Friday, 2 March 2018

Bragging and Promoting

On Wednesdays, I am quite particular that people take part in WOYWW for reasons of community and not promotion of whatever they make, sell, believe. I don't think that I do a lot of promotion. Although blogging is in essence just that I guess. Anyway, I want to tell you about our daughter since she's grown up and left us.

She's been at University learning to be a Prop maker. The course has been quite amazing and from the parental perspective, looks like a lot of fun and creativity.

I've recorded quite a lot of her Uni days in scrapbook form, but not many of the actual work..doh! Prop making isn't just for theatre and film...think photographers, themed restaurants, bars, festivals, school décor, shop displays...endless list. Endless. Miss Dunnit has spent time learning puppet making, latex, glass, rubber and other moulding, carving, other woodworking, a bit of chemistry to make the fake blood and guts (yuk), welding and all sorts of imagination pricking skills. There's also been project management with a real commission to force a structure of quote, make, deliver; sticking to budgets and delivering on time are after all, a serious part of making a living in any creative industry.

Now, as the end of her course approaches, it's time to get serious and look for work. strength in numbers and strength in recognising that another person has a skill you haven't, has meant that she and several colleagues have formed a freelance collective. Great idea, one stop shopping for erm, objects!
I asked her that if I was to blog about the collective, (which has launched on Facebook) what should I say? Well, I'm going to quote her verbatim, because she doesn't need my editing 'help':
'We are a collective of freelance makers, with a wide range of skills that include scenic painting. At the moment we're doing soft prop and carpentry projects, and our approach is always the same: the aim is to make quality objects and to challenge the way our industry works; to make an effort to make it more responsible to the environment and to the people that work within it. We're the next generation of prop makers and we want to set new, high standards for ourselves and our industry'.

This won't be the last promotion you see on this blog. But it is very likely to be the one that I am most proud to do!


Helen said...

Wishing her much luck in the future as she forges ahead in her career. Talent comes from talent!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are right. She needs no editing. She writes very well. What a great adventure she has started on. KUDOS to her and her group.

Sue said...

Good luck to your daughter andher colleagues. Sue

Annie said...

You are right to be proud of her. Such a wonderful young lady....I wonder who she takes after? 😀 so lovely to share your excitement.
Annie x

Anne said...

Wishing your daughter loads of luck!!! Anne x

Robyn said...

this is what Moms are for! Keep it coming!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! You are quite rightly proud! What a great attitude those folk have - they deserve to do well - I wish them Good Luck! Chrisx

okienurse said...

Congratulations Mrs. Julia! Doing exactly what a Mom is suppose to do support, praise, educate, and brag about or children...good job!

Neet said...

WOW, how fascinating to be able to do something like that. She must have an enormous amount of talent and I envy her, especially the welding bit. Always wanted to do welding.
Good to see a bunch of youngsters doing something like this and setting up their own business - wonder if mum and dad influence is here with her.
I wish her and her colleagues a wonderful time ahead and every success in their venture. Or should that be adventure?
Hugs, Neet xx
ps I think I recognise her - on the right?

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

And a proud mamma you should be...Congrats to your daughter on fining her niche in life and making the effort to have higher standards, sometimes I think it's been a lost art. Good Luck and Enjoy