Sunday 25 September 2016

Lovely, innit.

Here's the label that was on my desk on Wednesday - I had die cut the word out of it as a start to another card, but then the idea digressed and it was unused. Now I don't know about you, buut I find the cost of decent kraft luggage tags to be higher than I'd like. I'm often surprised by it. Anyway, on that basis alone, I didn't want to treat the tag as waste, so yesterday managed to at least get as far as filling in the negative and considering other moves.

I'm so idle that I hadn't even thrown away the little bits of kraft that formed the centres of the loops and things, so I didn't have to cut another word to fill them. By 'eck that were fiddly though, I'm not sure how many I'd want to do! I've used some Basic Grey from a cherished 6" pad, love that mixed up tile effect. Totally not sure what else is going to happen to this. But it is lovely to be fiddling about with paper and glue. I have been either a bit poorly or too busy for the last few months and just haven't felt like it. Now I need a bit of therapy, and I find this works perfectly. Lovely.

Part of the reason for needing therapy is that I'm having to clear my lovely Mama's craft stuff out of their house. There is a lot of it and I will be listing the stamps and other useables for sale on
'Loved and used, but now forsaken' . I've listed a few Christmas stamps to start with.


Helen said...

It looks "lovely" with the white inserted into the hole... and I am sure (given time....) you will find something perfect to use it on.. great b/ground paper by the way. Take lots of diversion therapy like this, it will do wonders for the task in hand. xx

Kyla said...

Lovely. Clearing out is never easy. Small steps and before you know if you will be farther than you realise.

Ohhh Snap said...

Beautiful card! I find it helps me to take pictures of things to ease the letting go (because who doesn't need more options for scrapbooking lol).

I love getting good value from crafting supplies too : D. Sometimes those fiddly bits will sit patiently waiting for the right project for a couple of years when suddenly the proper thing presents itself : D.

BTW one of my best (and most used purchases) is Tim Holtz' Tag & Bookplate die (bought with a coupon lol). I can cut my own tags out of almost anything. But I do love listening to a podcast whilst I use up larger scraps (and glue on the reinforcer dots).

Sue said...

Hi Julia, I love the tag.

Sending positive calming thoughts to help you with the task of sorting your mums crafting things. Sue

Krisha said...

Very "Lovely" *grin*
Great job Julia

RosA said...

Hi Julia,
The "Lovely" tag is very nice. I reckon you will easily find a use for it.
Oh dear, the sorting is never easy. I have inherited all my mother's craft stuff, and she dabbled in lots of things, just as I do. One day I hope to make use of her Dremel tool drill :) (For what purpose I have no idea at the moment).

misteejay said...

Lovely tag Julia. The 'back-filling' of a die-cut is very effective.
I wish you well with the clearing out.
Toni xx

buterfliecrafter said...

I think it also would be great to see the tiles through the word, less fiddly also. Vicky

Neet said...

The tag looks great - love Kraft Card.
Thinking of you as you go through your mum's things - not easy but I guess you have it to do. Just don't tire yourself out love.
Hugs, Neet xx

Anonymous said...

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

Wow! The white and kraft make a stunning combination and that background paper does it all justice too. Good luck doing through your mom's things. It isn't an easy task.