Monday, 24 December 2018

Calm descends....

Now, you and I know that night follows day. Science that.
And because of that, we’ve arrived as predicted at Christmas Eve. What science cannot explain to me, at least in words I’d understand, is how today came upon us so fast. I’m actually fairly convinced that it’s somehow scientifically connected to my age. Luckily, I don’t have to prove my theory because at my age, I don’t have time to take up science.

I seem to have reached that moment, that point, where you kind of collapse into the seasonal mood and stop worrying about it. If it isn’t done now, it won’t be done, and suddenly, it’s not important. The important thing now is that you’re safely gathered in and facing a day off that you have in common with kerjillions of other people, and I hope you feel the fellowship.
The fantasy lounge and decorations....
I heard on the radio this week that in the UK, some two hundred thousand tax returns are electronically filed on Christmas Day, proving that some people do actually treat it as a day off to get stuff done. I’m very admiring. I will help to prepare, cook and wash up a big old roast lunch. My effort levels won’t rise any higher than that unless one of the games we play becomes a bit animated, and they can, now that the grown ups outnumber the children!

And the badly lit, untidy reality!
I know that lots of people work on Christmas Day. I’ve been talking to the staff at my lovely Mama’s care home. Their generosity of spirit is humbling - there has been much adjusting of rotas and work stations for colleagues that want to observe Christmas Day for worship, or spend time with distant families. I hope that if you are working on Christmas Day, it goes smoothly and is charged with goodwill and festivity.

Meanwhile, I have yet more mince pies to cook and do you know, a desk to tidy. Have a happy Christmas.


Helen said...

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas too, Julia! My friend Emma is doing night shifts in her hospital over Christmas and I salute her and the other people who work. See you at a desk very near you, in a few days time!

Monica said...

Are you receiving my comment? I have posted but no comments from anyone. Google is making changes to blogger so I am checking with you to see what is happening. I get no comments from friends who send me comments. So do not know what is happening.
Please send email to I will set up a new blog I think!

Sue said...

Hi Julia, I hope you, your hubby and family have a lovely Christmas Day, with a lot of laughter and maybe a slice or two of Christmas cake. Sue

Judys Lace Creations said...

Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow.
Yes Care Home workers are heroes in many respects!

Kathyk said...

Shan't be submitting my tax returns today though!!! Not after the bubbly anyway!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year