Friday, 20 October 2017

The top 10%

If I had an East Wing in my lovely home, it would comprise a craft room that would be floor to 5ft high shelving. It couldn't be any higher because I'm not tall enough to reach much higher, and I don't want to strain myself. If I had to have drawers, they would be clear acrylic. This way, I wouldn't have to open every single one before I found what I was looking for. There would be large windows, maybe an atrium roof to assist with really good light. Above all, the plan would be to have all - everything- I own in terms of stamps and stash, on show.
The highest of my stamp shelves...
You see, it is my contention,that we (I?) only use the top ten percent of our stash. That is, anything within reach, or relatively easy to locate. Look:

My scrapbook papers. Originally, I bought those 12 x 12 boxes to store them in. Now they are just a part of the piles. I used to use papers to punch or die cut and as mounts for some card making, but that habit dropped off when I had to start pulling out piles instead of the odd box. See those punches at bottom right? I can't part with them, but I can't remember the last time I used them. I suspect that if they were on the wall on a rail, I would use them. Likewise with my dies. I love the binder storage, but I'd use them even more if they were on a magnetic sheet on the wall. 
My fantasy room would have a shelf section with empty acrylic boxes on it. These would be for when I do want to transport stash to a crop or workshop. They wouldn't otherwise be used, I would be able to leaf through all papers, card stock etc without difficulty. I'm thinking bins like they used to have in record shops. I know racks work well, but not if you have 100 different sheets to leaf through on each shelf, and this is my fantasy room, remember! 

Shopkeeper Gal and I inherited a great friend's stash. Her stamp collection is very large and in the main, unused over many years of collecting. If they had been mine and stored in this way, the same would apply. I can't bear the thought of needing the stamp at the bottom of the box! It would definitely remain unused. Out of sight, out of motivation to get in within sight! 

So this weekend is a 'retreat' weekend for me. Scrapbooking. It's a once a year get away and I really enjoy it. More than that though, it's the opportunity to pull out assess and re-arrange stash. It causes older stuff to be cycled to the top of the piles. It's a good thing. It puts it back in line of vision. Do you think while I'm away, Mr Dunnit will build that East Wing? I don't go on about it, because I'm frightened by the alternative...he might tidy up while I'm away!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is SO funny. But it's also SO true. I am in the process of organizing and I have found so many containers I saved thinking how awesome they would be for storage. So, since I haven't found a use for them, they are going to the thrift store so they can become someone else's problem. Like you, I would LOVE to have everything in plain sight, but also like you, I can only dream of it happening, at least not in my present home. I can't imagine having all those stamps, so I hope you find a way to make sense of them and sort them in a way that is understandable to you. Have a good weekend retreat, even if you don't get them sorted!

shazsilverwolf said...

I'm totally with Elizabeth- funny but true. If it's not close to hand, it gets forgotten about. I'm just extremely happy it's not just me! I reckon what we'd also need is the floor to be on a turntable, so we could just rotate ourselves & our desk to any area of stash. Huge Hugs, Shaz XxX

Sue said...

Hi Julia, Totally agree if we could have everything on show it would get used. Unless you are lucky enough to have a separate craft room, it's just not practical for most of us.

Have a lovely time at the retreat. Sue

My name is Cindy said...

LOL. I'm busy calculating how big my craft room would have to be to have enough wall space to magnetically store all my dies on show........Storage is an issue for crafters (or should I say craft stash collectors) and I try to have as much on show as possible. If its a fag to get out, it doesn't come out.

peggy gatto said...

I hear you!

Helen said...

I read this at work, but for some reason my phone won't accept my google password (even though I know it's right) to sign in and allow me to comment... I chuckled, as I mentioned on FB when i read it though - it is so many of us! I do occasionally rummage through boxes of stamps, the non wooden ones generally these days as the cling mounted ones are not stacked up high but stood upright for easy flicking... papers, not so much. as for knowing what is where... sometimes yes.. but it doesn't get used for all that! I wish you luck with your dream room (it sounds divine, although I worry about fading, with all that light pouring in!!)

Have a fabulous weekend away crafting... don't forget to do some!

Heather M said...

So the words of wisdom to a newbie crafter would be "don't buy too much?" Lol .... I own about a dozen wooden stamps, and did work out quite early on that the clear ones are easier to store and see. But I do like the idea of an East wing and a fantasy craft room and everything on display, within reach. Enjoy your scrapbooking retreat. That sounds a lovely way to spend a weekend x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, having read your post I know what I need to do but not sure it will happen. It might help if I just get rid of stuff I know I will never use.
Happy creative weekend, Angela xXx

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Queueing up behind everyone else for Mr Dunnit to build me an east wing too, think it’s even funnier that you’re longing for great storage and that’s what Mr D makes!!! Funny how family of plumbers have leaking taps etc isn’t it?? Great laugh enjoy your weekend away.
Shaz.x who’s too busy to blog sadly

Neet said...

I had to smile at your post, then at Shaz in Oz's (above) as it reminded me of a friend who had a painter and decorator husband - and wallpaper pinned with a drawing pin in one corner.
Yes, Julia dear, it would be wonderful to have a room like you describe and maybe some robot to get you what you wanted and put away at the end of use.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Neet xx

April said...

I like your dream craft room. It is so true - I tend to use what I can see. Have fun on your weekend retreat.

misteejay said...

I think we all know the problem with not having things within sight. I started to sort all my craft stuff but as everything ws going into boxes I wasn't any better off as I couldn't remember what was in each box LOL
What I really need to be able to do is completely clear my craft room and have purpose storage installed so that I can put everything in an organised fashion...I can but dream.
Toni xx