Friday, 17 March 2017

Cant help myself..

I can't stop using the Crazy Bird set by Tim Holtz. I've waited a long time to buy a set. It's almost a stubborn reaction to their popularity that's made me wait. Ridiculous, but I can cite other examples to prove this slightly-sub-conscious character flaw. I haven't seen Titanic with Leo and whatsername yet...because everyone kept saying I should. Stupid, huh!
I don't have the set of extras - the hats etc, nor do I have the dies - I'm not sure I'll use them, because they're a bit small and fiddly in some cases, and I'm not partial to that sort of work. Although if you saw how often I re-work a card to make the idea in my head come out, you'd argue that I am indeed into trivial if not small!
So I'm planning a birdie workshop - naturally. Tell me, has a stamp set seized your inspiration? I can't say I'd have gone across hill and down dale to acquire this set, but as the hardest part of acquiring was reaching out and picking the bag off the hook, I'm thinking that at last, it was money well spent! Versatility is very important when you have to spend £20. I'm definitely becoming much more picky about stamp sets...I have managed to leave some sets because I can't see my using more than one or two in a set! Crikey, am I evolving?!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You make a good argument for waiting and being discriminative. I've never cared for stamp sets, because it seems you have to buy them all just to get the one and only one you truly want. Maybe that's why I'm not much of a stamper.

Your bird cards are adorable, and I know you will give people who have already purchased those stamps, a lot of new ideas. Fiddle or not, you always turn out the most BEAUTIFUL cards around.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I thought I was the only person on the planet who hadn't seen Titanic! Happy to be in such good company. The Crazy Birds are pretty cool and I love the repeated background on the first card. Nice job.

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Julia, loving the Bird cards. Brilliant how you've multi stamped the background. I agree, I have to be able to say I will get use out of pretty much every card in a set, even when Doug is egging me on! lol. But seriously, I don't mind if there's an odd small stamp I won't use- Got dozens of those- or a sentiment I don't like, But nowadays, no matter how much I may love most of the stamps, if I can't honestly see myself using it more than once, then I am restraining myself. As for movies, I have seen Titanic, but I'm fairly sure I'm one of a very tiny band that hasn't seen The Sound of Music! Love & Hugs to you. XxX

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Nope, still don't get it...although I do like the gingham card very much (but not the bird!). I'm sure the workshop will go well though 😊
I haven't seen Titanic either...and that started me musing on other classic films that have passed me by: Citizen Kane, The Third Man, Forrest Gump, I could go on!

Juls said...

Fun cards xx

Artyjen said...

I'm with you on the holding out front! Still am where the birds are concerned 🤣 .....have to say Titanic would be worth the wait!
xoxo Sioux

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

I'm with Lunch Lady Jan, I like the gingham card too, very much... but not birds, no, not at all in love with them or a whole host of other popular stamps that other crafty folks are into. But enjoyed your post and I'm a little like you in being reluctant to follow trends...

Yes I'm very fussy in choosing, downunder things are tricky to find and expensive when we do, so we naturally end up being fussy, 😊

Hope and pray you're feeling well and you've a great weekend ahead Julia.. very damp in my patch Downunder, twelve inches of rain in last few days and still raining heavily, the low went away and now reformed right over our spot 🙄
Not much time online but your post caught my eye cos wondered how you were, more than cos of crazy birds.
Hugs, Shaz.x

Helen said...

I think you have great restraint - I should learn from you... I would probably use them more if I did... as for the accessories, I don't think I've used any of them. hey ho! the cards looks fab, by the way - love the top one for the fun of it, and the gingham one is gorgeous.

JD/ Jill said...

Your bird cards are adorable!

BJ said...

Nope, stamps don't grab me at all but Titanic was a different matter. I saw it when I was pregnant with my son and also got the t-shirt as I was indeed TITANIC!!! BJ

Sue said...

Hi Julia, Love the cards. Have fun at the workshop. Sue

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Loving the bird cards. I'm also loving that you didn't just jump onto the bandwagon. I like the crazy birds and just had to have them, but do I use them much? No.... rarely think of them. I like what other people do with them, but not what I've created. Same with the crazy cat set. and now hubby has bought me the small dog/cat set. I think this might get more use because the images aren't as big.

I'm trying to be more discriminating about stamp sets these days too. I've used the heck out of Avant Garden from Stampin' Up recently.... actually surprised by that. It was a freebie (well, free with $50 purchase). I often don't use those freebie sets much.

One thing I've pondered lately is.... so many sets come with words now so maybe I don't need drawers and drawers full of greeting stamps (that I don't tend to use because the drawers are too full and unorganized so I use the one in the set or one in another easily accessed set). So maybe I don't need all those wood mount greetings any more. I need to ponder that real hard this week because I have a stamp club meeting on Saturday and that would be a good place to part with some and maybe even get a little money out of the deal.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh, And I have not seen the Titanic.... spoiler alert--the boat sinks.

Monica said...

now you need the crazy cats to catch those stray birds!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Love theses. I've got to get with this set.

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