Tuesday 28 March 2017

Against the grain

I don't know if it is actually against the grain or if it's just out of my comfort zone, but when Shopkeeper Gal showed me the sample card, I signed up. And look what I made!
 Now don't get excited and think that I was at a workshop that left me to it - oh no, this would not have been the result at all. It was an extremely guided workshop, which left me little chance to make many mistakes. I'm not a natural flower arranger, I mean, I know about the rule of odd numbers and that sort of thing, but I wouldn't have arrived at this if left to it...I think one problem would be knowing when to stop! That's the joy isn't it, a workshop has finite materials in a kit. Means a great deal to potential 'over the top horror' makers like me.  There were drawbacks; the amounts of silicone glue that were being employed would have had me fainting if everyone hadn't been doing the same! My keen-ness not to be too slow or too stupid - which inevitably meant that when it came to making the box, I stuck the decoration on the bottom half. Ah well, c'est la vie. I had hands on instruction which meant I had to be patient and polite at the same time (this is a challenge for me). I really loved making it, but by the time I'd finished the box, I'd had enough.
I used it as a card and gift voucher carrier for my sainted mother-in-law on Mother's Day, which in the UK was last weekend. Don't start on me about Mothering Sunday, I know; if people can get my name wrong and say it's OK because it's just a name, then I can call it Mother's Day. Meanwhile, my editor husband wants me to point out that I don't 'over favour' my Mother in Law, although I love her very much. My own sweet Mama, as you probably know, has horrid dementia. And she just loves to rip and tear paper and card..so I confess, I did not make her this sort of card. Although I did sit happily and watch her tear her way through cards yesterday (it was her birthday). I don't have a problem with it really, it's just a bit more clearing up to do, and in many ways, aren't Mother's Day and birthdays all about getting your own back from your kids?!!
Huge thanks to Shopkeeper Gal and her excellent workshop woman, Mrs Flowers.


Jane Willis said...

It is absolutely beautiful! I could do with doing a workshop like that - I tend to stick to either CAS or masculine styles because when it comes to anything flowery like this, or towards the arty/mixed media side of things, I really don't know how to tell when I've done exactly the right amount. I'm always thinking I've doe too much or too little. If I had my hand held through a few projects I'm sure I could get a feel for when something has the right balance - a feel that you have nailed perfectly in this beautiful project

Dorlene Durham said...

Wow! Both projects are beautiful! I would definitely need a class to come up with that masterpiece too.

Sue said...

WOW!!! Julia that is stunning. I'm sure your mother in law loved it.

I sympathise about your mum, as my mum had dementia for the last 7 years of her life.

I call it Mothers Day. I've never heard it called Mothering Sunday.

Hope you are having a nice week. sue

Helen said...

what a fabulous workshop that must have been! I did smile at the image of your lovely Mama tearing up her cards...

Judys Lace Creations said...

I LOVE this card Julia! Wehave a shop called PAper Flourish near us, and this is how their teachers/designers make cards, so that's the style I know.I also like to embellish, so I think many layers make things look lush and gorgeous. Paper Flourish have a Facebook page, lessons,You Tube...all really good videos!

My name is Cindy said...

Awesome work!!

scrappymo! said...

This is a stunning card. The many layers and beauty of the choices of embellishments adds to the beauty. Bet your Mother-in-law loved it!

misteejay said...

Fabulous card & box Julia. What a super workshop.
I love to do things that I wouldn't normally do at home (especially messy/inky stuff LOL) as I don't feel so scared of 'having a go'.
I know it is "Mothering Sunday" here in the UK but when all the shops are hitting you in the face with 'Mothers Day' it is easier to go with the flow.
Toni xx

Lynn Holland said...

A friend of mine goes to a cardmaking session every Tuesday morning and the results are stunning and not something she would have done on her own. I keep thinking I'd get more focused if I went. But then the other side of me says no you would end up doing your own thing. Hmm ! Something to think about after looking at your great result Julia

Shoshi said...

Absolutely beautiful, Julia! No matter that the decoration went on the bottom of the box! Haha! I made a Valentine's card once that had upside down butterflies stamped all over it. I just called them kamikazi butterflies and left it at that. I think I was out of my comfort zone too, that day... How sweet to continue to give your mum cards even though she tears them up. It obviously gives her pleasure to do so. I am sure your mother-in-law absolutely loved her card.


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Your card is beautiful. Really love the colors and so many fun layers. Living in a rural area I've never had the chance to take a card class, I can hardly buy supplies. I have to watch Youtube and order new items on line. Even our Hobby Lobby is usually not up to date on the latest items. Oxide inks not to be found within 100 miles. I hate it, but I have a piece of mind living a bit closer to family and a loving husband.
Our Mother's day will be in May and Mom with her memory issues don't want anything laying around. Clutter NOW bothers her. We put up a big bulliten board with photos, cards etc, helps us!!!!, she asks me to clear it up now and then. Thanks for sharing.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Well done, Julia, am totally impressed, shopkeeper Gal is very clever too..had a huge chuckle re the lid and bottom mix up, so like what I'd do. Don't you get nattering too much too? I find that's another problem in concentration.
Sad re your darling mum thanks for popping over too,
.... yes, we have had more rain, but mercifully although the total was like the flood areas in NSW and Qld it was over a week not in twenty four hours or less. Yes half a foot and more of rain in one hit some of them had. Cyclone Debbie was a beaut! Or not. Good for the reef though it needs a cool down like a huge dump of rain.
Hope you're well, thanks for being a blessing through WOYWW, too.
Hugs, and prayer too, shaz.x