the City then to sit in a stuffy University whilst he worries about the final weeks of finishing his Masters..
I bid you good day and hope that you find somewhere cool to collect those thoughts and can sleep a little easier tonight... if not remember I'll be with you :)) Hugs Tracey xx
P.S Take the opportunity to buy make up from hotter climates whilst abroad on holiday, I believe it is the secret to keeping make up from sliding off our faces before we reach our destination xx

Christine said...


Helen said...

Got sent home at 2 as our non air conditioned office is to hot. so now I am watching the cricket, bonus!! You do know we'll all be moaning that it is too cold/wet/snowy before long, don't you?!!

Unknown said...

Lol love it Julia

Neet said...

Had a bad night last night - despite the overhead fan, windows open, cotton sheet only etc etc. Are we a nation of grumblers? It is either too hot or too wet, or too cold or too something but oh heck - it is too damned hot!
Hugs, Neet xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

LOL - all very valid arguments!