Monday, 5 March 2018

Snow Days

In the UK, the last week has been horribly cold and snowy. We don't cope well with it. It doesn't happen often enough for tax pounds to be spent on the necessary amount of ploughing and blowing equipment that might be warehoused, unused, for years at a time. So the economy falters and lots and lots of us have Snow Days. And judging from my Facebook feed, lots and lots of us took the opportunity to be crafty. I did, even though I usually set aside the last week of the month for book keeping and other fascinating activities. I had that feeling you get when it's Christmas - everyone is on holiday, so I want to be too!
I did a couple of real LO's , then made up a couple of pocket pages with pictures from our trip last summer. We visited several National Parks and have a lot of pictures of rocks. Well, Canyons and such, but I think to anyone that hasn't been or experienced the size, the colour, the power of these places, they are just photos of rocks, lots of rocks!
 I also spent some time playing with my Scan&Cut. Something I need to do a lot more of, but am definitely happy to have it. It's not as intuitive as Cricut, believe me. Nor is the manual (online) a match for the machine in every case which is frustrating! The most frustrating part though is that each time I use it, I have to re-learn the icons and symbols! Ugh, memory!
Another advantage of these Snow Days has been that I've tidied up as I've finished. Yep. And yesterday, while it was still light I decided to do dome sorting and consolidating of stash. Namely alphabets and word stickers. Alphas into colour and size order and stickers all in one place. Next, I'm going to tackle gems and stick-on embellies, and then journaling cards and tags etc. I've got a right old bug for being at my desk, whether being 'creative' or being a tidy bug. I cannot explain, but I think it's part of my determination to use stuff. Because even Snow and freezing temperatures can't change really change me, can it?!


Sue said...

OK what have you done with the real Julia?:) LOL

Glaqd you made the most of the Snow Days. I'm assuming we will see a very tidy desk on Wednesday then?

Take care.

Kyla said...

great to see you taking the chance to craft too-and sorting out stash too!!! Please tell me that is NOT catching ;-)


Helen said...

but the snow has gone now.... love your layouts and well done you on nabbing a snow day! I had a snow hour and a half... lol!
Well done too, on starting to get to grips with the ScanNCut (grr)

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

catching up...we have the same weather here, only adding terrific winds. I guess I am beyond learning computer ICONS. I can't even use a new over my head sewing machine 294 stitches. Beautiful photos you have shared. glad to know you have your MoJo in full force.

Sharon Madson said...

I am glad you are scrapping your trip. We loved Zion, but it was almost 40 years ago, and I only recently scrapped it! LOL
Great job!

Suzanne Alexis said...

I totally understand about the rocks. We also saw a lot of mountains and canyons last year.I kept taking picture upon picture trying to capture the majesty of it all. I hope it worked, but I haven't gotten to scrapping them yet.