Thursday 6 December 2018

The card-sending arrangement

As normal in our set-in-our-ways way, yesterday at about 6 o,clock, when he came from work, Mr Dunnit and I had a welcome home hug, a lovely big cup of tea and a mince pie. Our conversation was a lot of talking about customers, deadlines, deliveries and work. Whilst the tea is brewing, we glance through the post. Because we are charmed with a lifetime of friends, the post is starting to deliver Christmas cards. It’s not a remarkable scenario, I’m sure. We probably go a bit off script from here though.

Cut to the lounge, some half hour later:-
Conversation has drifted from work to post prandial activities. I confessed my guilt over not being ready to post any Christmas cards from us. Mr Dunnit, who has a habit of being my ‘overview’ guy, has some erm, 'wise' words. What, he asks, will make me happy - to fret about not having made any cards, or to just buy some nice cards and send greetings that may otherwise not be sent to our lovely people; after all, they take a long time to make and then they have to be written. (True, that.)

Well, this year gentle reader, I was ready. Really ready. I asked if writing the cards would be a good thing to push onto his list of tasks for evenings. After all said I, it only takes a couple of evenings and a little concentration...a gin and tonic helps. I pointed out that in 32 years of being a couple that sends cards, our lovelies might quite like to see his handwriting. It would probably go down really well, give him a sort of modern man edge.

Well, he continues to slay me. He looked me in the eye and smirking, said ‘that’s not a task, it’s a torture’. 

And that’s the story of why I continue to write the Christmas cards in our house.

I suspect that there will be other stories regarding the division of Christmas labour; I could probably fill each of the twelve days of Christmas. I won’t spare you if they occur, I don’t really see why I should.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You always come up with the best (and funniest) posts. It's torture for me, too. That's why I"m not a card maker. I'm rooting for Mr. D. He has the right attitude!

Helen said...

I think it is ever thus, I remember it being my Mum who always did the Christmas card writing too, and often a letter with them to relatives not seen often! I AM going to write mine this weekend.... honest!

voodoo vixen said...

Oh this did make me smile, in the nice way, not the wry snickering way.... IYKWIM! Now retirement has arrived I decided that it was fair that the dining table became a shared torture for Crimbo card writing... so DH does his kids and grandkids and I do the rest of the world.... PMPLing...

Sue said...

Hi Julia, That's a nice card. I do make a few cards, but most are brought from the Greyhound charity.

Hope you can find your hubby loads of jobs he'd rather not do, as punishment for not writing out the cards:) LOL

Hope you have a fab Friday. Sue

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

It's a task I would not dream of handing over as Hubby's handwriting is so dreadful, his words not mine but I have to agree. It's nice knowing that the people receiving them can at least read who has sent them.. xx

shazsilverwolf said...

Laughing at your post here! I also have to agree with Tracey- I do the writing so people can read them!Love & Hugs, Shaz X

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Great card Julia. Love the design.. and the dry humour of the post is all you. Love it.
Every year I get a card from my aunt and uncle and on it is simply written Dear Shaz have a happy Christmas, love from Uncle Barry and Aunty Elaine.
My sisters and I remark on it each year.
How they are.. no idea, what they've done no idea..
Reckon that's a Mr Dunnit card. Asked my aunt once and she said its cos she refused to his rellies as she's enough with hers!
Praying for you.
Love Shaz.x

craftyani said...

Haha if I had got my husband to write the cards the post office would send them to China as his writing was appalling.
My cards are not done but will be after the weekend. I hope. Ani.

Darnell said...

Ah, nice try, Julia! I'm thinking it goes back to the beginning of time when men porpoisely evolved with horrid handwriting so they would never be saddled with the business of signing the cards! We in this card-making hobby should have an understanding that we can send out just handmade card fronts with a quick update written on the back, like postcards inside envelopes. That would keep it all fun and do away with the housekeeping aspect.

Can you tell I'm weary from signing over 200 of them, lol?! But I still wouldn't change it knowing how much it means to the recipients and how much I enjoy getting them in return! Hope you are doing well, my friend! 🎄Happy Holiday Love and Hugs, Darnell

Anonymous said...

Awesome post.

Shoshi said...

Lol, Julia! Lovely post. In our house, for many years I made, wrote and sent the cards and the quantity eventually reached ridiculous proportions. In those days I used to design a simple line drawing and photocopy them on coloured card, but this was still pretty labour intensive. Nowadays I don't make or send cards at all. My hubby does it. Now he's retired, and now Mum and Dad no longer take up so much of his time, he spends most of his time playing with his man toys so I sit back with an easy conscience and try not to get overtired in this season with so many social commitments and general busyness! This isn't a season I really enjoy any more... no, I'm not really a bah-humbug person!

I like your card, btw.