Wednesday 17 August 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 376

Not much sign of come back crafting really. There's a bit of interest though - a bunch of beautifully stamped and cut out flowers came from Sally and therefore get to sit on the ipad stand to remind me that they are almost made cards! There's still a couple of stones - one red, totally blank apart from the red, another purple. The purple one is drying after a coat of varnish, the other side is more interesting! There's an (empty) packet of sweeties - chocolate mini eggs. Gotta be one of my favourites. Cadbury have produced them out of season and called them 'Wini Eggs' because they have a competition to win a trip to Rio for the Para Olympics. I haven't won. In front of that packet is a box of confetti - we went to a lovely wedding over the weekend. It's very unusual to be allowed to throw confetti these days, so we really chucked a lot about....and then I scrabbled around on the steps of the venue to collect some to put in the album. Like you do. The card expressing pride is for my nephew. He's a soldier now, and his Passing Out Parade is on Friday. Another occasion for a frock and some well shined shoes! Show and tell will ya, I've bored you with mine, you owe it to me!


Helen said...

No linky?
great desk, love the idea of you picking up the thrown confetti!! yes, it's the kind of thing we do.

Kyla said...

No linkie and off for a day of meetings so no internet access but I was here....honest gov!!!!!

glitterandglue said...

Morning Julia. Not sure if it's my computer playing up... but can't find Mr Linky this morning. Love the idea of you grovelling around to pick up the confetti!!
Take care. God bless.

Nikki said...

Tidy space these days and have to love it that Cadbury is making those eggs off season they are so delicious. Like the size of your address book too happy we'd and looks like Mr linky is gone a missing so
here I am

Hugs Nikki

Nikki said...

Twiglet said...

Well - I didn't know about the Wini- eggs - what a great idea! Good to see your desk is ready for action. x Jo

Twiglet said...

Just chuckling here - looks like I am first on Mr Linky! That's never happened before - but then I was awake at silly time this morning! xx

Helen said...

thanks for sorting linky. meant to say, is that the same pot of red stone painting water??? your desk is my desk ha ha ha! haven't seen the Wini Eggs, what a good idea!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I like the fact that you must be enjoying painting those stones to be doing more of them....always a good sign! Hope you have a wonderful time in Catterick.
Hugs, LLJ 3 xxx

Lynn Holland said...

Frocks and chocolate sounds like a good title for a blog to me.
No creating going on here bit of did have a visit yesterday from a lovely textile lady who has a blog Anolds Attic, I'll have to introduce her to WOYWW
Have a nice week Julia
Lynn 9 xx

Lynn Holland said...

Should say "but I did have a visit"

sandra de said...

The red rocks look interesting but then again you always have a very eclectic group of creative things on your desk.
sandra de @11

Sue said...

Hi Julia, A very busy desk. Did you make your address book? I've never been able to find one that's big enough, so I use index cards in an old ice cream tub:)

A very proud moment for your nephew, family and friends. Hope wherever he is sent he keeps safe.

Your purple stone has intrigued me. Looking forward to seeing what more you do to it.

You are right about confetti. I've heard of rice being allowed and also flower petals. I would have thought confetti would degrade the quickest.

Well you have a lovely day. Sue #12

Annie said...

I see the packet of mini eggs like a magnet....if only you'd left one in the bag for me of course :-) Your desk is never boring....I guess we all see so much more than you think. ;-)
Have a great week.
Annie x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Julia, never bored to hear what you've been up to. I think it's that time of the year for weddings. Have a great woyww, Angela x 15

Kathyk said...

Great looking desk this morning - you writing cards (with the address book) or is it a project to alter?



Inside the artists shed said...

Yes I remember those confetti days - lived opposite our church so it was always fun to go and pick up the confetti after a wedding but we chucked it over ourselves - no one thought to put it in the album back then. Hope the crafting urge returns soon x Jackie 18

Marit said...

I picture you collecting confetti... yep, we crafters are weird like that! Enjoy your day Julia, happy woyww and big hug from sunny Holland. Marit #22

BJ said...

I do believe I saw some of those eggs on Asda yesterday but didn't read the packaging so had assumed they were either very late stock or extremely early considering Christmas ought to be next/soon - LOL. Anyway thanks for highlighting the actuality, I might have to buy some now. BJ#24

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Julia, was lovely indeed seeing you. Just realised, when you mentioned Rocks on your post, I forgot to photograph mine. So thats a pic for next week already.So, more posh frock photos from you then. Have a smashing week, lots of love & hugs, Shaz xxx

StampedbyChris said...

