Friday, 7 June 2019


It’s been raining in stair rods. I can’t quite get over the force of it....the garden might need it (badly) but it’s hammering the flowers!
I’ve collected my grown up baby gal from the station, so my home is as it should be.
I was up and about quite early, so an early elevenses , about tensy actually, involved finishing a LO. Get me.
I’ve had to tackle some accounts queries for work and decided that whatever else I do for book keeping, I will not be using Quickbooks ever again. This feels good.
I remembered to tell you that I’ve made a huge donation of £262 to Alzheimer’s Research. This is profit and donations from the WOYWW Crop. Isn’t that a fabulous amount of generosity. 
I’ve got to do some ironing. It will be no hardship a Miss Dunnit is already pottering around upstairs so will be able to keep me company.
I’ve had a haircut. That feels pretty good too. Am grateful to have thick hair, but if gets past five weeks.....urgh. 
I’ve finally put my crown on a shelf by my desk. I think Mr Dunnit was beginning to think I was going to keep it on the arm of my chair all the time. Well, my ego has deflated a little since last weekend, so this proximity to my most used space will do! 


Elizabeth said...

It rained here earlier too, Julia. And that necessitated a mad dash to bring in the washing. So, like you, I now have a pile of ironing. Happily, the postie brought me a scrapbooking kit so with a bit of effort I might even get a LO done but that would mean neglecting that pile of ironing. Could be a plan. The donation to Alheimer's Research is wonderful - such a good cause. Enjoy your daughter's visit. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Twiglet said...

Same weather here too - awful! Enjoy your time with your girl - I am blessed at having mine nearby - I really appreciate her company so hope you have a fab time. Glad the tiara is still twinkling! xx Jo

Sue said...

Hi Julia, Glad you have your daughter there. Hope you get plenty of girlie time together.

Thank you for donating the money to Alzheimers Research. My mum had dementia, so it's close to my heart.

I want you to promise you will always have your crown close by, so any time you need reminding how special you are to a lot of people, you pop it on.


Helen said...

we had less heavy rain than they forecast, which I am hoping means tomorrow also (Kew, of course) will be less wet than predicted too... Hope you got the ironing done (hateful chore, luckily I don't wear a lot that insists on being crease-free so I get away with doing it often. Have a fab weekend.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Ah, so I'm not the ONLY one who gets buckets of rain all at once. So glad you can share some of that radiance you felt at the crop with Miss Dunnit. Keep that crown handy. It's a reminder of what you created on what may have been a whim, but has now turned into a phenomenon. You loyal court bows (or is that curtsies) to you, dear!

Annie said...

Have a wonderful time with your gorgeous girl. Today I’ve watched my youngest girl celebrate her 10th Wedding anniversary by renewing her vows with her gorgeous hubby....such a proud day.
Annie xxx

Lindart said...

I love this post, reminds me of my daily journal where I write down all the things I did (or will do) today! I know just how you feel when your daughter is at home - the world is right again...have a great week, Lindart

Kathryn Frantz said...

Don’t let anyone diminish your crown! It makes you feel wonderful and therefore inspires creativity! (Tell himI said so!)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Brilliant summer like sunshine here in winter Oz Julia, but your prob don’t want to hear that.
Love the story of your day step but step, trust enjoyed Miss Dunnits presence so nice to have young ones around.
And what a huge blessing the donation to Alzheimer’s, congrats to most generous WOYWWERS ..
Nice layout made and good spot for your crown!
Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

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