Your card for your nephew is so thoughtful, something he can cherish for sure. Love the "wini" eggs too. Anything Cadbury as my vote.
Chris P #25

LisaDV said...

Love your hand lettering on your nephews card. It's an area I'm trying to practice. My son would love the wini eggs, he awaits Easter for the larger version. Nice address book too. I need one, as I lose everyone's address. Have a fantastic and blessed Wednesday! LisaDV #26

ToadilyDiane said...

Your desk looks busy but you can still get some work done. It's easy to be proud of your nephew. Service to your country is awesome!
Have a great day!
Diane F #27

Unknown said...

Hi Julia! You are, as always, a crafter after my own heart, because I firmly believe that my craft desk is not completely happy without chocolate on it!! Sometimes I think the Mayans must have been the first crafters, since they kind of invented chocolate! Have a happy week. Sandy Leigh #27

Diana Taylor said...

I love those wini eggs - although last time I had a pack in my studio I nearly choked stuffing a large handful into my mouth - thought I'd try and eat enough in one go so I didn't have to interrupt the intricate gluing I was doing. Hope you have a smashing time being posh and proud at your nephew's Passing Out parade,
Diana #30 xx

Belinda Basson said...

And... I am BACK! My packet of eggs would also be empty... Why would they still be any left? I can just picture you collecting the confetti, cos of course, we all do that kind of thing! Well, I do, so I assume the rest of the world does too? Wouldnt you?

Anonymous said...

Happy WOYWW. I have childhood memories of helping my mum to clean the local church, and that included sweeping the confetti up. I want some mini eggs now! Ali x #37

Sharon Madson said...

I see the red paint from the stone painting, but not the stone. I don't see the confetti, though. I haven't ben to a wedding in years! How fun, and a parade! We are going to a parade on Saturday, because a young man from here won a medal in the Olympics, so we are having a parade when he comes home. # 39

Christine said...

Good Afternoon! Started out early this morning, then had to wait for the 'afternoon nap'and here I am!!!
would love to see the finished rocks, they are very intriguing.
Look forward to seeing the posh frocks fotos!
Take care
aka Bishopsmate #40

Monica said...

have an egg or two or three for me. you are having a busy time at happy events. Now to head out to gym and stretch these aching parts1
Monica #41

misteejay said...

With all the events that keep cropping up it's no wonder you don't have time for crafting LOL
Have a wonderful time at the passing out parade.
Toni xx

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hunh, I have never seen confetti tossed at a wedding.
When we were married it was birdseed and the last few we have been to people blew bubbles on sticks. So, that is a fun and cool thing to know.
Congratulations to your nephew :)
Okay I shot both my desks last night so you can be twice as bored ;)
~Stacy #44

Chidkid said...

Shame you didn't win..but then where would we be on a Wednesday!

Laura (Bookworm) said...

Glad you didn't let those chocolates go uneaten! I pick up or save stuff from events, too. At Disney one year, we picked up "Mickey head" confetti and it found its way into the scrapbook. :-) Best wishes to your nephew. Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #47

Lea.H said...

Your desk always looks so inviting! No matter what is on it! (Doesn't have anything to do with the chocolate :P ) well done to your nephew! Lea 49

Neet said...

Didn't know about the eggs. Perhaps as well as I am trying to lose weight. Nearly there but this water retention keeps cropping up and I put a lb on today. Not to worry, stick to plan.
Aha, just found the purple stone, gosh if it had been on the floor I'd have tripped over it before I saw it - doh!
Hope you get the shoes shined in time - and enjoy - not every day you get to go to a Passing Out Parade - well done young man!
Hugs & Take care, Neet xx
ps the presentation went a bit haywire but I got through it.

April said...

I hope you are able to get crafty soon. I don't know if you're like me, but once people find out you make stuff - they start making requests. LOL

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Julia,

You've more on your desk than I've had on mine in ages. I've even slowed down on my knitting, which is very strange.

I may have my condo sold! I signed a purchase agreement a few weeks ago and the inspection is next Monday. Closer to the closing date (hopefully the end of September) will the appraisal. I hope all comes in well.

I sign the purchase agreement on the new place. I am so excited -- I WILL have a designated craft room. I'm over the moon. Also hoping that since I will be able to see my supplies that I'll actually dig in and get some fun things done!

So glad you are doing well and showing signs of craftiness. I had to laugh when you mentioned going around and picking up confetti.


Ohhh Snap said...

i'm so glad you like the flowers! looking forward to seeing what you make : D.